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  1. Pfizer is working on a covid pill that works similar to Tamiflu. It shortens the illness. Hopefully, it will be available sometime in 2022.
  2. I hear Choir of Man is an awesome show. Hope you have and gf have a great time and come back and report.
  3. Unfortunately, NCL is the only major cruiseline that isnt doing the UK cruises this year. As someone else said noone else can decide for you. We also dont know your age, health, work situation, risk tolerance, etc which also would factor into the decision.
  4. This is a very subjective topic. I have sailed on the Epic and the Pride of America. Both get mixed reviews but I enjoyed them both. We knew going in about the Epic's bathroom layout so that didnt bother us. Some people also felt it was too inward facing but we had a balcony so we got our ocean time sitting on the balcony. The Pride of America was our family's favorite vacation because we loved Hawaii. My least favorite cruise was on the Carnival Victory and I still enjoyed that one.
  5. The point is not about cruising about international travel. If you travel to Athens to cruise or to do a land trip, there is a chance of being quarantined in Greece. However, if you cruise out of a domestic US port that you drive to ,say Galveston or LA, and you test positive , then you can just go home to quarantine.
  6. Royal Caribbean Blog, Griff & Alyssa, Cruise Tips Tv
  7. I agree with Keith. We enjoyed our sailing on the Epic but we had a balcony. I wouldnt want to sail on the Epic in an interior cabin.
  8. So, which one did you decide on? Personally, I would pick Symphony since its the newest Oasis class ship. It also has that cool new ice show with the drones. Then, Oasis because of her upgrades.
  9. Unfortunately, I never made it to Ketchikan but there is an inexpensive bus. https://www.alaska.org/detail/ketchikan-bus-services
  10. If you want to a shorter cruise, try a 4 day cruise. That gives you a sea day to enjoy the ship and the 4 day sailings are more family friendly than a 3 day
  11. We cruised on the NCL Epic in Europe but our son was 13 years old at the time. He made lots of friends just riding the waterslides. I do remember he did some activities also on the sports court. My son enjoyed NCL and visiting Europe but he was a already a teen. With kids that young if you are determined to sail in Europe, look into Disney since you seem like them already and they are very kid focused. You may wish to also post on the family cruising board. Keep in mind that NCL is a mainstream line comparable to Royal. You mentioned Celebrity, Holland American and Disney lines. Those lines are premium lines.
  12. One thing I like better about NCL is that when getting a specialty dining package , you can make your dinner reservations in advance. If you get a dining package, on Royal, you have to wait until you are on the ship to make specialty dinner reservations. I also think NCL sometimes offers more interesting itineraries even though they are a smaller line.
  13. I think the CDC made a mistake appealing and that they would have had a better outcome if they had taken the other choice that Judge Merryday had given them to make a more narrowly tailored CSO. I have confidence in RCL because they want to sail safely in order to be successful. I already have other vacation plans for this summer but if I hadnt, I would definitely have sailed them rather than Carnival.
  14. https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/royal-caribbean-resumes-cruising-in-the-mediterranean.html
  15. Navigator is an older ship but she got a big refurbishment in 2019.
  16. Navigator food http://www.royalcaribbeanincentives.com/ship/navigator-of-the-seas/dining/
  17. If your cruise goes to Coco Cay, get the Crispy Chicken sandwich at the Snack Shack on Coco Cay.
  18. So, would you stay on the ships on those port where you have to take a ship's excursion?
  19. Considering that Delta now sells the middle seat and that the CDC CSO Order is going away or is being slimmed down , I think the ships will be able to sail at full capacity soon. However, there are plenty of people waiting until 2022 to sail, some ships may not sail at full capacity in 2021 due to lessened demand.
  20. Personally, I only sail out the Northeast in the spring and summer. However, if I was going to sail out of the MidAtlantic or Northeast in the winter, I would definitely go with the Anthem. Not because of the Seaplex but because of the indoor pool.
  21. Staying at the Electra Palace next year. Thanks for the review of it.
  22. Definitely stay in Manhattan. If you are looking for more bang for your buck, book a hotel in lower Manhattan.
  23. You can use it on any Royal Caribbean cruise within a specified time period. If you dont want to be limited, opt for the refund.
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