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  1. Final update to our status. The refund amount that had been erroneously credited to my account has returned from whence it came. Once I advised both sides of the transaction that the money was in the account and awaiting return, it took less than a week. As I told the RSSC representative, I am returning money not wanting a refund. I bet you haven't been getting many of those calls recently. He laughed. Amazing how quickly they can process it when it's to their benefit. Anyhow, all is well that ends well. Bon voyage.
  2. SusieQft, Update on our status. Sail date, June 14 Venice-Venice. Recieved full refund yesterday, June 26, to my credit card. Our friends received their full refund plus an additional refund for an excursion. You can update us on the spread sheet. Now, here is where it gets a little weird. As I have related, I disputed the two charges and the final payment was refunded to me two months ago. I was unable to get the deposit back through the dispute process. Yesterday, I was refunded two charges, one refund for the deposit by RSSC. The other refund by R
  3. SusieQft, The final payment that was refunded to me was made on February 14, 2020. The deposit was made on September 14, 2019. The CC company refunded the final payment. Their electronic records go back six months. After that, it has to be handled manually. I received my final payment refund within a week of notification. This was the largest of the two amounts. I left the funds in my CC account for a month. I stopped using the card so there would be no confusion. I kept waiting for CC company to claw it back for the very reason that maybe they were
  4. katykrol, Here is a link to an article about a cruise reservation cancellation issue that you might find illuminating. https://www.elliott.org/cruises/coronavirus-cruise-cancellation-too-soon/ While it doesn't directly address your particular situation, it does advise that all contact with NCLH and RSSC be done in writing in the future. You need a paper trail. It will protect you in case you decide to go to the next step. If you do have a telephone conversation with any company representative at any level, insist on a contact email address. Up
  5. Update, Cruise date: 6/14/2020 Cancellation by Regent: 4/24/2020 Submitted request for refund: 4/24/2020 Refund request acknowledged Booked cruise: 9/14/2019 Final payment: 2/14/2020 Filed dispute with VISA. It took about two weeks. Partial refund received. Credit Card Company refunded my final payment. Credit card company declined to refund my deposit stating that is was too far back to process a refund. I will either have to wait for RSSC to get around to refunding my deposit or I will have to escalate my request to higher management at
  6. I'm over it. If I hear one more time that I need a special Travel Agent in order to do business with a company, I swear I'm going to Ralph. It's a form of social shaming and I'm done with it. Any one of us should be able to call a service provider, in this case a cruise line, and speak to person that is empowered to resolve an issue. As long as we are polite, there should be a resolution. I've spent a lifetime in customer service positions. It is unacceptable for someone to threaten to withhold a refund for a service they failed to provide. Unacceptab
  7. There is the rub. They haven't done everything possible. They are withholding refunds for services not rendered and are not processing them in a timely manner. It appears that they are not even processing them at all. Furthermore, they are not putting any additional resources towards working through the backlog of refunds. If they were actually processing refunds, we would see a dribble of people getting their refunds on a regular basis. We are not hearing about any refunds. The airlines are refunding cancelled flights at a reasonable rate. That's why you aren't h
  8. I can certainly sympathize with MrStanley's frustration. I think he is correctly upset. If RSSC isn't going to operate his cruise, he should be able to apply for the return of his deposit without any penalty before the final due date. It's a very bad policy on all of the cruise lines parts. I opine that there will be a segment of the customer base that will be so disgusted with their treatment, it will be a long time before they deposit long term money with any of the cruise lines. Even worse, we see a long list of people waiting for refunds and only a handful of pe
  9. While you are at it. We were sailing with friends with an identical booking. Orvil's friends. Booked 9/14/2019 Final Deposit 2/14/2020 Sail Voyager 6/14/2020 Cancelled by Regent 5/24/2020 No refund
  10. Sail date Voyager 6/14/20 Deposit 9/14/2019 Final payment 2/14/2020 Cancelled by Regent 4/24/2020 Refund request form completed, sent and acknowledged 4/24/2020 Submitted credit card dispute 4/27/2020 Credit card refund in account 5/4/2020 Keeping money in credit card account while awaiting final disposition by credit card company....
  11. Sandals, been there done that. Regent has spoiled me. There is no going back. A lot of people like Sandals because they don't know about Regent. The day will dawn when we can resume our sloth and gluttony. I'm looking forward to that day. I do know that it won't be on a Carnival Fun Ship. That dog won't hunt. Sadly, our day will be later rather than sooner. There are so many moving parts to international cruise line operations. It makes for a very complex situation and none of us wants to make any major changes to what we enjoy and neither does Regent.
  12. Here is a link to an article in the Manilla Times. It looks like QE is offloading personnel. https://www.manilatimes.net/2020/05/06/business/maritime-business/more-cruise-ships-park-at-manila-bay/722951/
  13. Add cruise refund liabilities to that cash burn number. $1.6 Billion. With a 50/50 full refund versus rebook w/FCC that's at least $400 billion. Reduced sales rate won't replace that amount of cash anytime soon. Add in the required cash holdback in order to do business with the credit card companies. I don't have that number but it will be a lot. Add to that number the fact that the guys writing the PE checks now run the company. The numbers aren't nearly as rosy as at first glance.
  14. We had a mega ship join us on the island on the same day. The island was okay. The situation was miserable. The clientele were …. different. We went back to Explorer and had tea.
  15. I read elsewhere that NCLH said it was about a 50/50 split between booked passengers asking for full refunds versus future cruises with FCC. That's $800,000,000. This number will include both confirmed cancelled cruises and future potential cruise cancellations. Let's assume that 50% of the cruise portfolio has already cancelled and 50% of them want their money back. That's $400,000,00 that must be returned in the next 90 days across the entire NCLH and includes RSSC. That is a lot of money for a company that has essentially ceased operations with no firm start up dat
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