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  1. Note: Christmas Markets will close usually early on the 24th of december; as the main business is to sell Christmas presents and therefore no use after that date for them (and shop owners themself like to celebrate Christmas as well) The only things which will still be there are the decorations and the departments stores... Paris is always crowded and the time in between Christmas and New Year is pretty much everywhere school holidays. Paris is a very popular city destination among Europeans. And it can be very cold... As for hotels; the "Mercure Gare de Lyon" is pretty and central...
  2. 3 hours back and 3 hours forth; I would rather recommend that you visit Rostock and maybe as well Stralsund instead. Easy done by your own and both very nice old towns. You don't do Berlin any credit by just driving past in such a short amount of time...and the drive itself is pretty boring (I did it once one-way with the train)
  3. It's really great; I've been on exactly this cruise with Stefan Bernhard and he (and his wife) really made a amazing job to show everyone, how great our cruise was and in time of corona, it's a great thing to share this YouTube-Video to show your friends and relatives, what you've been up to... We had an amazing crew and could do 100 % of all planned landings.
  4. Just wondering; is there really anything to see around Montevideo about the "Battle of the River Plate" ? If you would go there, I would rather visit the museum "Viver" about the famous plane crash in the Andes. Run by one of the former members of the rugby team which survived the crash...
  5. If you have it; you have it; there is no prevention of altitude sickness but going as fast as possible down to "normal" heights...
  6. Agree with above, that a drive-by is just not enough to crasp the beauty of Antarctica... ...wouldn't have missed the opportunity to walk along Penguins in their 1000 or even 100'000 in South Georgia. (which I recommend to do as well) Or sit down on the ground at Neko Harbour / Antarctica and let big Gentoo Chicks climb all over you and bite you into the fingers. I travelled with "G-Expedtion" (G-Adventures own vessel) for 20 nights with 2 days in the Falklands, 4 days in South Georgia and 5 days in Antarctica on February 2020. And it was the journey of a lift time; weather was brilliant and the wildlife encounter was amazing (Penguins, Seals, Whales, Sea Birds)
  7. Just to give you another thought if you have not booked your other flights (Buenos Aires to Ushuaia or anything else domestic in Argentina), but might be helpful for other readers: On domestic flights with Aerolineas Argentinas they allow you in Economy (I'm not sure if it's the same in Business) only 15 kg of checked baggage, while LATAM is 23 kg.
  8. I returned a month ago from a 20-nights cruise with "G-Expedition" (it belongs to the Canada Based Company G-Adventures). We were a big range of people from the age of 22 till 70...but nobody disabled. All the landings except one was with Zodiac Boats. I agree with most of the above, that a drive-by is not worth the money and the time you spend in Antarctica and Step-On and mingle with the several species of Penguins (we've seen 7 different ones) is the way to go. It's a once-in-a-live time-journey. The Nature is amazing, and when you do it I would not only go to the Antarctic Peninsula, but also to the Falkland Island and to amazing South Georgia, with colonies of Penguins in their 100'000...(we had 2 days Falklands, 4 days South Georgia and 5 days Antarctica). With G-Adventures you'll get a nice cosy Parka included in the price (so you don't need to bring a warm jacket, but "only" layers for under it) and they have the big waterproof boots for you (no, they have to be returned). So the only thing you should get are some waterproof trousers and a likewise bag for your camera. The ship has only 135 passengers which was great, because many places don't allow more than 60 people on the same time on shore (for example Port Lockroy), therefore either you spent the whole day at one place with a bigger ship until everyone had the chance to go on land or you might visit two or even three places in one day having a smaller ship...or you just will not visit this little gems but other places... During sea days you'll have several lectures about Nature, History and Animals, beside watching out for whales and sea birds. And the food is just amazing and the same quality as on big ships.
  9. No need to do a tour in Kotor; walk around the town and hike up to the fortress for an amazing view...will cost you only 3 Euros !
