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  1. You might be able to get an extension on final payment. I put a hold on that cruise a few days ago. Princess used my FCCs for cruise fare and gave me till July 13 to make final payment.
  2. I miss Alan Buckelew. https://www.veteransadvantage.com/blog/veterans-advantage-awards/topvet-alan-b-buckelew-carnival-cruises
  3. Do you often reply like that to old posts?
  4. We just booked a 7 day cruise followed after a few days by the TA on the Regal this October/November and a TA/Baltic on the Enchanted next April, which is almost identical to the first cruise we had cancelled last April. All booked using FCCs for the cruise fare. We usually try to book midship obstructed deluxe balconies on Royal class ships, but splurged a bit and booked premium deluxe balconies on these cruises.
  5. Ironic to have over 100 comments in less than 24 hours.
  6. This was a TA on the Emerald Princess May 2015. Didn't see this very often on princess cruises, but it was a nice touch.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vivek_Murthy Also, it might have been helpful to post the full article or other parts, such as "Murthy this month pledged to government ethics officials that if confirmed, he will “not participate personally and substantially” in matters involving his former consulting clients for one year, unless he’s authorized to do so, and also promised to follow Biden’s broader ethics pledge, which would require recusals from certain client-related matters for two years. In addition, he said he would step down as an adviser to Behavioral Health Group and three oth
  8. I didn't get additional FCC on cancelled cruises that were booked with FCCs as the deposit. Also, I didn't get FCCs on the two Mexico cruises that were cancelled, since I elected refund as Princess was only offering 50% additional FCC. On the LA to Shanghai cruise I did milk the system. I applied a refund from a previous cancelled cruise as a deposit and then another $3000 in gift cards to the deposit, because Princess had been offering double deposit as the FCC option. I ended up with over $8000 in FCCs by booking a cruise that seemed very unlikely to happen.
  9. Exactly. Actually, most were booked with FCCs as the deposit. The first cruise was paid in full in December 2019. Otherwise, all but three were booked with the intent that if it goes I'll be on it. The October 2020 cruise from LA to Shanghai and the January 2021 Mexico cruises were definitely milking the system. I thought the May 2021 Alaska cruises had a chance.
  10. My vaccine info is in my health record. I also provided it to vsafe.cdc.gov. Perhaps that could be used as proof.
  11. Buy a Princess Cruises gift card for $1000 by February 16 and you get a $100 bonus gift card you could use to buy a couple of boxes of chocolate and still have a little left over.
  12. Every time I book a cruise and then contact the PVP I get "If you book online it limits my access to the booking for special prices and extra incentives." Lately, I have found it preferable to just call Princess when I need help with a booking. The hold isn't that long and I don't have to wait for a reply to an e-mail or voice mail.
  13. Here is my list of 12. It has resulted in more than a few FCCs. 25 Days Europe - Trans-Atlantic Sky Princess April 11, 2020 / Fort Lauderdale May 6, 2020 / Copenhagen 11 Days Europe - Baltic Sky Princess August 24, 2020 / Copenhagen September 4, 2020 / Copenhagen 15 Days Europe - Trans-Atlantic Sky Princess September 4, 2020 / Copenhagen September 19, 2020 / New York 4 Days Coastal Vancouver/Los Angeles Coral Princess September 23, 2020 / Vancouver September 27, 2020 / Los Angeles
  14. What do you miss most about Princess Cruises? Ports, Shows, Food, Trivia etc? Hmm. I can get the ports on any cruise line. Rarely go to the shows. The food is ok. Hardly ever played trivia. So, can't say I miss any of those that much. Must be a reason why I keep booking cruises. I guess it is the etc.
  15. We had two 7 day Alaskan cruises booked for May 2021. We cancelled both and replaced them with a 14 day Baltic cruise for May 2021. No new money. FCCs from April 2020 cancelled cruise and gift cards that we had purchased in February 2020 for final payment. We'll see how that goes.
  16. Having had the vaccine won't keep you from being required to wear a mask in most public places including cruises and public transportation.
  17. Princess removed the balcony chair to entice people to upgrade to a Mini. We have almost always booked balcony cabins, but taking the chair out of the cabin was almost a deal breaker. Our compromise has been Obstructed View Deluxe Balcony. Sort of a win/win. We get a room with a love seat for not that much more money. Princess still meets their goal of making more money. Downside is it restricts us to Royal Class ships. We have done several Panama Canal cruises, so that's not an issue. But, we were going to do an Alaskan cruise on the Coral Princess, so had to settle for a Mini. It's been canc
  18. Actually, we had started leaning toward NCL as our first choice. But, we took the FCC option on last year's cancelled cruises. So, Princess will be our choice for quite some time after cruising resumes.
  19. Absolutely Yes. From now on, even when masks aren't required.
  20. Thanks. I looked for something more recent that would have prompted the update. I wouldn't want the ship to meet the threshold near the end of a point to point cruise.
  21. This might serve as proof: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/safety/vsafe.html until this is available: https://www.ibm.com/products/digital-health-pass
  22. That was posted on the Princess website today.
  23. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/cdc-travel-advisories.html "If a threshold of COVID-19 is detected on board the ship, the voyage will be ended immediately, and the ship will return to the port of embarkation." Does threshold mean one person or is it a number that must be exceeded before the cruise would be ended? Port of embarkation could be a big issue.
  24. So, what is wrong with requiring passengers to wear masks. I am fine with it. i certainly wouldn't want to sail on a ship with people who have issues wearing masks.
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