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  1. Actually that does help. We are looking at Northern Europe in 2021.
  2. I have been checking HAl's website regularily, for the past few weeks and still no 2021 Europe offerings. Does anyone one happen to know when these dates usually released? Thanks, Charlene
  3. We are on this cruise in August. Thanks for the review. It helps pass the days until it is our turn to go!!
  4. Thank you Diver2014, it sounds like you had a great time - We don't sail until mid August, you are making me more and more excited as I read all of your posts!
  5. Thank you for posting the menus!
  6. Diver2014 - you are making the wait for our upcoming cruises go by a little faster - Thank you!
  7. I have used a suction cup grab bar (Torn ACL, MCL - Knee) for a year now and it does really hold, however I check them once a week to make sure they are still firmly attached. They do occationally give way if you do not check the suction regularily. They really help climbing in and out of the tub. It is a bit of a lesson in you get what you pay for though. The ones I have were purchased form a medical supply store and although a bit more expensive I have confidence that they will hold. I have used cheaper suction cup products before and they do not work as well.
  8. Smooth walls and someone that has attached something before is exactly what I wanted to hear!! Thank you!! Charlene
  9. However practical, this may be a strange question, but has anyone ever tried to attach a suction cup shaving pedistal to the shower wall, specifically on crown Princess? The showers are so small I wondered if if might be easier to attach one to the wall of the shower?? Because it is removable it would not cause any damage. The product instructions say it needs a smooth surface to attach correctly. Are the walls of the shower smooth? Has anyone tried a product like this before and did it work? If not does anyone have any tips to make these small showers more user friendly? Thanks for your help Charlene
  10. I thought that was a bit strange, I have never seen a formal night on a boarding day, that is why I asked 🙂
  11. Just to clairify is the first formal night on the day you board or is the first full day on the ship? Thanks Charlene
  12. Thanks Diver2014! Sounds delicious and congrats on the great table by the window!
  13. Thank you Diver2014! I hope you have a great trip, looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Charlene
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