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  1. Intercontinental at Papeete is offering refunds or the option to change your dates. We had booked at the pre-paid, non-refundable rate.
  2. I've just read Terry's report again, they had 2 Samoa's cancelled and Huahine (which was a replacement port) because all cruise ships have to enter FP through Papeete first. (which was decided whilst they were already cruising). I see no cancellations for any of the ports that we are visiting on the Mar 25th cruise. I guess we will only find out when the Mar 5th and 15th cruises return..
  3. I think it will be a wait and see for us, we are on the March 25th sailing. Things are changing so rapidly.. If they just need a written letter from a doctor, we need to get that on the 20th as we are flying to LA on the Monday.. I hope that will be sufficient, very little details in the link. I'm assuming that will need to be in French or English as well.. Cross our fingers that we get to go at all..
  4. I’ve searched for an alternative for the exact same reason. We’ve booked a relaxing day to the green lagoon with Rangiroa excursions, you can add snorkeling to that trip too.
  5. my first time too 🙂 I've found a lot of info/ideas here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2524044-marinafrench-polynesia-mar-4-192018-review-wlots-of-photos/ We are sailing March 26th to April 4th so we might be sailing around the same time so my review might be too late for you but Hoopster's review will definitely get you excited. You can find my planning for these island on the Oceania, Mar 25 Regatta roll call. When you're logged in, you can read all the roll calls as well.
  6. No problem but thinking we might be on the same cruise as you refer to March/April? We'll be on the Regatta, leaving on March 25th.
  7. We are going as well in March. this is what we booked for the ports you mention: BoraBora (1/2): lagoon cruise with Oceania (only because we have OBC), otherwise we would have gone to Matira Beach BoraBora: 3/4 day with Maohi Nui tours Fakarava: Jetski with Fakarava Adventure, rest of the day beach Raiatea: Taha tour with Arri Moana Tours - it's a boat tour with snorkelling stop but you can just enjoy the scenery? they also stop at pearl farm and vanilla plantation & lunch at a private beach stop
  8. Yes we’re on 3/25 sailing.. can’t wait!! I guess we’ll have to choose between ATV or jetski.. thanks for the tip and have fun!
  9. yeah that's what I thought. I'd like to do a combo tour with Moorea Activities Center, combo of ATV and Jetski. They have a combo for cruise passengers but the earliest they can return us is 3.30pm. Morning is jetski and afternoon ATV, with a pretty long lunchbreak. I've asked them to shorten the lunchbreak but they will only do that if we have more people joining us from the ship. My guess is that they have clients from hotels on the island as well that only sign up for the afternoon.. I've put it on our roll call but it's a really quiet roll call, so far nobody is interested.
  10. Anyone an idea when the last tender would be if the ship is scheduled to leave at 4pm in Moorea? Any recent experience? I’ve called Oceania but they can’t tell me upfront, I understand the weather might have an impact but I’d like to organize a full day on our own and the vendor is asking. The tour I have in mind will only work if we don’t have to be back before 3.30pm.
  11. Maohi Nui is the official company name for Patrick’s organization in Bora Bora, so it’s Patrick’s tour.. I’ve noticed O’s prices for the waverunners, they are insane.. definitely going to book this in advance. Have a great weekend everyone!
  12. I can't imagine going on this trip without all these tips - I think I would miss out on so much!! We are indeed trying to organize a private tour on Moorea, we would like to do a combo tour of Jetski and Quad with Moorea Activities Center and I have some concerns as their initial schedule is to get us back to the port by 3.45pm - this will be too late. I can check whether they can adjust their schedule but if they have other people joining from hotels, that might not be an option. I also would hate to start my vacation with stress for being late.. For the early tender tickets in general, we have a couple (with a child) joining us and they are known to be late..always :-) Would I be able to get a tender ticket for them before they actually show up? I might get them there for the first tender, but most likely not to sit and wait there. Regarding the tips for Fakarava, although it seems a wonderful tour, I tend to get seasick and I might not be up for it. Also, it doesn't sound suitable for a 2,5 year old - we will try to do most excursions together with our friends (except the jetski, we really love this and will go without them). VeroKaren - this is the famous tour with Patrick. We are on the next sailing and we have booked this tour for our second day in Bora Bora. Can't wait!!!
  13. Thanks again for sharing! Wonderful - definitely going to book a tour in Fakarava as well and will be looking for more options in Nuku Hiva! I understand you have to get your tender ticket very early which is not a problem as we are up in the middle of the night anyway due to the jetlag, but in general, as of when do the tenders start? In Moorea, ship will be in port from 8am until 4pm. What time would be reasonable to meet for a pick up and by when should we be back to catch the last tender?
  14. Following as I'm interested to learn about their excursions, not that I want to book O excursions only but we do have some OBC that I can use (we don't drink alcohol and the rest is included) and I also check what they offer as it gives you a good idea of what to do on each island, so I can go searching for private tours. But huge thanks to Hoopster for the review! I'm working out our planning based on your review (as many others).. So glad I got to watch the videos before they were gone. After your review, there was no other option then booking Patrick on Bora Bora. Only 2 islands where I still have no idea yet what we'll be doing: Nuku Hiva and Fakarava. Not a huge fan of hiking and O only offers one excursion in Nuku Hiva that doesn't get me excited. Need to do some more research I guess. Fakarava: O doesn't offer any excursions at all. I guess that will be a DIY or apparently there is a very nice beach next to the tender area? My travel companions think I'm overplanning but they still don't seem to realize that we're not going to the Caribbean this time 🙂 Luxury problems.. 🙂
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