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  1. I have been reading posts with people trashing something that hasn't even started yet. I say try it and then you are QUALIFIED to comment about it!
  2. This reminds me of a story my wife told me happened when she was a little girl. She said they were on a cruise and her Dad was snoring so loud in the cabin her Mom said he had to sleep on the balcony. Turns out it was so loud that security came because the neighbors could hear him roaring! When security came they said "a disturbance has been reported."
  3. I like to watch the runners from my balcony. It's fun.
  4. Great post! We will be dining there in a few weeks!
  5. Mr_T we will be on the Reflection in a few weeks so thank you for all the great info!
  6. We can agree to disagree about the impact of the drink packages. I have had countless times of subpar service and short staffing on all the lines we have gone on. There are often quite a few happy employees that make the difference so we cruise on.
  7. There is no doubt that it is due to the drink packages. The more difficult they make it to get a drink the more inventory they protect. I started cruising when drink packages were scare and they would be selling like mad around the pool etc....
  8. Hope this works out for all involved. For some of you it would be a long drive.
  9. I agree! The OP even has newbie in their name and people jumped out saying this and that. I say give whatever your heart tells you to give. Everyone is different with different financial means. Don't listen to it.
  10. Ordered twice not here. Same kind of inconsistency we see on all the lines . You would think they would wait til we get on the ship to show off the lack of communication. lol
  11. Celebrity will be a really laid back cruise compared to the two you have been on. If you want a slower pace it will give you that imo having been on them all a few times.
  12. Just what I need more emails from Celebrity lol
  13. Carnival is very good for families and much better for most kids. The 2 offer two different products but Carnivals price point appears to be lower than Celebrity which is getting crazy with fare increases.
  14. I forgot about that with Haven....good points and I agree!
  15. Supply and demand will fix this. That is a crazy price increase over a year.
  16. Unless we are talking about the Haven. I think Virgin will attract new people but will pull from everyone. Right now they have a target on everybody imo.
  17. Yep that is what matters. We put some half assed bids in but are happy where we are so if it happens it happens if it doesn't we have more cash.
  18. We have jumped back and forth between the two and we will be on Reflection in April on our 5th cruise with Celebrity. We have done 6 cruises now on HAL. We think the food is better on HAL and the nightlife has been better on HAL as well. HAL has this reputation of being dead but trust me it is changing. The two largest HAL Pinnacle class ships have the Rolling Stone Rock Room in addition to BB Kings. Overall we would put HAL above Celebrity for how they have upgraded the music with the before mentioned venues and if forced to choose would prefer HAL over Celebrity. We have always done Aqua or better on Celebrity because of Blu and the other perks otherwise we probably would not have done 4 cruises with them.
  19. You can slow dance while I sing karaoke if you want.
  20. I like Blu because you avoid the chaos at the buffet and the long waits in the mdr. To me that is the biggest thing and is why we sail on Celebrity and will be doing so again very soon on the Reflection. As someone mentioned a few posts up we are going to do Lawn Club Grill the first night so we can be real lazy!
  21. Thanks for the honest review from an experienced person.
  22. ok we have you down as one who won't be on the ship ever and a permanent record of that.
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