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  1. Hi everyone and Happy New Year! My question is regarding drinks on Ruby from Sydney. I have just discovered Canadian Club & Dry and am really enjoying a glass in the warm weather. Is this spirit available on the Ruby and also are you allowed to bring on soft drinks, I know about the wine and we are doing that. Thank you.
  2. Hey, you understood my name, very impressed. There is nothing nicer than sailing out of Sydney Harbour. Enjoy your trip and have a drink on deck on sail away. Can't help but loving those Tigers....
  3. Hi Just a question for cruisers who have been on a ship just before it becomes "medallion" what is it like. Are there any trials for "certain tier cruisers"? I am asking because our cruise in January on Ruby is the last before it changes over and was wondering if it will impact on anything because I am sure a lot has to change for this to happen and Princess won't make the change in one morning. Just curious as I am most sure that we are going to have a wonderful cruise.
  4. Wonderful thanks so much. I thought as much but since we have sailed with Princess before thought I should ask. We are from Sydney so do not need to do anything but enjoy the view with a drink on board...
  5. We have this included also, do you choose which day it comes.
  6. Thank you. We thought so but good to know.
  7. Hi First time cruisers with Princess this coming January on the Ruby. Very much looking forward to this trip and trying Princess for the first time (we have cruised with HAL, Celebrity and RCI). My question is regarding boarding times. We are in a Club Class Mini Suite and I was under the impression that we are entitled to early embarkation. Our cabin is on Dolphin deck and on our travel summary states that our boarding time is 4pm, which we consider to be extremely late as we have always boarding late morning/lunchtime as we feel that is when our holiday starts and we like
  8. Thank you. Shame about the golf simulator, luckily I didn't tell the other half, he would be disappointed.
  9. Hi I have a quick question regarding activities / facilities on the Ruby. I am see conflicting reviews, so anyone that has been on this ship recently can you please tell me do they have: 1. Putt Putt and; 2. Golf simulator Many thanks.
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