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  1. I feel a lot better already! Thanks all for your input!
  2. I hope so!! I’ll look for you on the roll call 😊 Enjoy your PG cruises and have a great day!
  3. Thanks for your feedback! Princess has fewer stops, not visiting Fakarava and Nuku Hiva (leaving Papeete in the evening instead of the morning after an overnight stay) and 1/2 day longer in Bora Bora. If March is not too bad weatherwise, I lean towards Oceania.. yeah, Paul Gauguin sounds great.. one day 😊
  4. We are booked on the Regatta, 10 days French Polynesia leaving on March 25th, 2020. I've now just noticed (thank you cruise critic!!) that Princess has also resumed the FP itinerary. I booked this trip prior to knowing that Princess was going.. so now I'm in serious doubt. I've never sailed Oceania before so would love to try that - but I also like Princess and know what to expect. Pricewise, the difference won't be huge - Princess quotes a lower fare but Oceania has a lot more included so the Princess cruise would cost us (at least) as much as the Oceania cruise.. my biggest concern is the weather. Oceania is departing on March 25th, Princess on October 5th - if I've done my homework correctly, the early October option seems a safer option for less rain and humidity. Any experienced travellers that can give me some good advice whether it's worth cancelling my Oceania trip and going with Princess instead?? It's not the comparison of the cruiselines I'm looking for, but all about the weather.. This will be a once in a lifetime so I wonder whether it will make a difference.. (I'm not looking to change to PG - not for my wallet)
  5. We were on the same cruise together with another couple. First time Celebrity (2 RC and 2 Princess cruises before, Princess being our favourite - will not return to RC) As said above, overall nice cruise with Pros and Cons. We were unbelievably lucky with the weather, that's for sure! But as mentioned, chair hoggs were the worst ever seen, we have our breakfast at 7AM (because of the jetlag, not because we are looking for chairs) and by that time, most chairs were "taken" by flipflops and books. I'm sure they got a nice sun tan, definitely not their owners as they would only show up by 11AM .. Different nationalities, different tastes I guess as we find that we had both the worst (and close to) one of the best steaks experienced ever on a cruise. And although tastes differ, I expect any chef to cook a steak right. The first night they convinced us to go to Tuscan Grill (because of their excellent steaks we were told).. DH ordered the Porterhouse, I ordered the Ribeye, both asked for Medium.. they both came out as hard as shoe sole. We are hesitant to complain, even when they come and ask whether everything is good, but this time we had to return the food. They told us that we wouldn't be charged - and we were not asked to sign the check. But you can guess what happened, they charged us. Went over to Guest Services (if they wouldn't have told us that they were not charging us, I would have paid as I always do - I don't mind, but it's the principle), they would investigate - still in our account until the last day. The Maitre D of the Tuscan Grille was doing a round in the Oceanview Cafe on the last day and asked me whether I would complete the survey, said yes, told him about the charge and then he went out of his way to have it removed as he was fishing for a 10.. But Ok, no biggie, first night, plenty of other restaurants onboard, right? MDR: DH orders the NY steak (yes, he loves steak, every day..) - same issue: ordered medium - came out well done. My salmon was tasty but DH didn't want to try the MDR anymore because of this issu, they rushed us through the dinner and the menu never really appealed to him One evening we were asked why we didn't go to the MRD by one of the waiters in Le Petit Chef that was very nice. Told him the issue, he raised it (although not his job), Maitre D of the MDR came to see us, asking whether we could give them a second chance to make up for it. Decided to go on the last evening - Steak Diane was delicious for both of us. Our friend ordered the NY steak, he asked well done (I know, who likes that???), guess what - came out medium. We didn't bother anymore to tell anyone.. Maitre D came over, we told her it was good, she was happy.. Oceanview: disappointed with the variety - but that is most likely personal taste. Some items were however cold, that is not personal taste. Le Petit Chef: excellent food! (I leave the entertainment in the middle, although I liked it) Went twice - first time it was perfect, second time - guess what, ordered the filet mignon medium, waiter showed up: medium rare for who? uh..ok, we'll take it. Murano: went twice, delicious (second best steak on a cruise, best was on Princess) - but oh boy (and I'm really not making this up nor am I exaggerating at all - I wish I was), ordered medium (as usual), came out well done. But, luckily, the chateaubriand was still tasty and tender so we still had a delicious meal. Service is excellent in this place! So were we unlucky? Maybe, maybe not :-) But we did have a wonderful time, we loved the ports, crew was nice (funny, we also had a bartender looking up the ingredients for a simple cocktail but he was soo nice that you had to forgive him), stateroom was spotless but it left a really bad taste in our mouth that we had 5 crew members asking us to rate them a 10 because otherwise they would get hit in their wallet. How can we provide Celebrity with accurate feedback if you feel that you are literally taking away money from someone when you rate something a 7? I don't want to do that, they work really hard.. We tipped extra, but all of them asked us to make sure to rate them a 10, that seemed more important than the extra tips. I feel so sorry for them, they almost beg you.. (well not almost, one of them really begged).
