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  1. Since the TA was cancelled, any idea on where she is or arrival to Bayonne ? First cruise out of Bayonne? thanks!
  2. Disappointing to hear but thanks for the update. Will stick with celebrity until they relax the rules regarding mask wearing on the ship.
  3. Great, however, we still have to test to come back to the USA regardless of vaccine status. Disappointing to say the least.
  4. Thank you so much for posting a live review. Your pictures are lovely. we hope to take a Norwegian fjords cruise as soon as we can. Would love to hear any recommendations you have. Thanks!
  5. We were on the edge in September and enjoyed a very good cruise and freedom from the mask. Reluctant to go on other cruise lines until they relax the rules.
  6. Can those of you that have taken a rccl cruise recently comment on what the mask experience is? Also, if passengers can actually sit at the bar now? Thanks!
  7. Can you confirm on where masks are mandated to be worn? I ask as we are looking at a HA cruise to Alaska next year. thanks and thanks again for taking us along with you cruising again. 😊
  8. Wow! What an amazing and thoughtful husband Nate is to post this. Happy you both got back safe. How’s your mom doing?
  9. Your cabin reminds me of a balcony cabin we had on the Celebrity Summit.
  10. Thanks for the review! We would love to go back and cruise again with NCL. However, the testing at the port worries me. Would hate to fly to a port only to be turned away. happy that you have tried celebrity. We cruised on the Edge in September and loved it. We have cruised twice on the summit and while she is an older ship, she is still maintained very well. We were loyal to royal for a long time but slowly moving over to celebrity.
  11. Have a great cruise! Looking forward to your comparisons to sailing on HA vs celebrity during COVID. I loved the freedom we had on the celebrity Edge.
  12. I have t mobile and was on the edge back in September. Left my phone in status’s as if I were at home. Joined the WiFi plan, no issues.
  13. Thank you for posting this review. I don’t frequent the HA board that much but sure glad I did today. Safe travels!
  14. Sorry to hear about your mom. Wishing her a speedy recovery.
  15. Crystal - I still am amazed at how organized you were during this trip. Not sure I could have put this together. Amazing pictures….blown away Thanks again for taking the time to post. What the flight plans to come home and when is the next trip? 😊
  16. Wow! How did you find this place and how far out were you allowed to book/schedule?
  17. Wishing you a great cruise. Our first back since 2/2020 was the edge in September this year and we enjoyed every second and appreciated every second. Thank you for bringing us along. 😊
  18. Wow! Beautiful pictures and what a stunning blue sky. As always, thank you for sharing your cruise experience with us. 😊
  19. Thank you for confirming as I saw it was approved before so wondering if it had changed
  20. Have to ask, and understand you are not finished with this trip, where it ranks in your top 5 or 10 vacations. beautiful pictures.
  21. Following along. Have to ask how did your trip home from Australia in 2020 go?
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