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  1. Just got off Grandeur Saturday 3/7. David Bradshawe was cruise director. Did not have opportunity to ask how long he was on. At Farewell Show he did "top 10 question list" which we have not seen in years. This schtick was way outdated...question # "What do you do with ice sculptures when they melt?" Question #1 "what time is the midnight buffet?" New cruisers were confused, where are ice sculptures and how did I miss the midnight buffet? Experienced cruisers were just sad remembering the beauty of the sculptures & all that is no longer a part of the cruise experience.
  2. I just got off Grandeur on Saturday 3/7...Cian was the activities manager. Did not have opportunity to ask how long he would be onboard. But do know he was on for next cruise.
  3. Hi everyone. Any idea who will be following Clo on Grandeur? We board her Feb 28. Thanks
  4. We check this site each cruise as we will never sail with Magic Marvin again. Found him vulgar and nasty. Just got off Adventure yesterday...Kelly L from Alabama was excellent. She was so friendly, stopped to talk to you like you were a good friend. Lots of energy and truly seemed to love her job. Any idea how long Cian is on Grandeur? We are sailing her 2/28?
  5. hi I just booked Grandeur for 2/28 and see that Clo is leaving 2/20...any idea who follows? We were on Grandeur over thanksgiving and had the Blair's, unfortunately John was ill and his wife was doing double duty (and probably worrying about him). They departed ship for vacation when we arrived back in Baltimore. Just got home from Adventure yesterday, Drew Devine was okay. Didn't see much of him except to introduce shows or on the Morning Show.
  6. Blessed New Year to all. Getting on Adventure of the Seas Saturday. What a glorious way to start 2020 Want to again thank you for the upkeep of this thread...we check it for every cruise.
  7. AJust got off Grandeur this morning. We started the cruise with no CD because John Blair was sick. His wife filled in for him. When he came on he still seemed like he wasn't feeling well. Not much energy. . They were both getting off today for vacation and according to John will be on Vision when they return. when I asked a . Few people who was coming on all I could get was someone from Ireland.
  8. any idea who is coming after Katrina on Grandeur? We board 11/23 which looks like day Katrina leaves. And if Cian is coming aboard Grandeur who will replace him on Adventure which we board 1/4 Thanks
  9. just want to say thank you for this board...I can only imagine the work, diligence and effort you put it and I am very appreciative. While cruise directors are important I think activity managers are even moreso. 😄
  10. Hi just got off Anthem OTS 9/1. The activities manager was young woman from Wales, HANNAH (working with CD Dennis Charles). She was excellent. She handled an inappropriate, drunk woman at a game show with poise, dignity and humor. Was impressed. Every time we saw her she had a giant smile and looked like she was having a ball. She told us she was recently promoted. Sorry I didn't think to ask her last name.
  11. Just got off Anthem 9/1. Dennis Charles was cruise director. First time for us sailing with him. Wow that man can talk & talk & talk.
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