  10. If your goal is "the rock" and it's sights then a tour by taxi is the one I would recommend. Firstly you'll get to more places and secondly no waiting lines when you enter the cable car... (...I stayed at a hotel near the cable car, but I still choose the taxi-tour)
  11. You always can turn around if you see that you cannot make it to the top in time. About half way there is a little Chapel which has already a great view over the city and the fjord. I don't know how much time I needed, when I was there, but as the other two pointed out, its doable. Bring something to drink and good shoes… ...and don't forget, that (if you like) you could easily spend an hour on top to explore the ruins of the fortress
  12. Depending on your budget; if you like your hotel not at high end scale of prices; I recommend the part around Bayswater / Paddington / Notting Hill. The locations don't matter that much, because with the Subway you're very fast to every sight in London... Harrods is just a big fancy departement store, with such a time limit I would personally skip that "sight"...instead go to "Camden Market", much niecer experience (if the weather is nice) Many museums are free of charge (only some special exhibitions need tickets). I like the "Imperial War Museum" another free museum I found last time is the "Museum of London". Then there is the amazing "Museum of Natural History" and the "Royal Portrait Gallery" and even the Tate Modern has many exhibition which are free (and there is also a viewing tower you can enter for free). The problem with the Windsor Castle Visit is probably your luggage and that you can only do it on your way from London to the Ship...because it's "only" a train ride with one change from London away. Maybe do some research; if they have a luggage storage at Windsor Railway Station, you might do it on your own and then "just" look for a transfer from Windsor to your ship...there is no need for a guided tour inside Windsor Castle...and just to give you something to think about, inside the building there is no photography allowed (it's after all still the living place of the Queen)
  13. My experience with money exchange; first of all I'm from Switzerland and I couldn't get any Argentinien Pesos in my home country therefore I changed into US-Dollars which is in the moment at a rate of 1 to 1. (and I was lucky to do so) Because even with the same worth in Switzerland; I would have gotten for 100 Swiss Francs only around 4000 Peso, while they like the US Dollar and even with the official rate you'll get 5800 Pesos, so much more. But the highest rate you'll get if you walk in Buenos Aires through Florida Street and ask one of the people on the street who shout "Cambio"; they will lead you to an exchange counter in a back alley and I got for 100 US-Dollars (in 20 Dollar-Bills) 7100 Pesos ! They only take nice bills and you even will get an better rate if you have higher domination. Many restaurants and tourist shops will take your US-Dollar as well and often the rate is also better than the official 58; mostly it's in average around 65 (as of February 2020)... And finally they don't like small bills, so leave anything under 20 Dollars at home...
  14. Depending on the time you have and if you're a hiker; you could look into a transport to Gypsy Cove and walk from there (around 5 miles) back to Stanley, along the shore; lot's of wildlife...and for sure cheaper than a tour...the museum is nice as well...
  15. I hope OP went there at beginning of March as later departures were cancelled... ...I myself returned 3 weeks ago from a Antarctica Cruise with "G-Expedition" and spend some days before the cruise in Ushuaia. There is a tour to Estancia Harberton (one-way by bus, the other on the Beagle-Channel by Katamaran) where you will be brought to the Penguin Island and can ectually spend about 45 minutes among the Penguins. There are only 120 people allowed each day and the tour company is called "Pirattour" I enjoyed also a full day in "Tierra del Fuego"-Nationalpark. That's something for hikers. I did it by myself; there is the bus stopp near the pier, where mini-vans will bring you for 900 Pesos into the park and will pick you up at certain times for your way back. The entrance into the Nationalpark costs 560 Pesos. Also if you don't like to leave the lovely town, there are two nice museums which I recommend; one is the "Museum in the Prison on the End of the World", which has many exhibitions about history of Ushuaia, Marine, Antarctica, the Prison itself and Art; the other is a thematic gallery with an excellent audio guide, basically a "Wax Figur"-Cabinet. Don't bother with the "Museum Fin del Mundo", that one is very small and not worth the money.
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