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  1. We were on that Kdam cruise also in 2017 that went over New Years also! ops it was 2016
  2. Yep we are on HAL next March and will definitely hit PG again!
  3. Pinnacle is still good imo but Murano last August on Equinox was amazingly awesome! BTW the coffee is still great in Pinnacle!🙂
  4. I have only been on 2 cruises during Christmas and both were on HAL. I appreciate you bringing this up as if it were not for CC I would not have known. It is creative and sneaky because X is taking a popular time and driving home the revenue with tactics like this. I am glad you shared it as now I for one am better informed. Hope you make the best of it and have a great time! Makes me glad we booked a b2b on Oceania where we will not have to worry about those sneaky charges.
  5. I would have flipped out as well. Best thing to do is package and/or look for deals onboard. X is getting creative with the hidden charges.
  6. Please Wonderman. We wonder where you are? Please finish your terrific review/s🙂
  7. Nymich

    Car Rental

    Thanks for the feedback. We leave at 4 pm so we do not have as much time as you did but we are still looking at whether to get the car ……..or not. Might be worth it just to drive the whole island?
  8. I wish I could have been your son.
  9. We watched you the other night on Youtube when you first posted! Looking forward to following along with you!
  10. They should have something that relaxes you while you wait like the MC5 or Abba.
  11. Ok. Can you guarantee they open OC on November 9th?
  12. What about the Rio Dulce canyon tours? Those look like big mosquito areas.
  13. Looks like an inaccurate report at this time. It always brings out the usual drive by posts that do not care about in room movies anyway but want to stir the pot for some reason lol. Good drill for those of us who do care as it let's X know we are watching them!
  14. Looks like a false alarm. Like I said X does a good job disguising what is free and what is not. Last month we had to click on buy to see the price was $0.
  15. Excellent point. X does a great job of disguising the free movies in the hopes you will just click in and eat the $14.95. If memory serves me right you even click on 'buy" and then it says $0. Other ships including Equinox will have to let us know before one can determine that they shot free the movies again. Op please verify if you are 100% certain that you surfed the entire free movie line and clicked on them all and found 1?. This is a big deal you are reporting here. You have to be 100% correct on this one.
  16. We go back and forth between X and HAL and sprinkle others in as well.. Both good lines for different reasons.
  17. They got 25% off a future cruise so I guess that would be "some compensation."
  18. Then just approach the Front desk and voice your complaint.
  19. Yep See Post #49. Demonstrations and abuse on a Ship are unacceptable. The rest of us are stuck there on a floating city that could escalate into an unsafe environment.
  20. Where do you draw the line? If I was CEO I would look at all video tape and anyone who was abusive to my staff and I would ban them from NCL. This would include anyone who appeared to be contributing to a disturbance that could create unrest.
  21. No communication at all from MSC so everyone is left to guess.
  22. Thanks for SOME of the feedback. You might consider judging less or switching to decaf.
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