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  1. Ready to go just two weeks away b2b same cabin!
  2. Thanks. Looking for expiration into Jan/22 for O cruise.
  3. Was that through Optum and what was the expiration date? Thanks
  4. Well said. If I could have bought the proctored test at a Pharmacy I might have. We used 2 for our last cruise and we depart on the next Nov 5 for 16 days and we will use 2 more. We still have 2 backups from our 6 pack from emed.com.
  5. That is a very good question I would call emed and explain that to them. They may have someway to help or they may not. We both had to speak with the medical person and do our own test but that doesn't mean they can't help your situation.
  6. Very easy we did ours at home where it was quiet for our last cruise which was last week. Download navica app. One minute wait for medical person. Test was a few minutes and wait 15 minutes and select that you are ready for medical person to return and inspect the test card. They will email results and they are in navica app as well. Will be testing on the 3rd at home for Rotterdam!
  7. Flatbush that's fine if you order a 6 pack and don't need all the tests. The tests we received ten days ago expire 12-21-2021 which means they cannot be used for travel anymore. We used 2 last week will use 2 in a few weeks and have 2 backups but they have that quick expire date. This is my only complaint. The short "shelf life". So to everyone following this thread KNOW the expire date of the tests they are sending when you order. We learned the process watching a few YouTube clips. Easy stuff.
  8. Add watch it on the app as an option.
  9. Curious what the answer is. Emed told us to use Chrome so we did.
  10. Just got back from cruising and used this. 1) download Navica app as this is used for the testing. 2) Open emed.com in Chrome only (I was told) and answer the few questions. Using it for a cruise is one of the answers that you give. The connection was within a minute. They don't do appointments. There are alot of youtube videos out there also. It took a few minutes to test and then they come back on after 15 minutes when you click that you are ready for them. They look at the test card and I was done. They send the results by email to print. Booked on Thursday tested on Friday and was cruising on Sunday. Emed is helpful on the phone as well when you order the tests. They will answer any questions. Pretty easy using it again in 3 weeks our next cruise. We will use it on O in a couple months.
  11. Just got off OTS today. Diamond Lounge open and pretty full at happy hour. Pools were busy also no limit enforced. We were at about 1500 and that's been pretty high as previous week was about 700. It was nice but I am glad it was not full as it was great getting into any venue we wished.
  12. Currently on OTS no reservation needed. Only open breakfast and lunch.
  13. Currently onboard and yep 270 has ice coffee and frozen mocha lattes which we have been enjoying this week.
  14. I sent a claim in not sure they will pay me. Cost was $164.95 for six and arrived the next day Fed Ex.
  15. Yes watch that expiration our six just received expire December 21, 2021.
  16. Leaving Fort Lauderdale on Royal Odyssey of the Seas right now. We booked Thursday tested Friday with the Binaxnow AG Card which was easy. Like the old days lol we booked this past Thursday and 3 days later cruising. On O in a few months. This is just a warm up.
  17. We will test 72 prior either way that seems to be the smartest plan. It's also best for those around us in these times. That being said you keep marrying the 72 hour test with covered care onboard for covid? Neither my O rep or their Supervisor agrees. Let us know where in the T&C it marries these two together? I would like to let them know what they are missing. As for the refund or fcc we were told that would be covered because we tested negative at the pier and followed the healthy protocols. I do think the 72 hour test is a good cya for our insurance if needed but insurance and T&C are two different things as you well know.
  18. My Oceania Rep and his Supervisor informed me today that when I drive to the Port and test negative I have nothing to worry about during the cruise and if I get covid during the cruise "Oceania handles quarantining and my safe trip home". I was also told and have all this in writing that the 48 to 72 hour test was "optional". Makes sense as I would be driving home if positive at the Pier. If I am flying to my departure post and test positive PRIOR to boarding I would need the negative test done 48-72 hours out for Oceania to handle the quarantine/hotel charges etc...incurred since I will be denied boarding. I really questioned him as it has been presented on this thread that the 48-72 test pertains to during the cruise when it does not. It only is there in case you want your costs covered if you test positive at the port. I think if flying it makes sense to be negative using the pre test, jmo. Obviously trip insurance is a must for for us and these rules are subject to change.
  19. It's sold by emed and the results do not come from a lab. Emed sells it in 6 packs. It is fda/cdc approved. You do the swab with a proctor by video and test card gives the reading. Several Cruise lines accept it as well as airlines for international travel. Abbot BinaxNow Covid 19-Ag Card Home Test is the name.
  20. Do they take the emed antigen test that has a proctor? Thanks Keith
  21. That was for nocl naming other fp islands as nice as bb. Thanks though
  22. I really don't agree with your one size fits all point. For me doing an antigen test versus obtaining a visa as well is two different things. Let's just agree to disagree here.
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