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  1. I didn't think the channel into Key West was deep enough for Oasis class. Has this changed? I guess there will be some eastern itineraries to utilise Perfect Day though. Regardless, Allure's itineraries will differ from the current ones from Galveston. Good news, and way overdue!
  2. Great news! Thanks for sharing. Are the itineraries the same as Liberty's current ones?
  3. I assume you mean the cruise season from Oct 2021 to April 2022. If they follow the pattern of previous years, these would go on sale in March or April next year. All of these usually go on sale at once, although the deployment of a new ship may well be released separately. Keep following this trail as they could be released earlier.
  4. I will post the channel when I see it next. It's on free to air.
  5. Yes,. I was about to post the same. Would spend some time on West coast and Mexico and then round the Horn in the southern summer. All it does is replace one Q class with another in NJ and Sydney. Hard to see the motivation really. The dares for Ovation's last Alaska cruise and first Sydney cruise (as per Sydney port calendar) line up correctly. I think Ovation will return to Sydney. It's the anticipated second Q class ship for Sydney that is less certain. Just guesses.
  6. Royal are regularly running a TV advert in Sydney with Anthem on it. Of course it may mean nothing.
  7. Thanks for sharing this information. This isn't sustainable and Royal will likely act, at least for future deployments.
  8. Not just due to the civil unrest. Tourism figures are down sharply and cruise is not immune. No announcement from Royal, just speculation on my part.
  9. By now, I would expect to see bookings showing the repositioning to Asia in the Darwin and Brisbane port calendars, but there are none. It's possible they haven't made the bookings yet or that she returns to Asia by a different route.
  10. "I do not think the October 2021 and June 2021 are the same ship for Voyager of the Seas if she is not staying in Oz. " - Why not? I really don't think they can keep operating in Hong Kong. What is interesting is the June 2021 path from Darwin to Brisbane is 7 days indicating Airlie Beach and Cairns stops which Quantum Class cannot do. The October 2021 Voyager path to Sydney is followed by a Melbourne visit which Quantum Class cannot do. " - These entries could all be for Voyager. Note also that the Cairns dredging project allows Voyager class ships to dock right in the port.
  11. Do you think it's Spectrum because Wonder Is going to Shanghai? This would make sense and all the talk of it being a Chinese only ship is nonsense. Regarding the Voyager entries in 2021, I would have thought port entries would already be showing if she is staying in Australia through the southern Winter. So I think she is going elsewhere during this time. California, then returning via Asia in a Circle Pacific?
  12. Good summary, thanks. Regarding Australia deployment... The Sydney OPT calendar still shows regular entries in the name "Unnamed Vessel" from Nov 2021 to June 2022. This ship enters the country at Fremantle on Oct 25, 2021, under the placeholder name Ovation of the Seas. The ship then sails around the south of the country to Sydney.
  13. Yes, you can change it without penalty for that short time.
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