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  1. Unfortunately, its true. One person from our group of 6 decided to treat us all and purchased it yesterday. Must of gotten the last one... b/c it showed sold out right after he purchased. I double checked this morning on my cruise planner... still showing as sold out.
  2. Going on Harmony in late September... Chill Island cabana going for 1200.00 and they are sold out on the cruise planner.
  3. Went out of Port Canaveral in Jan. on an Oasis cruise and again in May on Mariner. Both times were quick through security and check in. Oasis took about 30 mins, with another 30 min waiting for them to start boarding. Mariner, we literally walked up to security, went up the escalators... walked to someone holding a tablet.... 'click click'... done. Walked on the ship. I would say 15 mins from parking lot to being on board. With 5 mins. of that walking from the parking lot. Going on Harmony of the Seas in September. One person in our party has 'Expedited check in' on their set sail pass.... from what I have read is that since he has it... we can all go to that line. Supposedly it is shorter, quicker, and you get to board either with or just behind the VIP/suites/status folks.
  4. I think the best answer anyone can give you is.... 'It depends'. There are too many factors that go into that question.... the port, the time of day, the ship, etc. But if you have been on other cruises... I would say its not much different. People rush to get off the gangway 'first'... but if you wait about 30 mins to an hour... you can usually walk off at your leisure.
  5. we are booked for ovation in Alaska in 2020. cant wait to hear your review.
  6. Jamie's for lunch was no problem right after boarding once they opened. Made reservations for each night at the chops host stand, no problem. Didn't try Johnny rockets. Playmakers was no problem using the package, just let them know when you order food, as it didn't not pop up automatically on their screen.
  7. We have done Giovannis Table... but have not done Jamies Italian yet so I cant compare those two. But, we'll be on Mariner next weekend and will be trying Jamies then. I will say that while Giovannis was good... we opted to only eat there once. Where as we went to both chops and 150CP twice.
  8. It would be a toss up between chops or 150 Central Park. If I had to choose only one... I'd go with 150 Central park.
  9. Nice quick review. We leave on Mariner in 9 days. We have opted for the Unlimited Dinning package.... did you encounter any issues using that at playmakers? Thanks in advance for the info.
  10. Congrats! Allure was our first mega ship and RCI experience... you will have a GREAT time!
  11. We are on a short 3 night Mariner of the Seas cruise that leaves Port Canaveral in a little over 2 weeks. I was wondering the same thing for us as well... I kept stalking our cruise planner, and it finally popped in there right about the 30 day mark. No rhyme or reason for when they open up certain reservations, so I would just keep checking your online cruise planner.
  12. Just wanted to see if anyone has had definitive results using the new UNLIMITED dining package at the questionable eateries such as playmakers. We are going on a short 3 night cruise on Mariner in about 2 weeks... and we are torn between getting the unlimited dining package. We've done Chops and Izumi (both hibatchi and sushi) on oasis. So, on mariner ots we would like to try jamie olivers and play makers ( I love wings and sliders). While we know that Jamies is def. a specialty dining and would honor the UDP, playmakers is still up in the air. While it seems that RCI customer service folks say it will be included... online reviews are still lacking one way or the other. If we can get positive confirmation from folks on here one way or the other for all the locations they were able to use or not use the new package, that would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I have sailed both lines, 3 with carnival, and 2 with RCI.... but I also have 3 more cruises booked, and they are all with RCI. Ultimately I think each company does certain things well, and you will have a great time on either. But, from our limited experience it seems that RCI is just a notch above Carnival. Like Target vs. wal-mart. The one area RCI surpasses carnival in, is new and innovative ships and refurbs. They are dumping a ton of money to upgrade and building the newest fleet at sea. So if you want to sail the newest and biggest ships... RCI is the hands down winner.
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