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  1. so we stayed in one on our last cruise. My wife wanted the cheaper inside room, I wanted at least a window to get rid of the coffin feel of the room. we were on the 2nd floor of promenade cabins, above the member services desk. Very little noise that bothered us. Room felt quite a bit smaller than our previous balconies, we kept bumping into each other. My wife didn't like the window being opened because of people across the way, so it kinda defeated the purpose. We are back in a balcony for our cruise this march. Dan
  2. It helps alot, thank you. Do you know the hours when it's considered lunch and when it's considered dinner? Again thinking, apps in playmakers around 4/4:30, dinner in specialty rest around 7:30/8, maybe dessert somewhere else. Thanks Dan
  3. yes, you've got to decide if it's worth it. You're paying $25 per person extra for the food. We've really enjoyed it and pampered ourselves, but it isn't necessary(unlike the drink package :-)). I've had many great meals in the MDR. Dan
  4. Couple questions for anyone that's used the new Unlimited Dining Package. I hear the playmakers is included, in Fish and Ships included as well? Do you know if the $35 ala carte fee is per day or per venue(could you go to JR in the afternoon and PM in the evening)? Can you use the $35 credit during lunch on sea days, wondering if I could get nachos for a snack for lunch from playmakers. Anything else that was noticed? Probably going to get this for our IOS cruise next March, we did it last year after getting a pretty good deal. Dan
  5. Not sure about your ship, but we UDP on independence last March, full ship. We boarded(it was pretty early, probably in the first 200 on board) and made all of our reservations that first night with the lady at Chops. Later that afernoon I was walking around the ship and found the hibachi restaurant. I had heard that you could get this on the first night if it was available. I asked and was given it. A small fee showed up on my bill later(I think $5-10) afterward that I know wasn't discussed, but every time I went by the front desk with the idea of trying to get it fixed, the line was too long to deal with ,so they got me for $10. It was worth it tho, really good, entertaining meal. Getting other times was pretty easy. I have been on a ship and tried to go to chops and been told it was full, but I think they hada special corporate event that night. Dan
  6. Okay, so just got back from the cruise. Grease was on night 2, headliner was night 3, comedian was night 4 for only 1 show. The app sucks, it never updated from 2 grease shows, had the wrong headline on night 3. pretty much worthless, except that I found that when you reconnected to the free wifi for the app, the first minute or so was completely open so I got some imessage updates from my kids. Dan
  7. Review of our independence of the seas trip 3/14-3/18(Platinum members, did the Ultimate dining Plan and deluxe beverage this trip) Promenade room 7329 Flew into FLL from STL, 5:45 am flight(ugh), in FLL around 9, at the Port, checked in and in seats waiting to board by 10:15. at 11am they started calling people and we were on board and making our reservations for the week at Chops by 11:15. Boarding process was simple and easy. Food Got the hibachi the first night. I went down in the afternoon of the 1st day and played dumb asking about getting the hibachi with UDP. Lady said no, but since it was the first day and they weren't crowded she would let us. Meal was good, but we were charged $4 a piece for our meal(single meet, combo meat would have been $10 pp) that wasn't mentioned when the reservation was made. Not a huge deal, and I imagine if I had complained I could have gotten it waved, but it was $10, not worth the time. Ate at chops the 2nd and 4th night. Very good, service was really good and the food was excellent. Desserts were very eh in my opinion tho. Not very exciting at all. Ate at Giovanni's the 3rd night and had a similar experience to Chops, with a waitress that was a little better than the night before. Food was really good and the desserts were better than Chops. For lunch we got sandwiches from Cafe promenade pretty much every day and ate them poolside. Day 1(got an egg salad for a snack late afternoon) and 3 had great sandwiches. day 2 and 4 were eh. Pizza in Sorrentos was much better than previous trips. I noticed that with sorrentos the lines were much shorter at cafe promenade and Sorrentos than on navigator the year before with just cafe promenade. we got burgers from windjammer a couple of times as well. Room Not a big fan of the promenade rooms(we stayed in an inside room for our 1st 2 cruises, but the last 4 before this were all balconies). I wanted the window because the inside rooms feel to cave like to me, but my wife wanted the window curtains closed because you could see right in across from you, so it kind of defeated the purpose. Could have just gotten an inside room instead. Bed placement makes the room awkward to move around in. Bed was very hard in my opinion but didn't really bother us. Stateroom attendant was very good. Not really alot of sound from out on the promenade. Pools Solarium was pretty crowded and they've added chairs to the shelfs. This