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  1. We didn't receive an email for our cruise either, we sailed this past October. We ordered from the website and still hadn't received them four weeks later, so I reordered. We ended up getting both sets at almost the same time.
  2. Here's the video from our Freedom sailaway on October 23, Kathy, Robin and many others did a great job organizing it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDniSoBepPg. This will give you a good idea of locations, and what everyone felt would be the best location.
  3. Miriam that is very helpful information, thank you for sharing!
  4. If I recall correctly pictures are not allowed in the terminal, which might explain why you're unable to find many. I could be wrong though, someone else may know for certain.
  5. I made reservations for all the 9pm shows before sailing, but then 7pm ended up being a better time once we were on board, gave us more opportunity to participate in other activities. Staff at the doors told us no problem to just show up for 7pm but if we'd done the opposite and not reserved for 9pm, we might have a hard time getting in as so many people want that time slot.
  6. Cindy, you got to take your own pictures on the tour? That's awesome. On Carnival their "Behind the Fun" tour prohibits cameras or cell phones. Each person is scanned with a metal detector by security at the beginning of the tour. We didn't take the All Access Tour this time around, it's one of the activities slated for our next sailing of Freedom.
  7. Packages can be much less, as low as 30 cents per minute. On Freedom last week it was 500 minutes for $150.00.
  8. This was my first time on the ship, we entered on deck 4, but I do not know if that is the deck routinely used for embarkation. I don't know what most people do first, to be honest. My husband and I went first to the promenade deck to check it out and then up to deck 11, we did not immediately eat upon boarding. I did not use an elevator all week, only stairs (by choice, great exercise!), the elevators were always busy so I expect they were mobbed at embarkation.
  9. Pharoh's Palace (deck 5, all the way forward) on Freedom has a small door near the technical control room that leads right out to the heliport/bow area (control room is on the right hand side as you enter through the main doors). Turn left once outside the door, no stairs involved until you're right at the heliport/bow area. The bow was my very favorite place on the ship. Very rarely did we encounter anyone here, especially at night. At night it was awesome to go out to watch the stars and/or the fading island lights. The best balcony on the ship :) At night the bow/heliport area is not well lit, there are just two small lights on at night in that area, they are not up on the helipad area itself. Please be careful when venturing out here after dark, your eyes will adjust to the low lighting after a while. There are also strong headwinds! Loved every minute of being on the bow, even though it does have a tendancy to ruin one's hairdo. But who cares :)
  10. Up one deck. The stairs you see there are one set that will take you to the Royal Promenade, there are others.
  11. I brought Folgers Coffee Singles and a Contigo 16oz leak-proof travel mug with me, used hot water from Cafe Promenade, 2 of the coffee bags for the 16oz mug. All mornings and throughout the day I used the Folgers. After dinner I drank coffee in the MDR. Coffee in the MDR was alright. Not the best I've had, but by far not the worst. In case it's helpful, at home I drink Folgers medium roast and out is almost always Dunkin' Donuts (people will tell you I live there, lol!).
  12. Here's a larger version, I uploaded it to Snapfish so you could see more detail.
  13. My pleasure. You will LOVE Freedom and your time on her. We sailed her last week, debarked Sunday. This was our fourth cruise, my husband and I both agree this was the best cruise of the four. We booked on board for next year.
  14. It was terrific. Awesome. Fabulous. Fantastic. Outstanding. Ok, I'd better stop now or I'll need to go again next week, lol! We still have a couple of hurdles to get over before we can say for certain we'll do the same week/ship next year. David won't get to choose vacation time for next year for a while yet, that is the biggest hurdle. I think we'll still go Eastern regardless of ship/week if we can. We wanted to book on board for the OBC for next cruise, but the open ended is non-refundable, though it doesn't expire. By choosing an actual date, you can change, or even cancel right up to final payment date with no penalty.
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