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    Princess Insurance Question?

    Kaiser Senior Advantage Southern ca covers medical expense worldwide no evacuation to best of my knowledge. If hospitalized anywhere other than your local you must call the Kaiser at number listed on their worldwide packet. For medical service you pay and then file claim with them. I have used this in past. Now I buy policy from Squaremouth.com usually Tin Leg Insurance as they are primary carrier and have evacuation policy. They claim to contact hospital and arrange payment so you do not have to pay on the spot. Have not experienced this. Many options and coverage. I have filed 2 claims with them for treatment received onboard ship with excellent service. Hope this helps.
  2. jerwick

    Princess Insurance Question?

    Check your Senior Advantage plan carefully. Kaiser Senior Advantage in Southern California covers worldwide. However it is secondary so you need a primary payer secondary policy in event of foreign medical/hospital. Squaremouth.com has such policies.
  3. jerwick

    EL Rancho Inn/ S.F. comments

    Stayed there many times (8 plus)when we lived in the SFO area. However we have moved so last stay was in 2009. Rooms were adequate for a one night stay. A bit dated but clean. Parking plan is the big advantage. Be sure to follow the directions given at check in for parking program. Regular shuttle to SFO. Nice bar with appetizers available as well as full service restaurant. Had a decent free snack bar with muffins, fruit, coffee, etc in morning pre flight all depends on your flight time. Also short walk to a KFC if that is your thing.
  4. jerwick

    Milestone cruises and what happens

    On out 50th we received a beautiful floral arrangement, bottle of that $70 or so champagne, "breakfast at sabatinis each day(17 day cruise), chocolate covered strawberries, bridge tour, 2 complimentary robes(the waffle type). Seems there were 1 or 2 other things but don't remember.
  5. jerwick

    Grey Goose Vodka Martini

    Generally refers to the amount of vermouth added. The more vermouth the "wetter" the martini. I prefer extra dry vodka martini which if made properly has no vermouth. I also enjoy the chairman of the board. Hard to say what your Grey Goose contained as different bartenders have their own style.
  6. jerwick

    Milestone cruises and what happens

    Search Pia"s posts. She mentioned they were on 75th cruise and got some special goodies.
  7. We were on the Grand 6-1 and still $5. But it has been the practice on most ships to allow you to get any of the featured drinks for the $5 price. Midway thru the cruise bartender said they received an email from corporate disallowing that practice. So only time will tell if all ships adhere to this.
  8. Anyone tried cab to Westlake station and then rail to Sea Tac? Does this seem like an option with a 1 pm flight or would it be better to shuttle or cab to airport. Thanks Jerry
  9. jerwick

    CRAZY pricing for fall 2015 Regal TA

    Sorry. I failed to note 2015. Been meaning to get my glasses corrected.
  10. jerwick

    CRAZY pricing for fall 2015 Regal TA

    Correction. Royal Princess is the ship in question, not the Regal.
  11. jerwick

    30+ people sick on Princess just in SF

    Previous voyage on the Crown from Valparasio to LA had noro problem with alert final 2 days of cruise. Same ship had noro problems on the Ft Lauderdale to Valparasio legs. There were alerts to notify medical center if you had cold, sore throat, fever etc. as well as nausea and vomiting. They were providing Tamiflu. Don't know if there was a charge. Supposedly they had notified CDC of problems. Better half and self contracted severe colds after Costa Rica. There is no cure for cold virus and did not go to "sick bay". Received a call from duty nurse two days from LA at night to see if we had vomiting or diarrhea problems. Fortunately no. would appear that the hated noro lives on.
  12. jerwick

    Elite Status

    [quote name='Pia1913']Per cabin[/QUOTE] We have always experienced one loyalty credit per cabin.. This past cruise 2014 we each received $100 loyalty credit. Perhaps this policy has changed.
  13. jerwick

    Princess Cruise ship Cruise Director list

    Be sure to ask him if Avocado is a fruit or vegetable.
  14. jerwick

    How secure do you think the Hotel Room safe is?

    We had a problem with the safe on the ship and the supervisor arrived with a book describing how she could open it. Also in Vegas supervisor had a digital device that allowed him to open, so all establishments have the means to open a safe in necessity. Non the less we still use them with confidence.
  15. jerwick

    Royal to Ruby

    Looking to disembark Royal Princess on 12-22-13 and embark Ruby Princess on 12-22-13. Anyone have any suggestions as to how this would work at the terminal. Appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.