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  1. Well, I booked the sailing and then last night I bought my airline tickets. Today, all the sailings were cancelled! Looks like it’s back to 2022 for Antarctica. Prices are double for the same itinerary though as all the new expedition ships hit the market. Darn!!! Oceania looks like a bargain!
  2. Hmmm, Is that why we don’t have things like small pox and diphtheria anymore. You’ll always have a few outlier patients but many many vaccines are 95% to 99.5% effective and our trial has been a complete success as have the other two. I come onto the cruise critic boards for cruise advice and I have zero social media and never have because of statements like this. All this antivax rhetoric is just dangerous. I shared my participation in the trial and the data they provided because it directly benefits our Oceania community. Next time I’ll keep my experience to myself as I must h
  3. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!! You guys are great, this is why I love CC, and especially our O board. We decided to cancel the Marina and sail on the Seabourn Quest. We typically sail on O but we’ve been on Quest and she is great too. Either Feb 3 for 21 days with five days, twice daily, landings, or Feb 24 for 24 days including the five Antarctica days plus three landings in South Georgia. Leaning toward Feb 3 to play it safe as March is late for Antarctica and weather may start impacting the landings although, I understand that South Georgia is Amazing. Dan, I hear you big time ab
  4. Also, I read through the Antarctica ports section and I’m even more perplexed!
  5. Experienced Antarctica cruisers (I’m guessing Paul, Dan, Mura ....) I booked the Jan 2022 sailing to Antarctica on Marina. I just realized that it is a drive by. For anyone with experience, is this sufficient? There is a Seabourn Feb 2021 with 5 zodiac days and a Seabourn mainly March with 5 zodiac days plus South Georgia. Is a drive by enough as January is the preferred month? Feb I guess is not as good as Jan but it has landing days. March is really late in the season but it has landings in Antarctica (Which can be affected by weather) plus South Georgia. I’m perplexed. Any thoughts
  6. This is very inaccurate information. I volunteered for the Pfizer study and have received the vaccine. Our study group received an RNA vaccine which is 100% effective in phase 1 and phase 2, we are 40,000 people in phase 3, still testing at 100% efficacy. I receive my booster (2nd vaccine) on Sept 10 to boost my immunity from a few years to life long immunity. My antibodies will be tested at that visit and reported to the FDA. Aside from a few people having reactions in phase 1 while they were figuring out dosages (nothing life threatening or fatal) the worst reaction is a sore arm
  7. Aloha1........ The tour company is holy land vip tours. We’ll still begrudgingly use them as they have my $1000 deposit. I agree with Mura though, it seems like the travel time is really long from Haifa to anywhere but the Nazareth region. We are going to tack on 4 or 5 days prior to our next Med cruise to do Israel. We originally booked with Holy Land VIP tours because we want to see Jerusalem, Masada, Bethlehem, the Dead Sea and Nazareth. Our best friends go to Israel to visit family frequently. They told us that they think there are convoluted restrictio
  8. Hi works, we were also booked on the Sept 20 sailing. I checked all the sailings and nothing is the same. There is one on Nautica that is similar but nothing starting in Italy, ending in Greece with the stops in Turkey and Israel. We decided that we will pick a sailing with the majority of the ports from that sailing and spend three or four days pre or post cruise in Jerusalem. Flying from Tel Aviv to anywhere in Europe is reasonable. At the end of the day, private tour booking was more complicated than I anticipated anyway and we are never comfortable on bus tours.
  9. Update on vaccine..... This morning I received the first vaccination. It is supposed to give the majority of immunity. I go back in three weeks for a booster. They will also test for antibodies at that time. I thought I had the saline placebo as the injection burned a little but then it didn’t bother me at all for most of the day aside from a short headache right after the injection which could just be coincidental. Later this afternoon, though, my arm started aching, pretty much like a tetanus shot, and got worse as the evening progressed. I had done quite a bit o
  10. Thanks everyone for chiming in! I guess we are all in the same boat..... with all the crazy politics, it’s good to have thread that shares our love of sailing! My guess so far is our reservations for Nov, (not going to happen) January (hopeful but doubting) March (possibly) June and beyond (likely) I get the Pfizer vaccine on Wednesday then a booster three weeks later (hopefully, I could get the placebo). Once the study is unblinded, the placebo participants get the vaccine for a comparison study so either way, I’ll get it soon. I’ll keep you all posted wi
  11. I cannot believe how much both my husband and I miss sailing. Honestly, we get a little depressed when we talk about our sailings that were cancelled. We spend a lot of time on ships and it is such a large part of our lives. Is anyone else having withdrawal? We actually both enrolled in the Pfizer vaccine trials hoping that we can be among the first back on the ship! Maybe we should form a support group! I understand that there are much bigger problems in life but we still miss sailing terribly. Is it just us??
