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  1. Our July 2021 Northbound Alaska cruise was cancelled (which had been paid for by FCC) today. Boy, oh boy—we’ve had a number of cruises cancelled resulting in the booking of four new cruises that were completely paid for. Now two of those have been cancelled so we’re on the fourth rebooking from our original payment! The first cancelled trip was a connoisseur land/cruise tour which was a lot of $$$ which has only grown due to all of the added FCC! Now the game is to book as many cruises as we can from our original payment! Already booked a 2022 Alaskan cruise so will start looki
  2. Thank you! What a great site to explore. Much appreciated.
  3. Thank you for your response! Yes, it is the Silver Meteor. We travel enough by train that I always have either a taxi or an Uber/Lyft ready to go whenever the train does arrive! Will look into the Courtyard. The Marriott brand is the only hotel rewards program that I actively use so definitely worth looking into. Thanks again.
  4. Hello, we have a Panama Canal Cruise booked out of Ft Lauderdale in January 2022. We’ve been to Florida a number of times (Disney, Crystal Springs) but this will be our first time visiting Ft Lauderdale. We want to stay in a place that will give us the South Florida experience—food, culture, beach—before our cruise. We are arriving via Amtrak late in the day a couple of days before our cruise from visiting family in Washington DC. We don’t want to rent a car. We’re comfortable (and don’t mind paying for) with public transport, taxis and Ubers so don’t necessarily need a place with a port
  5. We’ve cruised to Alaska in inside, OV and balcony rooms. My preference is not having a balcony in Alaska—usually too cold for me to fully enjoy. I’m a morning person so having coffee on the balcony in Alaskan waters is not for me! Hubby though prefers balcony so if the price is right, we get it. I didn’t noticed much difference between the inside and OV in Alaska. One thing that is nice about an inside is that it’s dark! In a balcony/OV, I have to remember to bring clips to close the curtains so we can sleep! Regardless of cabin type, our cruising style is such tha
  6. Ditto on using this site for cruise port activities. Also, read trip reports to see if excursions are compatible with your traveling style/interests. I for one can’t stand large touring groups on a bus! For our first cruise to Alaska (in 2010), I found the Lonely Planet tour book helpful. I especially liked the emphasis on locally owned businesses and eco travel. https://shop.lonelyplanet.com/products/cruise-ports-alaska-1?via=Z2lkOi8vbG9uZWx5LXBsYW5ldC9Xb3JrYXJlYTo6Q2F0YWxvZzo6Q2F0ZWdvcnkvNTllZTQ5YmRmOTJlYTE0MTg2MDU4Njg0
  7. Plan A and Plan B! Have a couple of Alaskan cruises booked for 2021 (July, August) but also put deposits on similar cruises in 2022. Used FCC as refundable deposits so not out $$. Hopefully we can cancel the 2022 cruises and enjoy our 2021 Alaskan summer! Hope everyone has a healthy and safe holiday season!
  8. The Alaskan cruises that I have been on (in addition to Alaskan beer) usually will have a special drink for glacier viewing days—and it’s always a hot drink! Coffee or hot cocoa with alcohol (Baileys, whiskey, etc). Usually people on deck and in observation lounges are serving them to you while you’re viewing. Sometimes they’re in souvenir mugs. Don’t recall a regional cocktail but they may have been. I’m a martini and red wine gal! Second the suggestion to go try a Duck Fart. Red Dog Saloon is a great place to try it but you can get it in most bars in Alaska.
  9. Haines is fun. You can do the trip DIY but I also highly recommend Rainbow Glacier Adventures. They will meet you in Skagway to start their tours. We like to buy our own tickets and then meet up with any tours (if we do a tour) in Haines. We like to spend extra time in Haines (90 minutes usually) in the brewery and restaurants. Other activities we’ve done in Skagway (other than the train and visiting the Yukon) include a hike and river float, DIY hiking (very accessible trails), scooter rental and biking. I know a lot of folks really like Skagway Brewing Company (wor
  10. Have done a B2B and loved it! Going to the same ports never seem repetitive to me because it seems like there is always something new to try! Also, it’s nice to be able to go back to something in case the weather was bad. To mixup a visit to Skagway, maybe take the fast ferry to Haines and explore that area? Depending on the time of year, you might be able to see bears. We like to rent a car in Juneau and independently tour. We can then tailor our day depending on our mood, weather and ambition (are we really up for a 5 mile hike?). Also, check out the glacier trek in Juneau
  11. Maybe not the best itinerary (or ship) for an Alaskan cruise but I think with kids your age might be different. We have cruised to Alaska with kids (Disney cruises) and I completely agree about having loads of activities for them on the ship. We enjoyed the journey and experience of on-board activities as much as the destination. Hubby and I cruise to Alaska a lot as empty nesters but our cruises with the kids had a different focus. We both worked and loved spending time with them on the ship as much as we did in ports. Our kids loved some tours (dog sledding, kayaking) and
  12. My hubby is also a train enthusiast. We have ridden the train many times. My favorite was #1 listed above—while I enjoy train travel, it was nice to do and experience other things. Hubby’s favorite is riding on the train both directions. As a train buff, he’s particular about what car and what engine is used. He always tries to ride with the steam engine—I have to call every trip to see if there is a trip with that engine. He will also choose the 3 hour excursion that is exclusively on the train while I go and do something else. My advice is to do an excursion where you
  13. First cruise on Disney and PhD in organic chemistry. Late night decision....
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