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  1. Does anyone have the link to the documentation that states that the admin fee ($500) will be issued as a FCC. Thx!
  2. Thanks all, I was completely off base!! I thought I would lose the entire deposit and that FCC was only being issued for sailings where full payment has been made. The sailing is only 14 days so the admin fee is $250 pp. If that is issued as FCC credit, great! I have not had to cancel a sailing so I never really paid attention to the fees. Now I know!
  3. LHT28 you just made my day. I didn’t book this one on board so I thought I would lose the $1500 deposit. I plan a quick getaway in Jan. on Riveria so I’m happy to move my deposit there. My Sept sailing is going to Israel for three days which was the main draw for that particular sailing. They have had a fairly good outcome with COVID and I doubt they will let’s US citizens visit before then. thx!!!
  4. If I cancel and don’t make final payment, it looks like I will lose my deposit. Is that the case? The travel assurance program clearly states that it only applies to cruises where full payment is made. Any thoughts?
  5. Rosie C, I agree. I have a sailing in Sept. Either I cancel and lose my deposit or make final payment next week and receive a FCC. I should have cancelled a month ago before I would lose my deposit but I thought I would be optimistic and give O the benefit of the doubt. That was a huge mistake! Very frustrating!!! It does border on fraud.
  6. Looks like O has waitlisted all Aug sailings in the Med. This is becoming a pattern. O is waiting until final payment is due and once everyone has paid, waitlist then cancel the sailing. We have to take FCC or wait for a refund. I have a Sept sailing. I think I’ll cancel prior to making final payment next week. If it sails and I decide to go, I can always rebook. I’m doubt that Marina, Riveria, Nautica, and Sirena will all sail a very abbreviated Med season. I'm really curious as to what they will do itinerary wise once sailings do start back up again.
  7. Don’t do it. We were in 10005 once. There is a big spotlight plus the cameras that point down the side of the ship. They really obstructed the view. In addition, the bridge can see INTO your stateroom. No privacy on the balcony nor in the first few feet of your room. No working at the desk unless fully clothed! It was disappointing at best.... still had a great cruise though because, well..... it was a cruise!!!
  8. We have been in 10028 a few times. No noise at all. Honestly, we always book close to stairs and elevator. The ship is much more convenient when close to elevator and stairs and not having to walk up and down a long hall every time you need to run to the room. Also, another bonus is that the laundry is right down the hall. Comes in handy for longer sailings as O is notorious for taking a very long time to return laundry. Enjoy!
  9. Avoid the forward staterooms as the bridge blocks the view. There are big metal structures that hang down from the bridge. Also, this is kind of picky but we were in 10018 once and it is right where the wake from the bow breaks on the hull so if the seas are at all rough, the balcony gets sprayed all day long, even up on deck 10. We try to stay mid ship but then you get into the PH2’s. It’s worth the few hundred dollar difference in price IMHO.
  10. Hi there, We always book PH2. I would recommend deck 10 over deck 11. The pool deck is above deck 11 and it cantilevers over deck 11 obstructing the upward view. Many people don’t mind that but we like to see the sky. Deck 10 PH’s are not tucked under the overhang. Also, avoid the forward cabins or either deck 10 or 11. The bridge does block the view forward on either deck. We were in 10005 once and it was very disappointing. The PH’s were all booked so we could not change staterooms. We are on Marina right after you sailing from Rio up the Amazon the
  11. Florida already has antibody testing. There are 1.5+ million positive cases of COVID. Every antibody study so far has shown between 30-50 positive antibody results for each positive COVID test. That means that there are between 45 and 75 million people in the US already immune to COVID. Once antibody testing is more wide spread and it is getting there where we are in Florida, ships can easily begin sailing. I don’t see August being out of the question. Whenever it is, we’ll be on the first ship out! We are hoping for something in the med. Imagine Florence and Venice without
  12. I have a small pile of NCL stock (sold high at the beginning of COVID and loaded back up at the bottom) plus, I have a final payment for a Sept sailing coming up so I’m paying attention. I think NCL is missing the boat. They could be offering perks that would supersede a reorganization along with stock purchases to their million or so loyalty members If they offered business class upgrades and a few more dollars in onboard credit to my account that would be guaranteed after a reorganization, I would roll the dice and purchase a few more shares. I could lose the investme
  13. We have been to shark valley many many times. The only way to get there is to drive. We had a condo in Naples when my kids were growing up and Shark Valley was one of their favorite places. Route US 41/ Tamiami Trail goes through and ends in Brickell. There is exactly one road that goes to Shark Valley, lucky for you, it is US 41/Tamiami Trail! Just drive west. Once you get out of the Miami traffic, it will be wide open as most everyone takes Alligator Alley now as opposed to the trail to get back and forth between the coasts. It’s not very far, less than an hour. Re
  14. I agree.... It is hard to experience French Polynesia with out some DYI. It is just a place that requires some planning on your own to really experience it. In Nuku Hiva... Richard Richard Richard, he is the best! Fakarava Ato Lissant, our itinerary was reversed the day before sailing due to a cyclone. Ato was going on vacation during our new date so he arranged to have his son do the tour for us. Spectacular! He could have said sorry but he went out of his way to make it work. in Moorea, rent a car and circumvent the island. Drive up to the lookout t
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