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  1. I guess its a pretty safe bet no ANZAC bubble in the short term. I was hopeful of being able to cross the ditch to Sydney pre Xmas but now not so sure I want to risk it even if possible
  2. I have yet to have a quality coffee in Australia and have been looking for about 50 years. International Roast is the coffee often found here in cheap 2 star motel rooms which explains the OPs post. With all that criticism Ido buy and use an Australian coffee here in NZ . It suits my taste and as it turns out is amongst the cheapest in our supermarkets. Its "Delta" coffee.
  3. I am getting promo emails nearly daily but wont consider any of them until I get my March cruises refunded. Head office has told me that the refunds are approved but things have got to a situation that I don't believe anyone any more
  4. The X is a stick on decal on the glass. WE had part of the X on our balcony a year or so ago and it was starting to peel off. It may have been removed now
  5. 2021/22 summer season perhaps but I don't think any earlier. Community transmission is the big fear. Quarantine at the port for 14 days is manageable if COVID is present but as has been seen in Australia recently where community transmission is present why would one risk it. I accept as this pandemic goes on govts are going to come under greater pressure to take the risk. Are they brave enough? Not in NZ this side of the September election methinks
  6. We applied Feb 16th and still waiting. We were advised yesterday that our "Approved refund" is still to be given to an "Account Executive" for payment. I wish I was religious so I could ask the guy upstairs when I will receive it because God Knows
  7. Your comment on face masks is in correct. The WHO at the outset stated that masks were not required. This is the process NZ followed. Asian New Zealanders who were used to pollution and the like in their original home wore them but most didnt. The WHO now recommend the use of face masks. Our response here in NZ hasnt changed apart from returnees in isolation must now wear them. Who is right and wrong. Social distancing and compulsory lockdown has worked for us. We have had no Community transmission since 28 April and no Covid cases from returnees for the past two days. Our Deputy Prime Minister indicated on radio this morning that until there is either a vaccine or a reciprocal country has no Community transmission our borders will remain closed
  8. They are allowed out to exercise and when transferring accommodations as they are sometimes required to do especially if they become positive
  9. The reason why the Pacific bubble is not in place is the fear that NZ or Australia could take the virus there and they dont have the infrastructure to deal with it. One may remember the measles outbreak in Samoa some months ago. The measles outbreak resulted in a lot of deaths and was taken to Samoa by ex Pat's returning from NZ. We cant afford a repeat with Covid 19
  10. I apologise Leigh I got it wrong about 6 suburbs. I have just watched the Victorian Premier on TV stating that 10 postcodes are going into lockdown and the Queensland premier stating that Victorians are banned from Queensland. The Melbourne Storm rugby league team have now based themselves in Queensland such is the troubles Victoria is now facing. The New Zealand Prime Minister speaking for all New Zealand has stipulated tonight that until there is proof of no Community transmission in a particular country there will be no open borders with that country and for the foreseeable future our borders are closed to all but NZ citizens and residents, with some exceptions on a case by case basis. The leader of our largest opposition party is currently in agreement with his decision and so am I.
  11. If the cruise line survives there will be deals until the cows come home as they are going to need passengers. I think it is asfe to say though that the numbers of passengers especially on the larger ships is going to be significantly reduced in order to maintain social distancing. I think there is going to be a lot of upheaval on the first few cruises whilst a new NORMAL is established hence I wont be a guinea pig. There is always the possibility that the cruise line may not survive in which case all deposits etc will be treated as unsecured creditors. As cruise lines are losing millions of dollars a day chances of getting ones money back are near nil. Take your money now and wait
  12. I am not trying to buy a fight with anyone but there are a lot of people especially from your side of the planet who have dreams of coming cruising down under in coming months and frankly that isn't going to happen. Not only are borders closed and believe me we wont be the guinea pigs for the opening of borders for cruise ships and that really what this forum is about. New Zealand and Australia are still smarting over the Ruby Princess incident and neither country will want to be caught again with its pants down. Realistically it could be 12 months or more we see cruise ships back here. Currently in order for ship passengers and/or crew to come ashore in NZ they must have spent 28 days at sea or go into a 14 day quarantine period. That rules out cruise ships for the foreseeable future. As holes in our protective screen are found they are tightened up . It is politically unacceptable now for any possibility of COVID 19 crossing the border especially with an election in 3 months time. Should we get a recurrence of the border botchup that happened a couple of weeks ago this govt will be out on its ear quicker that they know what has struck them. Facemasks were initially considered not necessary, but today all new arrivees will be required to wear face masks in public areas for the duration of their quarantine programme. A significant about turn by our health ministry. On a more positive note , apart from the border issues NZ is open. WE have full sports operating with spectators 20,000 at a recent football game on the weekend. No social distancing and we can do what ever we want inside the country apart from being in contact with overseas tourists who are still banned. We are very fortunate and we want to stay that way. IF what I have said is interpreted as speaking for the country , I make no apology as my comments are mirrored on social media all over the country. Be safe guys
  13. Are you telling me that 6 suburbs in Melbourne comprising about 1 million people have not been put back into a 4 week lock down. It has been well reported here that this has happened and we take such threats of a second wave or the possibility of going back into a more severe lock down situation very seriously.
  14. The current govt is a mishmash of three parties. The party that received 7% of the vote held the balance of power. Depending upon who they chose to go with their 7% was enough to tip the balance over the 50% needed to form the govt. This is a problem with the mixed member proportional system (MMP) of voting we have in this country. In this instance and has been proven over the past 3 years the tail very much wags the dog. During this COVID 19 outbreak the minor parties have been absolutely silent.
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