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  1. Thanks for keeping us all informed - this is appreciated. What sort of prices have they set for balcony cabins on 7 night itineraries outside holiday season?
  2. Perhaps that was the basis of Royal’s offer to LA ports to bring forward the deployment... we’ll bring the ship early if you give us a temporary exemption from the shore power requirement.
  3. They probaly can’t work out how to add “Mexico” as a destination to the website.
  4. Thx for sharing. Here’s hoping at least a few 7 night Mexico itineraries are offered in the imminent release. Bring on the Cabo Wabo.
  5. China Phase 2 should be Wonder’s deployment. Wonder goes to China, freeing up Spectrum. Singapore seems the obvious home port... it’s close and little if any refit would be required.
  6. Good to see the port proposing the investment. But would Royal include Hobart in itineraries for an Oasis class ship? They are made for warm sunny conditions. Of course there are other big ships around now and some might call at Hobart. Q class is great for Tassie and NZ.
  7. I think you’re right. The slight issue is that Serenade is scheduled for dry dock in Singapore in March 2022. Guess she could dry dock elsewhere - Freeport perhaps. Last one was in 2017 but I don’t know which month. I doubt we would see both sisters in Australia at the same time and she is a long way away as you say.
  8. OPT can’t offload 5,000 and reload 5,000 in a day. It would be a shambles. But.... they could interport with Brisbane. If two thirds of passengers turn over in Sydney, it could work ok. Same setup as Rome and Barcelona. But surely won’t happen until Lelepa is open.
  9. I haven’t heard of any firm plans for Radiance in 2022/23. She’s probably the most likely choice of second ship for Sydney. There are no entries in Darwin’s port calendar that would indicate a ship coming from Asia late in 2022.
  10. Hard to believe Sydney would have only one ship. If that transpires, it might be a matter of Royal expressing their disappointment that the third Sydney cruise terminal has been delayed. I’d have thought a second ship for Sydney is likely, but there aren’t many remaining unaccounted for. Your thoughts?
  11. Yep. Maybe the idea was that Wonder would take over Spectrum's itineraries, allowing Spectrum to sail from Singapore in the northern winter, in turn making Voyager available for California/Mexico. If so, Wonder's delay to 2022 would have caused a re-think.
  12. The June ones were the Singapore via Australia repo. More history here: The dates for the Voyager December entries are a bit different to the current Nav entries, so there has been more than just a ship name change. Hopefully this is what "Other" stands for in this week's deployment.
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