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  1. My last two meet and mingle were a disaster, Regent put out a nice display, have officers show up, the first one we were 5 , the last one Dubai to Singapore, just my husband and I , not ready to experience that again. If I were Regent, I would not provide the room, the display and the crew . Plus , I think it is rude to sign up for it and not show up. now, our next cruise is 1/21/2021, I hope things are pretty much back to normal , I am so looking forward to it, but sadly, I do not think I will sign up for the meet and mingle, I thought it was a great way to meet new people, not so.
  2. 1. We should all calm down 2. Cruise lines will find a balance of enhancing cleaning , regulating buffet , how much it will cost them and still make a profit 3. If I see kids or adults behaving in a manner that is not safe for the rest of the population, it is my responsibility to mention it , either to them or a staff member . 4. Maybe next year the CDC will not disregard that local flu and will include it on the flu vaccine they work on every year And I hope in the future the FDA will approve new drugs a faster 5. I wish I was in Sweden
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