  12. There is a genius response. Imagine where we all would be if we only read one article on every study. Hmmmm
  13. But.... I booked two sailings while going back and forth with the AI discussion!
  14. Watson was a disaster. IBM went down the wrong path from the beginning and they were too bureaucratic to scrap it and start over. Big tech companies have been more successful with AI across the board as they are not afraid to scrap things and move out of the corporate structure box. Here is a great IEEE article on the Watson progression. You may enjoy it. https://spectrum.ieee.org/biomedical/diagnostics/how-ibm-watson-overpromised-and-underdelivered-on-ai-health-care Big data is excellent for analysis. Billions of data points can be analyzed at lightning speed. The more
  15. Funny, it gives me a lot of confidence but I wholeheartedly believe that there are very few problems that cannot be solved with hard work, great intelligence, and perseverance. Here are some of the AI projects. The Northwestern University study results are typical.... 314 days with human predictive model, 5 min with AI model. https://news.northwestern.edu/stories/2020/05/ai-tool-speeds-up-search-for-covid-19-treatments-and-vaccines/ here are a few more But I can go on and on citing them, gotta love google.... https://www.wired.com/story/opinion-ai
  16. Fauci is a pragmatic guy, if he says cautiously optimistic, that’s fantastic. AI is the key driver in speedy virus production regardless of who is paying for it. My company (AI in defense and nuclear) has received hundreds of grants.gov notifications from NIH for AI help with COVID research. Thousands of people in my field have dropped what they were doing to help and none of us were lacking for work. We are scientists, not political activists. We roll up our sleeves and solve problems which is what our AI community is doing here. Don’t dimish the effort many brilli
  17. We will most likely have a vaccine in the fall. I know many do not want to believe that there is a vaccine in production but this article (CNN Business) is several weeks old and much more positive news has come out since then. Why the progress is not front page news every day, I do not know. THIS is the most important news story out there. The US and UK will have 400 million doses ready to go as soon as it is approved which is projected for the fall, with enough doses for everyone in the entirety of both countries being vaccinated by the end of the year. https://www.
  18. That’s exactly why I asked the question again. I keep reading opposite opinions. It’s around the horn in January 2022, probably windy. I am hoping an OC opens up. The OS is $5500 pp more than the VS and that’s about $5500 more than I am willing to spend. is there a difference between decks? Deck 8 and 9 are available.
  19. I am correcting my post. I meant to sat that I am waitlisted on an OC. I’ve never been in an OS or a VS. OC is our favorite but they are waitlisted and VS is available.
  20. Hi all, we booked a sailing around the horn which I’m assuming will be windy. We are waitlisted for an OS. We are booked in a PH, however, it is a longer sailing with several sea days. We are still running a company and need to set up shop. We typically work 90 min in the morning and another 90 min when we return from shore before dinner so we really need more space than a PH plus there are many sea days. I am thinking of changing our booking to a VS but I’m not thrilled with the balcony being unusable if windy. Any thoughts?..... and does the long walk to basically everywher
  21. I was thinking the same thing, big, big financial gamble. The US and UK have 400 million doses guaranteed so if effective, we’ll all be vaccinated in late fall as that amount covers both our populations. I read a bit more on it yesterday in financial journals, apparently, the race to a vaccine is big news in the investment community. They (Oxford Unv. and AstraZeneca) are entering phase 3 trials so they must have some level of confidence to begin manufacturing in such huge quantities. This brought back memories of the days in school that the teacher would line us all u
  22. I didn’t see it, I was looking for it to be part of the travel assurance related to COVID. I didn’t realize that it is part of the General terms and conditions. Yay!
  23. CNN business reporting AstraZeneca vaccine will have 2 billion dose by the end of the year. They project that they will know if it is safe by the fall. Sometimes the brilliance of the human race is astounding. I know people will discount vaccines but COVID is a slow mutator from what I have read and the strains are identifiable. Should be very effective. Looks like one shot then a booster a month or so later. YAY!!!!!!!! https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/05/investing/astrazeneca-vaccine-coronavirus/index.html
  24. Does anyone have the link to the documentation that states that the admin fee ($500) will be issued as a FCC. Thx!
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