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  1. I use an airport parking lot multiple days each month. I always tip the drivers for handling my bags. It's what I do. Because I use their services so often, I get to know the names and backgrounds of the drivers. Their jobs are usually one of three part time jobs that they work. The other day one of the drivers told me that they make minimum wage. The employer is having difficulty finding reliable people to do the job. The employer required all of the drivers provide the totals of their daily tip receipts. I was outraged on their behalf. It's really none of the employer's business. It's between the driver and the IRS. To my way of thinking, the employer is simply trying to justify not raising their wage by using trying to justify depressing their wage by factoing tips. I can assure that they don't make that much in tips, either. Tip if you want. Don't feel bad if you don't. Just try to be discreet when you do it. If you do tip, take the time to write up the outstanding employees, too. From the examples given in this thread, it can really help someone progress in their career.
  2. If a family group wants to travel in luxury, they can book one of the upper levels on any number of cruise lines that have children's programs and are set up for children. It's not fair to the kids to expect them to act like well behaved adults. They must be bored out of their minds. Rather, put them in a situation that has age appropriate children programs, equipment and staff to handle them. Regent is not one of those lines. Why not Disney? It's what they do. I have friends who sail on Disney for the very reason that there are children's programs. They have told me what a good time the entire family has because there is something for everyone, even grandma and grandpa. I travel on Cunard upon occasion. While you don't see a lot of children aboard expect during holidays, they provide a children's section where they are sequestered from most of the ship. The luxury lines with smaller ships simply cannot provide these services.
  3. I toted our luggage off of Voyager last January in Miami. All of my bags have wheels. It wasn't a problem. I've always taken my bags off of other lines, too. I plan on toting it off later this month upon arrival in Miami. This is, of course, because I am fully capable of doing this and it is my preference. If I had any infirmities, I would put it outside the night before and let the staff handle it.
  4. As a couple, we typically take three bags on a cruise. I also take a tote bag for my makeup and book as a purse on the airplane. We carry on two of the bags as rollaboard bags. The larger third bag is shared between us and is usually filled with shoes, suits, dresses and evening wear, if required. We check this third bag. We are certain that the two rollaboard bags will reach the final destination. We take a chance with the third bag. When we go aboard the ship, we put all three bags in the bin at the dockside. I still carry the tote bag on myself. My makeup and medication is much harder to replace than anything else. I wouldn't hesitate to dump the rest of my bags into the bin. Do be certain to carry your passport and tickets in your purse/tote. I put them in my rollaboard one time and only realized it as I walked away. I had to go bag bin diving with the burly longshoreman in Brooklyn. Remember that when you board ask where the luggage check area is located. RSS will have a designated area for tote bags. They will give you a check ticket for however many bags you check. One of the ship's crew will have them in their custody until you return from lunch to retrieve them prior to going to your cabin if you choose to check them upon boarding the ship.
  5. Try a different web browser. I had this problem and changing to another browser did the trick. It's worth a try.
  6. Bottom line. You have to do the cost analysis every time you book a cruise. Sometimes it works to your advantage and sometimes it works to their advantage.
  7. Just show up. It's not a formal affair. Everyone is always welcome.
  8. Darle has a fan club. She is delightful. Such a nice person.
  9. The reason why they have gone to the electronic survey format is two fold. One, they are cheaper. Two, they get more responses, particularly the critical ones. I worked for a major airline. They would provide a packet of surveys to pass out to particular seats aboard the airplane. These were completed by customers and returned to the packet. That should have been the end of the story. But, we would go through the paper responses and remove the ones that affected our personal performance. That's human nature. If you aren't able to complete the survey, send a personal letter. I bet you get a much more personalized response to a real letter than you ever will to an electronic survey.
  10. If you are in a "named" suite, you will be able to dine in the specialty restaurants as much as you desire. If not, you get the basic allotment. There may be unexpected openings. But, those are not guaranteed and will only be available once aboard . My opinion only, I could dine in Compass Rose every night and not feel deprived.
  11. We travel with another couple. We book our own excursions and sometimes they overlap. If they overlap, we turn in the tickets at the same time and go together. I don't know of any way you can link them at booking time. As much as I like my friends, sometimes it helps to go on different excursions. It gives the relationship a break and you have something to talk about at dinner. Air deviation, yes, probably. You can non-stop on AA out of DFW. Otherwise, you may get stuck with three flights with a truly strange itinerary. Regarding your plans in London, it depends on where you are staying. My guess is you won't be staying in Southampton. It's a two hour minimum drive without traffic from Central London to Southampton. Because of this, they will probably schedule your pickup for embarkation between 9 and 10. They will be waiting for you at the docks to take you back to Central London upon arrival. You will be in London for lunch after disembarkation.
  12. Thanks for the Boarding Ring glasses update, Jackie. Much appreciated. I knew the sea state was pretty rough considering the foul weather. I was wondering what kind of protocol you are following using the glasses.
  13. We used our unspent onboard credit for a bottle of that Chateau Palmer with friends in CR. It was excellent. I brought the empty bottle home and it sits on the shelf with a few other memorable bottles. Happy to see that it is still aboard.
  14. I set a timer on my phone with a few minutes less for travel time back to the laundry. That seems to work. If there is a finished load, I put it in the basket. None of us has an expectation that the machine is ours permanently. The only time I hesitate is when the wash is finished and needs to go into the dryer. I'm afraid that I might shrink someone's nighty. Bottom line, put it in the basket. I don't expect it to be folded. Folded is a bonus.
  15. The first time I went through I saved each selection. Somewhere along the way this confused the computer and I could no longer get a report of what I had selected. That was a bit of a pain. It worked out and I got what I selected. I just couldn't check my selections. My girlfriend, a veteran on Regent, does them all at once and saves at the end. She was able to get a print out. Same cruise. It worked out for her, too. From my experience, either method works. Do whatever is easiest for you.
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