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  1. Allure of the Seas Deck. 9 Stateroom 9574 ocean Balcony Starboard Quiet yes, connecting balcony View. Excellent, no obstruction normal balcony size no wind issue And..excellent Stateroom Attendant, MaryJoy!
  2. Just off Allure with Key. Posted opinion on other thread. We did not have the key symbol on our set sail passes so brought along paperwork. We simply mentioned we had Key, re-directed to bypass lines and had no issues. Once onboard, again directed to key area and they had a list, took our luggage ( and xtra bags). So for those with no Key symbol on your SSPASS, our experience was No problem. Enjoy ur Key Cruise!
  3. Following. Was on the same cruise. There were so many ALPHA ALPHA’s we lost track..crazy!
  4. Allure of the Seas with the Key6/30/19. key was sold out for cruise. Embarkation time was 11am, showed up at 1030 am (with no Key sign on Setsail pass), made no difference. We just said we had Key ( tho had paperwork) and were put straight thru separate line. Very easy and onboard in mere minutes. Other line was minimal, but certainly slower. Dropped carry on luggage off (as well as some small bags) so were bag free and that was appreciated. They marked us off a printed list. Told bags would be inside stateroom ( they all were there by 1 when we got there) Signage onboard for Key area poor, but asked and were easily directed to area. Were told no wrist bands needed. Went to get our times for specialty dine at a kiosk/stand.. simple and quick and got exact places/time we wanted for each. Key...Chops lunch was delicious, in/out in an hour. Greatly enjoyed. Went to stateroom about 1pm and key paperwork was in room with a welcome fruit platter. No WiFi password 😞. List of times for activities. Seemed reasonable times and tho I Viewed the activities, did not participate. Had to go to deck 5, clock tower to get WiFi set up..took about 10 minutes online. Easy and worked well for us. ( as an aside, The App for the free WiFi .. room to room texting was lacking. No notification system and unless other person/s had app open/active, it is basically useless. With our large group/staterooms we found many times names were not correct... kids names popped up for adults, we often thought we were talking to one person yet it was another within same stateroom. Needs tweaking And a Notification system.( We used small boards on doors) seating for shows with Key worked well for us. Generally Key, suites and Pinnacle(?) has about three rows. ( small key sticker on our passes.. we used a piece of tape over it and punched hold for wrist wearing... $1 At Lowe’s, worked well) we saw adult Comedy, blue planet, OceanAria, Momma Mia, Ice games, all of them actually. only issue was Ocean Aria.. Key Area full. We were then walked upstairs by the rock climbing wall and given chairs to look onto the stage. We liked the view and it actually worked well for us. ( and anyone can do this as there are chairs and it’s not crowded😉) wifi ( mail/text etc) worked fine for us. Disembarkation with Key was a Joy ( after the private Key a la carte breakfast at Silk dining room .. which was delicious, in/out 35 minutes and greatly enjoyed). There was no sign for Key guests to disembark but I asked. They whisked us onto an elevator, we bypassed hundreds of people. Went to a Key designated area where all our luggage was ( given Key tags nite before and basically told Any departure time with Key was good). Grabbed our bags, thru customs quickly and on our way. For us, the Key seating, included wi fi, private quieter breakfast and Chops ( or giovannis) lunch and ease of everything was well worth it. All rccl people we spoke with/inquired knew of Key and correctly directed us etc. would do again. As far as the cruise.. likely wouldn’t , but that’s not Key related. ( Separate review pending) Enjoy your Key Cruise!
  5. Our group decision ..going for it. Will post after cruise.
  6. Our sea passes do NOT have the key there. So disappointing with all this hit or miss, just no consistency. Originally given 2 pm, and expedited (whatever that meant), which clearly could not work with Chops lunch....got that changed to 11 am and ...expedited disappeared. Then heard we should just show up. Still no Key showing. TA says no problem. Since we re set with all the shows/reservations, have no interest in any ... rock wall etc etc, and now hearing about sketchy internet, Ugh! the no reservations needed .. which disappeared was the original reason ... I am Very on the fence to just ditch. Have specialty dine ... 3 maybe? Can’t recall. Allure of the Seas, when school is out and that’s the Only reason for the hold out at this point.. 5-6 ships at some ports... Hmmmmm... guess I’ll decide this week.
  7. Bballmomma thx for taking time to post, appreciated!
  8. Great news irzero! Now know who we ll be asking for if Key experience not what they offered, lol. Enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  9. Outcome? Are you satisfied with the meeting?
  10. Wrong post, was looking for update to the meeting.
  11. Wow! What a great way to learn about the Allure through your very detailed (and great pix!) live reporting. First time Allure cruise coming soon and appreciated all the info. Looking forward to your Harmony reporting. Thanks for taking the time to share it All!
  12. We called rccl direct as TA said just show up. Wasn’t taking a chance. Told them we had key,changed us to11. Still showing up at 10ish
  13. Totally agree. Poor planning, ridiculous schedule at the very least. A definite dumbing down of the entire activity perk
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