  6. hi Linda, This was (I know, I'm being repetitive) the best review I've ever read. We are boarding the Silhouette on the 22nd together with our friends, can't wait! You got me all excited (as if I wasn't excited before ;-)) I'm also a planner - and I get the same comments that we shouldn't plan activities for each and every port. And when I give in, we end up standing in the port and after 10 minutes they will all start looking at me and I know what they are going to ask: "so what can we do around here?!!" Really???? Or: which direction do we have to go? As if I've been their 20 times before.. Dh does that every time we go on vacation to a place for the very first time: so now what?! where do we need to go?? Uh..men. Does this mean you will now actually have to work for your money? and what am I going to do now? I've pretty much planned everything - whatever I was allowed to plan for, which is not a lot - , I've printed all my travel docs..and there is no more fun review to look forward to.. Guess I'll have to work too??!! I'm blaming you for that!! Anyway, thanks for the review - you should get paid for that! And responding to all the raving comments should keep you busy for a while. greetings from Belgium, Amy
  7. We'll be in port from 8am until 8pm in February and are looking for a nice (and peaceful) beach - think Bounty commercials - or at lease close to this (my wallet doesn't support French Polynesia just yet) :-) It looks like Kenepa beach might be what we are looking for, but if I read it correctly, it sounds pretty far but I can't find any taxi rates to this beach (I know someone has posted a picture of the fares recently but it's not mentioned) It also goes by the name, Grote Knip, Kleine Knip - correct? Are they linked to each other, meaning, just walking from one to the other or is that not possible? I've read that Kleine knip is good for snorkeling and Grote Knip good for relaxing. So that would be the best of both worlds. Just trying to find the easiest way to get there. Or - if anyone can think of a similar beach that is closer to the port, I'd love to hear about it (but we don't like loud music and crowds) If any locals would respond - I speak Dutch (we're from Belgium) ;-) Hey - if any locals would want to take us for a fee, that's fine too :-) Thanks!!!
  8. We will be renting a car next February - far more cheaper, and easy to drop of at the port as well. A driver approached us once in the airport last year and we negotiated a discount to take us to Fort Lauderdale. We even rent a car upon return (for a same day flight in the evening), we walk off the ship so we can leave early and this allows us to drive to Miami, have some sun/shopping/eating before driving to the airport for our flight home.
  9. Strangely enough I don’t see any mentioning of a sale, I believe the prices are lower but it doesn’t mention the original price or discount percentage. I’ll book it anyway, if something comes up at a lower rate, I’ll cancel and re-book. Happy cruising!!
  10. Does it mention the 30% discount in the planner or are the prices just lower in the cruiseplanner than before? I don’t see anything that mentions a promotion, not even the 10% discount for buying the internet package upfront, although I seem to remember that this was over 200$ for the 9-night cruise and is now priced at 199$.
  11. thanks for this! I don't see it advertised however, it seems that you need to know what the price was before?
  12. Enjoy your cruise! We'll be on our first Celebrity cruise in February - on the Silhouette. Is my understanding correct that the drinks included in the Classic package have gone up from 9$ to 11$ per serving and that when you have a Classic Drinks package (as part of the free perks) - you don't need to pay gratuities on top of this? Celebrity website still says 9$ per serving..
  13. When you buy the unlimited internet package, can we share this with our friends in another cabine? We all don't need it much, but the limited time packages don't work it's to be used at once instead of per minutes that you can save. I believe you can buy the internet package for 1 device and use it on multiple devices, as long as you are not connecting at the same time, is that correct? So if we share our log-in details, are friends can use it as well (at another time)? We'll only be using it to check in with our staff at home or quick chat with family (via Whatapp since we are not from the US). I know you can use WiFi in port but that doesn't work due to the time zones and not being in port on the weekends (when our business is open)
  14. Thanks! I’ve booked last January so they had plenty of time :) I’ve asked our TA a copy of the Celebrity confirmation, I only have a copy of the TA confirmation, not produced by Celebrity. First time booking with a US TA (from Belgium) so I want triple confirmations ;)
  15. Quick check whether I should be able to see the Go Better package (Classic Drinks Package and the Gratuities) somewhere in the Celebrity Cruiseplanner? I know OBC from TA only shows up in the account once onboard but I was wondering whether the drinks package should be visible somewhere? I've read on this board that it's in your order history (with 0 amount) but that's empty. Thanks!!
  16. I'm living in Belgium and booked with a US TA - far better deals, just check beforehand whether they allow it. not all of them offer it and if they do, you often need to book by phone instead of their website. Most often they are not set up for international addresses (different type of zip codes, no states, etc)
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