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  1. So, finally got my new cabin assignment. Of course, now they are telling me that ALL aft balconies on Independence are for 3-4 person capacity. So, with only two of us, we cannot get an aft balcony. Third one I have had to give up with all these changes.
  2. A perfect example of why you should keep trying:) I called three times trying to do the same and was told I couldn't.
  3. I wouldn’t hold your breath. Now they’re telling me that all the room re-assignments won’t be done until mid-October. But don’t worry. Today is still the last day those of us with non-refundable deposits can get a full refund🙄.
  4. This is ridiculous. Now they’re telling me room re-assignments won’t be complete until mid-October, but today is still the last day I can get a full refund (non-refundable deposit). How does that make sense?
  5. I would be happy with that:) I can't wait until we can do b2b's!
  6. Same here. Interesting how they're giving aft balconies to passengers who did not originally have them. Does Independence maybe not have the hump balconies? I'm not sure, but it doesn't make a lot of sense. I am just bracing for losing my aft. It was one of the reasons we booked Brilliance (which was in place of our August 2020 on Navigator that was cancelled). At least Independence is a bigger ship...
  7. Thank you both. We are in an aft balcony on Brilliance, but I'm reading that the aft balconies are technically a different category on Independence, so I anticipate losing it, which I am not happy about. However, we also got a good price on this one, so it's hard to justify cancelling...
  8. I have been trying to follow the threads re: all the Summer 2021 changes, but have yet to see anyone post that they have received their new confirmation/room assignment. The deadline to cancel for a full refund is tomorrow, which is when they claimed they would have the info to us (I was switched from Brilliance to Independence). Has anyone gotten their’s?
  9. This is the closest to my question I could find, so I hope you don’t mind me asking for further clarification, OP. Our sailing is 11-19-20 (non refundable deposit). There are 4 of us. So if I opt for a FCC prior to final payment, each of us would get $250 FCC per person, correct? When does that need to be used by? TY!
  10. Sounds like they switched you to the early seating for traditional dining. My Time Dining definitely didn’t start until 6:45 on Oasis. Glad it worked out for you though!
  11. Yes, this! We waited almost 30 minutes the last night and had reservations.
  12. I think that was the concept for MTD, but it’s turned into something else. You can try not making reservations, but if we waited when we had reservations, I don’t know how long those without them must have had to wait. Unless maybe you eat really late? We didn’t used to have trouble, but we often cruised with groups larger than 4, and when it was just us 4, I did tend to request a 4 top by emailing dining. However, no matter what we did for that one cruise, they would not switch us. Come to think of it, that was Navigator. When we sailed on Navigator again we had a larger group
  13. Something will likely open up, and there are plenty of people that want to switch the first day, so hopefully they can accommodate you. However, as Ourusualbeach noted, if you have early or late dining, you have to go at that time and they won’t seat you for MTD.
  14. Yup. Oh, we complained. Perhaps not enough, but I wasn’t planning on spending my cruise angry and constantly complaining. We simply skipped MTD several nights in favor of other options. And yes, my experience has always been that MTD had their own floor.
  15. Actually, we do prefer early dining 😊 We switched to MTD after it became increasingly difficult to get a table for 4. My husband and son prefer to dine with just our family. After one disastrous 10-nighter when we were seated with a large group, they prefer the guarantee of a 4 top with MTD.
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