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  1. Just show up earlier if that is when you want to eat, they will seat you.
  2. No idea about the balcony, but the map I looked at says it's air conditioning space. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Harmony-of-the-Seas
  3. that's weird, I just checked again this morning, nothing. Cruise leaves Sunday. I think it closes and won't let us book anything after today also.
  4. Where did you find it in the cruise planner? Was it under activities?
  5. Our Harmony cruise leaves in 3 days, I’ve been looking daily but the escape room hasn’t shown up that I’ve seen.
  6. If it were a unique experience, then it might be worth it. We have several options for very nice Japanese hibachi only a few minutes from home. They all cost much less than Izumi.
  7. I've never been in the escape room on the ship, however in similar experiences on land I can say the rooms were as well ventilated as any other room. The locks on the door are virtual, in that you aren't allowed to open it, but there is nothing to actually prevent you from leaving, except that typically if you leave, you may not return.
  8. unlocking the door looks more convenient, but just about everything else looks less convenient. We'll have them so I guess we'll get to see first hand, but I suspect we'll end up leaving them in the room.
  9. All of the specialty dining is way overpriced.
  10. meh, might just stay on the boat. That's what we did last time we were at Labadee.
  11. Perhaps, but this is what I received last night. "Thank you for choosing the beautiful Harmony of the seas for your upcoming cruise Nowadays all over the water and beach front cabana are reserved for Star Class suite"
  12. On Oasis we never made a reservation, we just showed up, never waited more than a couple minutes for a table.
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