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  1. What about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the families?
  2. Royal especially with the Oasis class does do a better job with ship design. However, I like that NCL has a set policy for its larger ships that you can make dining show reservations at 90 days out. With RCL, its anyone's guess when they will open up reservations. With NCL, you can make specialty dining reservations in advance when you have a dining package. With Royal, you cannot make dining reservations in advance with a dining package. I loved the spa on the Epic and I hear that the Bliss spa is even nicer.
  3. Woohoo. Sailing a 12 day on the Jewel in November 2020. Looking forward to reading your review.
  4. Thank you Summerclouds. Your response was very helpful. Our trip is is November so temperatures shouldnt be hot.
  5. My husband and I are planning a cruise that stops in Athens. We will both be 50ish, are a little overweight, and are in ok shape. 4 years ago, we climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We got a little tired but were fine with a rest here and there. How does the Acropolis compare?
  6. My understanding is that you were allowed to bring in 2 bottles of wine per stateroom. Has that rule changed? I dont need drink much and I dont need alcohol to have a good time. I will drink off the ship and also if they still have the $2 mimosas during certain hours.
  7. I will add that given its February, I would get to NJ at least a day ahead. Hotels should be very affordable that time of year and you could explore NYC.
  8. Also, welcome to cruise critic. You will love cruising and the Grandeur is beloved by many in the mid-Atlantic.
  9. I have only been to St. Maarten and that was before the hurricane. Definitely check out port of call boards. Sounds like great ports.
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