makes those much more crowded than they were previously. I'm an early riser, so I was out by the pool every day around 8/8:30, so we had our pick of chairs. Really could have had any chair we wanted until 9:30am probably. Bar service was pretty easy, sometimes crowded, but never very long to wait for a drink. One change I found this trip was alot more waiters than we've ever seen. I got more drinks from a waiter by the pool this trip than probably all others combined. Didn't use the regular pool, but it looked nice. Kid area was fairly crowded and looked like the kids were having fun. Didn't do the flow rider or the tubes. Bars and entertainment. we drank at playmakers and R bar alot of the cruise. Liked playmakers alot, great atmosphere. Didn't try any of the food, but it looked pretty good. Spent some time at the Schooner bar(piano guy was ok, woman last year was alot more fun) . The actor who played danny zucco in the Grease show was performing one night and we caught the end, looks like the show was fun and we enjoyed the few numbers we saw. stopped in the pub a couple times and the viking lounge, but didn't frequent these enough to give an opinion one way or another. Bar service was pretty good almost the entire trip. We saw Grease on night 2, Savannah Jack on night 3. Did not do the show the 1st night or the last. Grease was just ok, the leads could sing but it was just kind of eh. Enjoyed Saturday night Fever alot more on a previous cruise. Felt bad for Savannah Jack, the crowd was small and didn't' seem to get into it. We've seen them before with a larger crowd and they were great. so overall the entertainment was lacking this trip. Misc... The app sucks. Didn't show our dining reservations. Show times/changes never updated. pre cruise it had grease on night 2 and 4. The headliner in the app for night 3 was somebody else. Pretty much worthless if you were relying on it for any information. 4 days is too short. We've done 5 days the last 4 years and chose 4 days to save money because of an expensive disney trip coming up. It was fine, but 4 would have been better. Getting on and off the ship was really easy, we did self assist and walked down to the theater at 8:30 am with our luggage and didn't stop until we got in line at customs desk. I think we were in a cab by 8:45. Announcements are worthless, I'm hard of hearing in one ear, but even my wife couldn't make out most of them. Elevators are really slow. I took the stairs most times. Freestyle machines are pretty good and lines weren't long like I thought they might be. If you've got any questions, ask. Thanks Dan
  8. So we leave on thursday(3/14) for a 4 night cruise on Independence of the seas. I was playing with the Royal App and was looking to see if the headliner was listed. I didn't see a headliner, but right now it's showing Grease on both night 2 and night 4. I'd be kind of bummed if two of our 4 nights of entertainment were the same show. One of the reasons we choose Royal and a cruise over an all inclusive is the entertainment at night. Does anyone know if the app is accurate before the cruise? We've done a 5 night cruises for the last 5 years and always had different shows every night. Thanks Dan
  9. I'm going on Independence of the Seas in March. I sent an email to Royal asking this same question(and Johnny Rockets) and got a reply from Royal that it was included. But I have heard both sides as well. My plan is if it fits, we will go there and if they try to charge me, show the email from my phone. Good luck on your cruise. Dan
  10. we've been in the port at 9 ish because of flights getting us there so early. we've been on board before 11 in 4 out of 5 cruises over the last 6 years. One year we didn't get on until after 12, I believe because they couldn't find a passenger. Most times the lines have been very efficient. Dan
  11. https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/royal/media/royal/shared_assets/pdf/DeluxeBeverage_DigitalFlyer_FINAL.pdf Look at the bottom and it states Canned and fountain soda. Dan
  12. Are there any real benefits anymore to booking on board? We looked at it once and the price didn't seem very good, but we do know that we will be taking a mar 2020 cruise and have a 2019 cruise booked right now and I'm wondering if we should book it while on board. If you do this and they run a good sale, can you rebook? Dan
  13. So we've taken a cruise 4 out of the last 5 years in march because my wife went back to work and is a school teacher. 1st year we barely noticed the college kids. Other years they were more visible. If you are offended by kids having a good time you're not going to have fun. I didn't see a lot of bad behaviour and found the people watching to be quite fun. We were on Navigator last year and it felt alot more crowded than it did on the Freedom class ships we had been on before. This year we are back to Indpendence/Freedom class. But I don't know if it's just the difference between the two ships or not. You are going on a cruise and you should be able to have a great time. It's not Animal House as far as I was concerned. Also this year we are doing only a 4 day cruise, so that may mean more kids, but it's Thur-Mon which may mean less kids. so who knows. Dan
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