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  1. Things arent back to normal yet in NYC. I live in Long Island and commute into NYC into work except my office is still closed. It may reopen later this month at significantly reduced capacity. My community's pool reopened this weekend, some day camps have have reopened last week or are reopening this week. The malls in Long Island reopened this week. Things are slowly getting back to normal. I went out to eat for the first time in 4 months this weekend. I things wont be full back to normal for sometime. However, people in NY are more cautious about this than the Southern States so I think Florida will reopen more quickly when their infection rate comes down to where we are. Plus, I am optimistic about the vaccine.
  2. Well, I am a little more optimistic than most. January is a long ways off. Things were terrible here in NY earlier this spring and now infections are way down. Hopeful, things will improve in Florida in a couple months. Of course, if we get another wave in the Fall, all bets are off. I would just sit tight and see how things with Covid are in October.
  3. I think the April 2021 sailing is likely a go. Cruising is not happening in December from NYC. Broadway and all the performing arts in NYC are closed until at least January. I would lift and shift your October cruise.
  4. Kokomo, you seem to have some insider knowledge. Do you think one way Radiance Alaska sailings be running in June 2021?
  5. I had recently seen Gottlieb who is one of the co-chairs quoted on CNBC where he works as a consultant as saying he thinks pandemic will be over by January. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2020/07/02/scott-gottlieb-covid-19-pandemic-over-by-january-squawk-box.html
  6. Disagree about skipping a night or 2 in Fort Lauderdale. It's always prudent to fly in a day ahead and flying from Canada in February, I would do 2 days ahead.
  7. Well, the fact that the Odyssey is delayed all the way until April 2021, do you think this indicates that cruising may not start until April 2021? Do you think the cruiselines are waiting until then with the hope that there is a vaccine? Or possible early2021 starting with the 3-4 day cruises and then expanding to 7 day cruises in the spring? I have a June 2021 cruise out of Seward, Alaska. I really want to to go but the news I hear lately isnt optimistic.
  8. Couldn't the CDC extend the no sail date for a shorter period say 60 days and then they would have option to renew again or let the order lapse?
  9. Good choice. The Harmony is a wonderful ship, love the Western Med, and things should be up and running by then or the industry will be dead.
  10. Also, if they sold the Radiance, would they just cancel our 2021 booking or would they move us to one of those ships?
  11. Can those ships do the one way sailings also? I am planning to sail on the Radiance next June and part of the reason is so we have some pre-cruise time in Alaska.
  12. Harmony has an original musical- Columbus the musical in addition to Grease.
  13. I have sailed both the Harmony and the Epic and enjoyed both. Overall, I give the edge to the Harmony. The reason being the special areas of the ship like Central Park and the Boardwalk. During the day stop off at the Park Cafe in Central Park. Its complimentary and they are known for their roast beef sandwich. Central Park at night has a beautiful atmosphere and there is usually a musician playing near the Trellis Bar. The Boardwalk is where the Awuatheatre shows are and there is a giant outdoor movie screen that shows movies here. This is where Sabor's specialty restaunt us and they have yummy margarita's. One thing that I like about at Norwegian is that you reserve shows and specialty dining 90 days before your cruise. There is no set time for shows to become available on Harmony. You have to keep checking out the cruise planner. Also, Norwegian has O'Sheehans which is open late. On Royal, they don't have a sit-down restaurant open late but most people hit up Sorrento's Pizza or Cafe Promenade. The Schooner Bar is different than Howl at the Moon. The Hotel at the Moon had dueling pianos. The Schooner Bar is just one piano and he isn't dueling with anyone. I still enjoyed it. It's just a different experience. The pub on the Harmony of the Seas was fun at night and has more of the lively scene akin to Howl at the Moon. The audience may be a little more sedate on a transatlantic than a 7 day than I went on.
  14. Well for me personally if they reorganize, that would be ok for me. I booked a cruise in October 2022 and would like to go. However with this pandemic some large companies are liquidating including Hertz.
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