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  1. I saw that part but couldn’t find any suggested prices for either. I am wondering how prices compare to Labadee? Thanks for responding,it looks interesting.
  2. Has anyone seen pricing for this new option at Coco Cay? Shows day pass or cabana choice.
  3. Well, they came from Costco sooooo, definitely enough to share😜😎
  4. I only asked because there strict rules about bringing unwrapped food aboard but I thought it applied mostly to fruits and produce because of the possibility of insect contamination to other areas or back to the states.
  5. My butt won’t thank you but I will😎so off to the store one more time!
  6. Ok, to all the Royal experts, I bought dark chocolate salted caramels to take on our cruise. Being the weak person that I am, I already opened them😜 So, do you think they will be banned?
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