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  1. This has to be typical of Celebrity looking after its customers. I heard about the change last night and my TA contacted Celebrity this morning to be assured that the November 2020 sailings out of Athens to Dubai was still on. What a crock of S*&t. Lets go public but first treat current customers with contempt and not advise them first
  2. Tigerlilly rightly or wrongly we treat Aussies this side of the ditch far better than Aussies treat kiwis on the other side
  3. I joined a cruise ship in Auckland the day after Christchurch and whilst travelling to Auckland on the train the day of Christchurch I received many many txts and messages of support from Cruise Critic members and others and again more on the day of embarkation. When NZ stopped for two minutes silence so did the crew and passengers of the Celebrity Solstice at the same time. It deeply moving to know that we were not alone in the most horrific act of terrorism ever experienced in our country. The fact that the terrorist was caught minutes after the massacre was a tribute to our Police. We never then and don't today hold the country where this terrorist came from responsible for his actions.
  4. Be wary about using websites for ESTA and ETA and on line visas and the like. Some websites are the official govt websites where you pay the fee only. Others are authorised websites which charge the fee plus a handling fee. A bit of research on line will quickly show you which is what. If travelling around Europe this is common to come across what appear to be the govt websites but are actually official websites allowed to transact the business and charge a fee. be careful out there. The reason for the ETA for NZ is purely a tourist tax to pay for infrastructure paid for by locals to cater for tourists. It is the easiest way to capture everyone. Aussies and Singaporeans I think are excluded because of trade agreements
  5. If in doubt about taking anything across the border declare it. If you are allowed it you will be waved on. If you are not it maybe confiscated and then you are waved on. If you don't declare and you are found to have prohibited items then be prepared for a long wait to get out of customs, sometimes several years
  6. I have over time had a laugh at Brisbane41s comment about Aussies deporting thugs to NZ. Once one had to be a criminal to get into Australia. Now they allow young children into the country train them how to be thugs and serious criminals and because they can, send them back to their place of birth without taking responsibility for the actions in the intervening years. Back in the day Australia had what was known as the white Australian policy where immigrants were allowed into Australia on the basis of their skin colour and ethnicity. They also have probably the most atrocious attitude and conduct towards their indigenous peoples. Just go for a ride around the Northern territories to see what I mean. So Brisbane 41 before criticising what other countries are doing to protect their borders have a look in your own backyard first. Charity after all should begin at home and believe me there are an awful lot of indigenous Australians in need of a lot of assistance. In the meantime we will continue to be the better brother and lock up your deadwood. I do however have absolutely no sympathy for those who immigrate to another country, live of the benefits but never fully integrate by becoming citizens. If I had my way here in GODZOWN all visas would expire as soon as one was eligible for citizenship. IF you don't want to be one of us then go home. Wishful thinking because it aint going to happen. Too many political votes from these nohopers would be lost for politicians feathering their own nest
  7. Hey I didnt claim about our rules I just defended them. I didnt complain about the deportations either so Brisbane take a chill pill
  8. To all overseas visitors to NZ, no one is forcing you to travel to NZ. If you want to come you have to obey NZ laws. If that is too onerous for you , you can always stay home. You don't complain about our biosecurity laws why should you complain about other laws designed to protect New Zealanders. If you have nothing to hide obey the requests, you can always change your passwords later. Just a matter of interest the toerag who shot up the mosques in Christchurch was a visitor to our country. Rules have changed folks get with the programme or stay home
  9. I am Elite with no chance of reaching elite plus so I wont bother
  10. Aus Traveller One cannot assume that a poster has done any research at all prior to asking their question, many of which have been answered many times on different threads if one chose to look through the previous threads. Some posters will do some research, some will do a lot and some will do nothing and expect others to do the work for them.
  11. My comments are even stronger for the above post. Only a country's immigration dept can be truly relied upon to determine whether or not a visa or ETA or ESTA or any other requirements are needed for access across the border. Principally because we don't have all the facts pertaining to a reason for a visa. An example is a citizen of one country may not need a visa to enter another country but if that person is not born in the country of which they are now a citizen, they may need one. The relationship between India and Pakistan is a case in point and Israeli passport holders going to certain Arab countries
  12. Experience dictates that this cannot be guaranteed. Conflicting advice only guarantees confusion and unnecessary stress
  13. When facing Visa concerns irrespective of which country one is from and irrespective of where one is going to asking questions pertaining to such visas on forums like this and Trip Advisor and other such forums is fraught with danger.. Correspondents on these forums are not immigration experts, nor are we authorised to comment on behalf of any government on immigration matters. If someone has an issue go to the immigration dept of the country involved. Most have detailed websites where the information can be obtained or at least a contact email address on the site. If one relies on advice given here and it is wrong caveat emptor
  14. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence via cruising forums of passengers having bought items with "International warranties" having difficulty getting these so called warranties. Watches, cameras are a couple of items where complaints have been received. I note on all Celebrity ships I have been on there is a trade through the shops of second hand Rolex watches. I have never bought one as the asking price was too rich for my blood but I did read the T & Cs and no warranties are provided. Here is NZ we allow Parallel importing of goods. These are goods legitimately purchased from authorised persons overseas and imported into the country. Not Counterfeit but the real item. The catch with these items is that the official licensee for these goods is not obliged to warrant the goods and should anything go wrong one has to go back to the importer. I am sure a similar circumstance operates with some cruise lines.
  15. WE didn't do the tour as we didn't have enogh time and my wife is somewhat claustrophobic. If one suffers from this condition this tour is not recommended
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