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  1. Everyone’s different, but if you’re just looking for opinions...we cruise often. We just did Empress with our 8 year old for 6 days. We wouldn’t do it again. There was very little for her to do. However, she also does not do the kids club. My husband and I may consider the ship again, but not with kids. It was much smaller than I anticipated. And we’ve been on Grandeur several times.
  2. Can anyone confirm that children are still permitted for dinner in the Solarium Bistro on Oasis?
  3. We were told by our cabin steward (last month) that the beds could not be pushed together if you were using the Pullman beds. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but it is what we were told. There was a safe. However, we found there to be very little storage space. We fit our suitcases under the beds, but there were very few drawers, and the closets were set up so that it was difficult to hang anything long. There were only three of us (one of them my 8yo daughter) and I thought it was cramped.
  4. It was just a small Oceanside area on the opposite side of the island (of the port). No other stops. Just those 3.
  5. Just wanted to add that we just did this through Royal last week. My 8-year-old LOVED it! We happened to find a lot of turtles, and were with only one other family, so she got to save a lot:) I would definitely do this again. The only downside is I would have liked to know about the other stops they make on the excursion. Afterwards we went to a replica of a Mayan village, which was not bad. We got to taste corn tortillas and salsa, supposedly how they used to be made, as well as chocolate straight from the cocoa bean. We were just not prepared for it as it was not advertised as being part of the excursion. However, on the way to the turtles, we stopped at an out of the way shop. It was a very pretty area, and presented as a photo opportunity, but it was pretty clear that it was an effort to get us to buy something from the shop there. Other than that we really loved the trip!
  6. I'm looking into doing this in February through Royal Caribbean. Would you say it was kid-friendly? I have an 8- and 12-year-old who really enjoy cooking and love Mexican food.
  7. We just got off Empress Saturday, so I can share my thoughts. We went with my 8-year-old daughter, and decided we would not likely sail a ship that small with children again. Honestly, I don't think I would sail Empress again at all. It was not awful (I mean it was still a cruise:)), it was just too small for us, which also leads to less activities. I will say that we loved Bolero's and Schooner's, as they were huge! I think we have just been spoiled with the bigger ships and the numerous amenities they offer. However, I think Empress is probably good for a simple, relaxing week:)
  8. How far is this from the port?
  9. We enjoy deck 7 on Navigator. It's quiet, but feels convenient to most areas.
  10. The chart above cuts off some of the new ports...any way to expand it?
  11. I’m not trying to be argumentative, lol. However, we are talking about changes being implemented for tomorrow. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to believe the people in that sailing will know sooner than that. What’s the harm in asking the question?!
  12. Actually it says “in the meantime” they are changing those itineraries. I thought perhaps someone from one of those sailings may have gotten information.
  13. Any word yet on what the itinerary changes for the June 5th and 6th sailings will be?
  14. Is the price for a refundable deposit different depending on the sailing? For my most recent cruise it was $199 more for a refundable deposit, and I was thinking that might be a set amount.
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