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  1. Only you will know which tour is “perfect” for you and yours. As mentioned by others, use the resources here and on other sites (TripAdvisor etc) to read reviews of the different tours. Type in “2 hr Misty Fjord tour” and see if there are any reviews. There is a lot of great information available on what to do in Alaska but ultimately you have to put in the time, effort and do the research to see what fits your interest/needs. What is perfect for me may be an uninteresting tour for you. Good luck! You’re going to Alaska!
  2. Hubby is leaning towards Princess. He loved our first Princess cruise so much that he booked three more! Wants to explore and experience more with Princess.
  3. Thank you! I have heard such bad reviews about the Island. Glad to hear you had a wonderful cruise.
  4. Thank you for your thoughts. We are limited to certain dates based on my teaching schedule so it is between the Island and Rotterdam. I’m going to take a look into the ports now.
  5. You won’t have the bottles in your room. There will be a card that you need to redeem through room service. Just call and your order will be delivered. Pre-ordering price was the same as room service price—not sure if there is an advantage to preordering except that you’ve already paid for it. I was expecting the bottles in my room so I could start the cruise off with a drink on the balcony! i brought on my own juices—cranberry, pineapple, etc. and put them in the frig.
  6. The breakfast parfait--fresh berries, yogurt and granola. Much better than what is up in the buffet.
  7. We did it in Mazatlan and had a blast! We made a couple of different types of salsa, margaritas, had a tasting of some local liqueurs, learned how to salsa and then participate on stage for the grand finale! I had broken my leg and was in a walking cast. Wasn’t sure how much salsa dancing I could do but I’m so glad I didn’t cancel! One of my all time favorite experiences in the Mexican Riviera!
  8. I have done this trip twice—both times through the cruise line. It is a fun trip. We were served juices and snacks on the way to the beach and had some fun entertainment on the way back. yes, you may rent and/or use equipment once you get there. I snorkeled both times—not the best spot but fun never the less. As I recalled the food did have start times—got there around 10 and had to wait about an hour until the buffet was put out. Drinks were flowing as soon as we got there. We walked to chairs the furthest from the dock—past the water sport shed. Most people tended to stop closer to food and dock. We tipped the wait person so we always had a pretty constant flow of drinks! i enjoy this place and it is a beautiful journey to the resort. One thing: it is not like a Caribbean beach though!
  9. As stated by mapleleaves, the Alaska forum is great place to research and ask these questions. I have been to Alaska on a number of cruises (16 days on the Jewel) on a number of different cruise lines and have never booked a ship tour. DIY excursions are straightforward to arrange but you need to do some research to see what is available and what lines up with your budget and interests. Good luck and happy sailing! I’m on the Jewel again on a northbound May 2020 cruise.
  10. We took a taxi last year from the train station to our hotel as well as a taxi from the hotel back to the station post cruise. Taxis right outside station— cost was about $16 including a tip. Very easy. We decided not to use public transportation mainly because once we got to Vancouver, I wanted to be in Vancouver and not navigate the path.
  11. Hubby doesn’t eat fish. He does drink tequila......😎
  12. We are on the Grand Princess in December 2019. We have had a number of land vacations in Maui (hubby has relatives) but limited/no experience with the other islands so our priorities might be different from yours. After extensive readings on this board, this is what we have planned for our Princess cruise: Hilo—Aina Tours. Small group tour (8 people) to go to volcanoes, orchid farm, etc. Just booked excursion. Don’t have to pay until on the tour. Picked up at port. Honolulu—Pearl Harbor is a must for my hubby. Taking the public bus to the memorial and staying until he sees/tours everything. Dinner reservations at House without Key. Our port time is 8 am to 11 pm. Kauai—car rented with Budget. Member of their loyalty program so hopefully will expedite the process. Taking shuttle from port to airport to get car. Have purchased a GPS car tour and will focus on the west/south end of the island. Maui— tendered at Lahaina. We have spent many days in Maui so noth8ng is really a must do for us other than meeting an uncle for drinks. I want to do a snorkeling trip but might do that DIY or through the ship since hubby wants to hang out at Fleetwood’s. Ensenada—nothing. We live in California and have visited/cruised to Mexico numerous times. Will get off ship, get a margarita and be back on board for dinner. Port time is 4 pm to 8 pm.
  13. Hello, I would like some feedback on which ship to take on a first-time Panama Canal trip. Both leave from Ft Launderdale: Island (14-day Cruise) ends in LA, HAL (16-day cruise) in San Diego. Price differential is only $86. We live in Northern California so getting home is about the same to us from either port. We have sailed Princess before (which we loved) but not HAL. We are pretty active in our late 50’s who like to DIY at ports, like ships with promenades, enjoy fine wine with traditional dining (not buffet folks) and not into the shows (like to listen to music though). Always book an inside room (though we do enjoy balconys when upgraded!)—hubby has to complete darkness at night for a good sleep! We want to go through the old locks on our first transit—that’s a must. Also, we have to go during my semester break in December/January 2021 (college professor). Thank you in advance! And, what a great topic to post—either way, we get to go on a fantastic cruise!
  14. I also bring $1 and $5 on a trip --tips for the porters, housekeeping staff at hotels, bell porters, front door staff, etc. AND I do tip bartenders on board ships on occasion. I always tip the staff when watching a sports game. The venue is usually crowded so it is worth it to me to tip a dollar a drink to make sure I get one! And, on my last cruise (not NCL), I tipped the barista. He always had my triple shot coconut milk latte ready for me in the morning!
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