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  1. CoW mAn

    Calico Jacks

    I can do better than pictures, here's a video
  2. CoW mAn

    Bahamas in February?

    When I went to the Bahamas in February it was warm enough for Atlantis. As you can see in the video nobody looked cold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7x0y3jArVo
  3. If you're at all concerned about price try to go when kids are in school
  4. Don't know about the car seat but the attraction is absolutely appropriate for those ages
  5. CoW mAn

    Help Me Decide Next Cruise

    6 day, more days are better
  6. We talk about all the great cultures you can encounter on a cruise
  7. This is pretty basic but can make you feel at home on the ship a little quicker, how your room key works and what it can do...
  8. CoW mAn

    Cruise booked, EXCURSIONS! Help.....

    I felt the historical and cultural context they put things in added to the experience quite a bit. How much they talk really depends on the operator but I didn't find it distracting at all. As for promoting local business they don't do it at all on the way up (wouldn't make sense) but they do a little bit on the way down but they tend to speak from personal experience rather than an advertising script. It feels more like they just want to give you more options of things to do after the tram. I felt it was a great value. Now if you want a tram that gives you almost no value that would be the one in Ketchikan :p
  9. CoW mAn

    Cruise booked, EXCURSIONS! Help.....

    For Juneau I enjoyed the Tram, get to see an Eagle up close
  10. CoW mAn

    Alaska on your own

    For Juneau I recommend walking to the tram, it's lovely...
  11. CoW mAn

    Ideas for Nassau stop

    Atlantis is amazing [YOUTUBE]I7x0y3jArVo[/YOUTUBE]
  12. I find Galveston Express to be the best option but here's a breakdown of the different options and costs [YOUTUBE]_G0fVkgbHsk[/YOUTUBE]
  13. Some highlights of the Carnival Splendor [YOUTUBE]MO6_j2e7XFQ[/YOUTUBE]