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  1. Just did one for practice. I put for travel. They just asked what airlines, traveling from what county and what city I was testing from. (Probably for the tracking of counties.) Also, they do expire so order close to your travel date. Our expire 2 days after we leave and I ordered them 2 weeks ago.
  2. Fun times trying to have a fun time. If Covid doesn't get you, stress will
  3. Should we be concerned that our room 1728 does not show up on the Royal App? Now that we can access the app, the room does not show. Only 1724,1734,1736,1744 are all that show.
  4. Yes but remember you need to tote those bottles around until your room opens. They wont take them like your luggage. Used to but not for a long time now.
  5. Chops kind of lost the luster. But who knows, after all this time the steaks may be very well aged..🤣
  6. Happy future sailing. Does RCI provide a shuttle from the end point "Seward" to Anchorage for the airport? We have never ended in Seward before, always Seattle or Vancouver. Thanks
  7. Well for the most part we will be having fun with it. It is a way of life for now so may as well make the best. Please, everyone use approved ones and when wearing paper ones clip them on so they do not blow into the ocean. Smile with your eyes, we will be on a cruise!
  8. Ok, So who is getting their coordinated outfits to match their masks?
  9. So tired of all this. The joy of planning has been taken away. Most of us have set vacation times and can't just switch.
  10. Hi, We are trying the Pan Pacific which sits right on the pier of the ships. This is our 4th trip out of Vancouver and thought it would be nice to stay the night then drag our bags to the ship. Very reasonable pricing and in the heart of the Vancouver waterfront.
  11. We have cruise Alaska on Radiance X2 and Ovation. Our opinion is that the Ovation is to big for Alaska. We booked again on Radiance for 2021 as it offers great views from all over the ship and can get into more ports including Vancouver.
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