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  1. Didn't take a pic of the actual list but here's a pic of some of the bottles. Also mini sparkling rose.
  2. We got a lot of use out of the Captains drink package and will buy it every time; even for those days spent in port it was worth it for us. Everyones mileage may vary. Couple of glasses of wine with dinner and maybe an espresso martini with dessert. 🙂 A couple of Caribs and grey goose/soda up at the Compass Rose watching the sunset/pre-dinner, nightcaps after dinner in the lounge. The alcohol in the mini-bar is also included in the package and we were able to request Red Stripe beers to be stocked or if you want more or less of certain selections; our room steward helped with this.
  3. We had the same offer via email before our 12/29 Surf cruise. We thought about it but we had a bit of OBC to use towards our drink package and didnt go with the All In package. Otherwise its a deal if you planned to buy all of those things anyway.
  4. I had to click over to After 7/2020, Overview..just now had coffee What a transformation! https://d2xks5907lvzsh.cloudfront.net/media/yachts/deck_plans/18-0254 Legend Stretch Deck Plan.pdf
  5. I know this week is the Porthole Celebration cruise with John Delaney, etc. on board. One of my friends (a travel writer) is on and he went with John and brass to visit a school in Barbuda for some charity work. I'd agree it would be a nice change and hopefully an opportunity during our next Surf sail on 1/4/2020.
  6. On our recent Surf cruise, we did notice t-shirts on the first night. On the following nights, we saw the maitre'd prevent two couples from entering who tried to wear shorts. Sounds inconsistent across vessels, but we've experienced this on other lines too.
  7. Del Rio, I would be interesting in knowing as well. We are sailing the Legend from San Diego to PV in October. Thanks!
  8. Are you or your TA unable to log in to your booking under "Already Booked" to view the details of the shore excursions? We've sailed with many different lines and had itinerary changes announced even upon boarding the ship and DURING the sailing itself. We just learned to roll with it if something changes. I know its disappointing, but if you have your heart absolutely set on a certain port/town/country, just fly there; even that isn't guaranteed.
  9. We just took our first in late-Dec/early January and it was such a refreshing change. The first few hours on the ship took some adjusting after being on the larger ships and then we couldn't stop talking about how much we enjoyed it. Bon voyage and enjoy!!
  10. Sea days on the Surf were unlike no other we've experienced on the large cruise lines-true relaxation. We didn't feel guilty about missing out on anything on a "schedule". We slept in, played a board game which is something we haven't done in years, watched a movie uninterrupted by phones/work stuff, sat on deck and talked about life and future travel plans, watched the world go by......
  11. We were on the 12/29 sailing of the Surf and had cookies, water and iced tea at the tender station on Jost Van Dyke (on 1/1/19). Didn't see cookies at any other tender stations but had water and iced tea and wet towel/clean towel boxes.
  12. Thanks! I was hoping that to be the case for our one way sail out of the US.
  13. Hi Bruce, Would this apply to a sailing leaving San Diego to Puerto Vallarta, one way? Not coming back to the US. Or only those closed loop originating/returning to a US port? Thanks!
  14. I've always received both docs that Milepig referred to above. The attachments from Windstar are: "Invoice Guest.pdf" and sent right behind it is "Itinerary (non-financial).pdf". Double check if your TA might have sent you just one and not the other? I asked this very same question before my first WS cruise not too long ago and the check in process was a breeze. No luggage tags needed.
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