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  1. I just sent them another email. I showed them all my emails that I sent to their representative. I was very clear in my email back in April 2020 saying to the casino rep that I wanted a refund for my May 2020 and wanted to cancel my January 2021 cruise unless they can provide me with a good deal. So she did give me a great deal. Now of course it was cancelled and in order to get that deal they want to charge me another $3000 even though the Haven Spa suite did not go up that amount from 2020 to 2021. Just because the cruise was cancelled does not mean they should not give me the deal I h
  2. Of course it was the consensus. After our cruise was cancelled in May NCL was still booking cruises for September of 2021. I would have rebooked for that time but had another cruise with another line for that September 2021, That was cancelled and my money was refunded.
  3. I just want my cash back. She specifically says it will cost me $650 each. How is that FCC? She moved my money from one cruise to the other. So what happens if the January 2022 cruise is a no go. The get to hold my money from 2019 to past 2022? Does they get to keep it forever and never offer me anything for it. What if they want to say hey you can't even get the mini suite that they downgraded me to in 2022. Just isn't right at all. But if you think it is that is ok. I just don't think this is right in any way.
  4. Here is what she emailed me. Remember this was very confusing for all of us who had these cruises cancelled early on. And I book through the casino so she emailed me and said would cost me $650 pp to move to the Haven. This was a cruise I already had booked. Not one I booked after my cruise was cancelled. So she moved cash to the booking. Had it been FCC she would have said in the email, you will pay with FCC. She did not. Then she talks about the discounts. Never ever saying hey if you do this you will get no money back. Moving to the Haven for the $1300 was great so I took her up o
  5. Very frustrating. They have had my money since 2019. Seems like a long time to keep someone's money without them getting a cruise. FCC or not. But I show that I used my cash. She specifically says that in her email to me. She used the money that I had on the first cancelled cruise to move me up to the Haven. So I agreed and did this. Now I cannot get my cash. Makes no sense to me. I can comp you with today’s prices a Mini if you like and the upgrade to the Haven Spa Suite would be $650 per person. This is before adding the additional discounts that you have from the suspended saili
  6. It's to late for the credit card. And my credit card is Norwegian so that would probably be a no anyway. I just wonder what happens if the next cruise in January is cancelled. How long does this go on for? I wish I had know what the NCL person did when my May cruise was cancelled and she was supposed to move the money paid to my other, already booked cruise. I wish I could talk to her but she is no longer there as she was laid off due to reduction in staff. And for me the lousy part is that I cannot get what they offered me. So let's say for instance she said Mary if you move your mo
  7. I would not take FCC, I have learned my lesson with NCL. Better to have cash in hand. I had a cruise with Princess and with MSC cancel. I received cash for both of those cruises. I do hope we are able to cruise again soon.
  8. I did have to rebook my cruise and I lost my airfare. That is when she put me in the Haven. I thought at least that I was using my cash....that was my understanding. It was the weirdest thing because she put me in the Haven and then I had about $900 in FCC. I thought wow that is weird. So I used that money to book all my shore excursions. I had no idea I would not be able to get cash back until I found out this cruise was going to be cancelled. Then it was worse when they would no longer put me in the Haven and downgraded me. Then money was moved to 2 different FCC's and the second
  9. I agree with you on some points. however, all I did was move my CASH that I paid to the second cruise I had booked. I have no idea how it is now FCC. I have the emails and the only reason I decided to continue with the second cruise I had booked was due to the fact that she put me in the Haven. So in my humble opinion if the exact cruise is out there for almost the exact price the following year why then do you think I would not be able to get the same offer? That would be like saying hey I will give you this really great Lexus if you give us your Cadillac. You say ok. You trade in you
  10. It is FCC. I had a cruise that was cancelled. I asked to move the money to the other cruise I had booked. The rep at CAS said she could do that and put me in the Haven. At that time I was also given FCC and I was able to use that for shore excursions. So now I had my cruise booked and my shore excursions booked and what happened....well the cruise was again cancelled. Now I am not blaming NCL for the cruise getting cancelled. What I am upset about is that all of a sudden I am not able to get the same thing I booked. It is the same cruise ship, same itinerary and I booked it the same m
  11. We had a cruise for last May paid in full. We book through the casino department. So when this cruise was cancelled I already had had another cruise booked for January 2021. I asked the casino rep to move my money to that cruise. She said I can put you in the Haven spa suite. My husband and I were thrilled. And she gave me FCC because the prior cruise was cancelled. So now the cruise in January was cancelled. I called to rebook for January 2022. Now I am told they cannot put me in the Haven unless I pay $2500 additional. So instead they give me a club spa balcony. And FCC that I
  12. You can? I had no idea. How would you go about doing this?
  13. They must not want to answer the casino phones. One of my casino cruises in May was cancelled and now today I received an email from them that my other cruise had the ship changed. So I called and I was transferred to the casino department 3 times. Finally, after telling the agent I was transferred 3 times and rolled back over to regular reservations she said the phone are not working. She said to send the casino department an email by the end of the day today and they will honor my cruises. I am sure the phone are just fine. Probably have way to many calls coming in and they cannot
  14. We have a 7 night cruise September 25, 2021 booked on the Sky Princess. I also saw where it now says "Currently Not Available. I called Princess and was told it still looks as though it is sailing. So I guess we wait and see what is going to happen. Maybe a ship change.
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