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  1. Not really. I guess you can keep seeking non-existent help here for a problem that most likely isn't going to be solved until Princess gets around to it.
  2. It looks like routine maintenance to me. Why not try being patient. They work on the site every once in a while. Usually on a weekend. My Chrome Browser says: we're having technical difficulties We apologize for any inconvenience and will be back shortly. My Safari Browser says: we're making improvements We apologize for any inconvenience and will be back at undefined on undefined.
  3. When you book through a TA, Princess deals with the TA. One way to avoid that is to book directly with Princess, then they will send everything to you. Of course you would lose out on the benefits of booking with a TA.
  4. I’ll say it again. The biggest factor in my decision not to add amenities to my Cyber Sale booking is the amount of OBC I already have. A factor not to rebook will be the $800 airfare discount and the $400 OBC compared to the Best Ever Sale. We’ll see when the pricing is available. Not that complicated.
  5. After having just sailed on the inaugural cruise of the NCL Encore and seeing Choir of Man and Kinky Boots, I am pretty sure the production shows on my upcoming Sky Princess cruise will be a letdown.
  6. Or even better, someone in authority having the family restricted to their cabin with security stationed outside their door and disembarking them at the next port.
  7. After thinking it over, I think it is a no brainer for me, too. I'll stay with the Cyber Sale and not add on the $30 gratuities and PBP package. For our 25 day cruise we have over $1200 in OBC. The $250 Military OBC is refundable . Gratuities for the cruise is $725. It seems a better option to prepay the gratuities and drink within our OBC, which minus the $250 refundable military OBC is over $950, rather than spend $1500 ($30x2x25) upfront and try to figure out what too do with the OBC.
  8. Midship Obstructed Deluxe Balcony on Sky Princess Cat DW 4/11/20 to 5/6/20. For us, I don't think the Best Sale Ever is going to be better than the Cyber Sale, which in addition to WiFix4, Specialty Dinner, 2 bottles of wine, and $400 OBC includes $800 in EZair discounts. Along with the $400 OBC, we'll have $500 in military and stockholder OBC, $300 in FCC OBC, and some OBC from our TA. So, I think after the $725 coming out of our OBC for gratuities, we'll still have enough to cover wine. Still, since it is billed as the Best Sale Ever, it merits a look. We'll have to be quick, since our final payment is due 12/13.
  9. One might want to be careful about cancelling and rebooking. I tried that recently and was told there was a waiting list for my cabin and if I cancelled it would go to the next person on the waiting list. Whoops! I should have read from bottom up first.
  10. Would your analogy also apply to Thrak giving away computers to fellow workers? The way I read it the photographer gave away property of his employer. If the word got out, it might affect future sales.
  11. it's only four or five days to the first island in Hawaii. Maybe you could find a place on land.
  12. I think things may have changed. I used to call my TA and ask her take over a booking with no problem. Then a few months ago she said she was having problems, so I decided to fill out the form and email it to Princess. Four days later I got the email. I sent another request last Friday for another cruise I just booked.
  13. Greetings, Your booking has been transferred! We are pleased to advise that your booking was successfully transferred to your travel agency. Please contact your travel agent for any assistance you may require. Have a great day! Revenue Support Department RevenueSupportDepartment@PrincessCruises.com Fax: (661)291-8680
  14. When a cruise ship docks in a foreign port the first thing it should do is make sure it is respecting the culture. I hope this is a learning experience, not only for Princess Cruises, but for the people who cruise and visit the ports. It seems strange as people debark to go to their excursions to learn about the local culture, customs, and history that the first exposure is something so culturally insensitive.
  15. I have a 25 day cruise on the Sky Princess booked for next April. I booked under the Cyber sale. My personaliser has this note: MedallionNet 4-Device Promotion $374.75 Compliments Of PRINCESS CRUISES $14.99 x 25 = $374.75 Multi-Device MedallionNet Voyage Package$14.99 4 devices, per day Save 50% when you purchase pre-cruise! Enjoy an unlimited internet voyage package for as low as $14.99 per day. Stay connected like never before with the best Wi-Fi at sea. From email to streaming, enjoy truly premium, unlimited access! Package provides connectivity for up to four devices at a time.
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