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  1. How does that quoted rate compare to the cost of a "premium pre-cruise shore excursion"? "Enjoy Red Wing or Minneapolis/St. Paul at your leisure or consider a pre-cruise Premium Shore Excursion with afternoon transfer to the American Countess." https://www.americanqueensteamboatcompany.com/river-cruises/upper-mississippi/red-wing-(minneapolis)-to-new-orleans-15-day-saili/
  2. I'm not familiar with Skyroam Hotspot but I just have to ask, what is Skyroam's (or any hotspot's) link to the outside world? That should provide some kind of an answer to your question. On a cruise, it will be through the ship's wifi or cellular service (through satellite). Unless you have your own satellite connection, you will be at the mercy of the cruise ship's offerings for their passengers.
  3. Why do they need wifi? Do they have wifi only devices? If they are at home and on their regular cellular network they can text you regardless of whether you use WiFi or cellular on your end. Did I miss something?
  4. Agreed. We did this cruise several years ago E to W. Haven't done the other direction. Part of our decision was our use of Amtrak to get to Spokane and return from Los Angeles. The Davenport (enjoyed the stay) is not far from the station and in Vancouver, the station there was a very short ride from the Empress with only a few hours wait to catch the southbound Coast Starlight.. If we do it again, it will definitely be the same direction.
  5. Trying to keep it simple ... the GPS keeps a "tracklog", a running recording of your movement. At intervals (which you can set) the GPS records the location along with the time. The tracklog for a trip can be used to show speed, elevation, etc. The tracklog can also be used to "geotag" photographs. Yes, the coordinates are impeded into the metadata of an image based on matching the timestamp of the image and the corresponding (matching) tracklog time. The clock in the camera must be set correctly for this to work properly. You must keep up with time changes if that happen during your trip. I often, for reference, photograph the GPS screen showing the time just in case I have a mismatch. Software is available to read the tracklog and geotag your images. I use Garmin's Basecamp. I do this after I return home. If you have a camera with a GPS built-in (or most phones now) it will do that as you take photos.
  6. I use a Garmin GPSMAP 64s handheld. I use it more for having a "tracklog" of where I've been than seeing where I am. I typically leave the GPS running 24/7 on the balcony while on board ship. I carry it with me when out and about on excursions. I use Garmin's Basecamp and/or ExpertGPS on my laptop or home PC to view on a larger screen. The tracklog is used to "geotag" my photos after I edit them and upload to Flickr which places them on a map for me. All maps needed (usually Open Street Map) are pre-loaded onto the device and, if need be, I can swap out micro SD cards during the trip to accommodate different areas.
  7. When we did the cruise several years ago the hotel was the Historic Davenport Hotel and they sent a van to pick us up at the Amtrak station (I called on arrival)...not far away. You might contact the Davidson and see if they provide such a service. If not, guess it will be taxi, Lyft, etc.
  8. I did a "test" booking San Luis Obispo to Long Beach (LBC) and saw several Amtrak Thruway connections to Long Beach listed. Don't know what train you are arriving on and the time situation for connections but, another possibility. Also, you will have arrange transportation to the cruise terminal. Long Beach Transit Gallery, Shelter A107 East First StreetLong Beach, CA 90802 Bus Stop - Curbside Bus Stop only (no shelter)
  9. No "single" bedrooms although you could book one just for one person. If two of the three adults don't mind being "cozy" (real cozy!) they could share the lower berth with the third person in the upper. You might consider two Roomettes. That would accommodate up to 4 adults and would be less expensive than two bed rooms. If you call, you can ask/request that they can be across the corridor from each other. All of you would also have meals included. Call Amtrak!
  10. The "Unlimited Beverage Package" and "Prepaid Gratuities" are only for the Duchess. See the 2020 Cruise Atlas, page 2
  11. A future sailing on the Duchess I just booked for 2020 does include "drink packages" for both of us as well as gratuities. The only included shore excursions are the usual hop-on, hop-off bus; premium excursions must still be booked and paid.
  12. Drinks and gratuities yes. The only included shore excursions are the usual hop-on, hop-off bus; premium excursions must still be booked and paid.
  13. Adding on to my earlier post...yes, the boat is generally docked "all" day. As with my previous Empress cruise and my upcoming Duchess cruise the day in port can vary from a full day (8-12 hours) or partial day (5 or 6 hours). As far as doing both a paid excursion and the included hoho bus, its all dependent on the time in port, the time and duration of the paid excursion and how much time is available before and after the paid excursion. The only port times I've seen is what is included with my booking confirmation. I think that Toofarfromthesea has probably had the same experience.
  14. I've only seen that when I received my booking confirmation (twice). One of the pages (itinerary) lists the ports with arrival and departure times.
  15. Yes, the current crop of cameras do a very good job of creating quality images. Converting a JPG to RAW in and of itself does not improve image quality. You can change the color space, bit depth and resolution without converting to RAW to perform your processing and then down-sample back to an image for everyday use.
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