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  1. Add me to the list. Two refunds requested March 25th and still $9800 owing 😣
  2. I’m actually wondering if part of the problem is that we booked through C***co. We were on day 90 yesterday after requesting refunds for our March 15 and 22 cruises on March 25th. We still haven’t received the bulk of our refund for both cruises and it’s so incredibly frustrating to have no answers.
  3. We requested refunds March 25th for our March 15 and 22 sailings that didn’t sail and we still haven’t received our refund. I called Royal today for the first time and the agent was so rude on the phone we asked to speak to a supervisor, and then he hung up on us. We really don’t know what recourse we have right now but it’s incredibly frustrating that they are holding more than 10k in refunds with no answer as to when it will be refunded. I’ve tried to be patient until now but it’s been almost three months of waiting as people have gotten refunds so much sooner than we have.
  4. Curious if anyone has received refunds yet who were issued an FCC automatically but then requested the refund? Our cruises on March 15 & 22 haven’t been refunded yet but we got the automatic FCC quite quickly. On March 25th I requested the refund for both of them and haven’t received a thing yet. I’m just wondering if the FCC confused the process and I should be calling or if I need to just be patient longer.
  5. I'm just nervous about what will happen if they file for bankruptcy before we get the refunds owed to us since we've received nothing for our March 15 or 22nd cruises. With Norwegian talking about bankruptcy in the news today, it makes me very uneasy about Royal not processing our refunds!
  6. We couldn’t take our March 15th or 22nd Harmony of the Seas and we received our FCCs but haven’t gotten any port fees, taxes, gratuities etc refunded to our mastercard yet for either cruise. Our credit card is about to expire in two weeks and I have a new date to update it with but I’m worried if I call RC to change it this will reset my whole process 😣. Has anyone received port fees or taxes yet without disputing a charge with the credit card? Wondering if there’s any hope in getting it before the 30th.
  7. That was me you quoted and it was from a comment I made on March 15th. Clearly things have drastically changed since then and we have no plans on cruising in May. There is no way cruise ships will be up and running normally and with our family being Canadian, I doubt the borders will even be open in order for us to travel.
  8. I called Royal today about this exact issue and they assured me multiple times on a recorded conversation, that if I did a new booking today, even though it is within the three month final payment (May 31 sailing) that I could apply the FCC when it's issued by April 13th toward the cruise and receive a refund to my mastercard for the FCC amount. I would call yourself to clarify this the way I did, and definitely make sure it's recorded but we felt comfortable moving forward with it though it's definitely an individual decision.
  9. We took a chance and booked Oasis 5/31/2020. Now that China is starting to open things back up and hopefully with warmer weather coming and an end to flu season, I’m hoping as well that we might have a chance for a sailing. Time will tell.
  10. I thought I would share in case anyone is wondering about using your FCC. We were set to sail B2B this week and next on Harmony of the Seas, so with Royal cancelling we will be receiving the 125% FCC. I called Royal to book another cruise May 31st this morning aboard Oasis out of Cape Liberty because the prices are incredible but I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to use the FCC since we are past the final payment date. We were advised (and the call recorded) that we will be able to apply our FCC once issued to this new cruise booking and we will be refunded our money back to o
  11. Anyone know if cruises leaving this weekend, March 14-15, offering a bit more in the FCC because of travel expenses? I’ve heard of other lines doing this.
  12. I’d say this is very reassuring and tends to put the whole thing in perspective a bit. Thanks for linking!
  13. That’s absolutely ridiculous!!! You’d think they would be trying to fill rooms with loyal cruisers and reward those willing to cruise right now. Wait it out a few days with even more cancellations and see what happens to pricing come this Saturday.
  14. Please be sure to let us know how successful you are! I was on hold with Royal and got through but there wasn’t much they could do for me since I went through a big box store - this is the last time I do that since I’ve been on hold 4 separate times for 2 hours with that store only to be hung up on all four times. I’ve even tried different phone numbers! I’d love to know if you were able to upgrade successfully since I was just trying to do the same. In fact I just wanted two connecting rooms in the same category we already had.
  15. Set your kids minds at ease. We took a 12 night Anthem last March break and only had 150 kids on board from ages 5-12. My kids loved these small numbers since the kids club wasn’t crazy and they really had a great chance seeing the same kids over and over again. We are still planning on sailing with our 2 kids March 22 and they are actually happy there might be smaller numbers and not so overwhelming.
  16. I keep checking our cruise that leaves in two weeks and so far I haven’t seen any price drops on it at all. I was really surprised they haven’t adjusted pricing given the number of open rooms in all categories right now. I was hoping for a cheap upgrade but it’s not looking very likely.
  17. Ya, I’m regretting not going through a personal agent instead. They offered email instructions if one needs to cancel but I don’t want to, so I’m going to have to look into it further and see if there’s another way to contact them.
  18. Twice I’ve been on hold for over two hours and then the big box store line just hangs up on me. This is to make changes and have no idea how I’m going to get through.
  19. These are some great ideas, thanks! I had totally forgotten about the kite flying at El Moro! I think we may also look at renting a car and heading to El Yunque since we haven’t been there yet.
  20. It’s definitely worth a try but not guaranteed. We upgraded to a better room that dropped in price after final payment last fall and still got a credit card refund for the difference in price. I was shocked!
  21. The earth magnet hooks on amazon are awesome for holding up swimsuits etc - they are VERY strong
  22. Our family is travelling to San Juan in March, we’re in port from 7am-4pm with Harmony. We’ve been a few times previously and done the walking tours and forts but wondering if anyone has anything new to suggest. We have two daughters 7&11 - they will be happy no matter what since we’re on vacation, but I would love some new ideas of things we could do here, particularly if you’ve done an excursion that you loved and would recommend!
  23. Same thing happened to me about 6 weeks ago and I have no idea why it did. I upgraded our cabin a month after final payment was due and I ended up getting a $230 refund from Royal Caribbean on my credit card. I sure wasn’t expecting it, I was just happy at the time for a room upgrade. All I can figure is that someone must have made a mistake in my favor.
  24. Thanks all, I’m assuming we will be in a junior suite and we’re quite happy with that! Anything else would be a pure bonus but not expected at all.
  25. For the first time we booked a guaranteed stateroom, suite category for our upcoming Thanksgiving cruise. The price was low enough with the sale this weekend that we upgraded to the guaranteed junior suite stateroom over the ocean view balcony. Now just hoping there aren't any issues but looking forward to the first time experiencing a slightly nicer room and double night points. Any experience with this category and the odds of getting an upgrade?
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