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  1. Here's a look at part of an excursion in Cozumel that includes how to make authentic Mexican tortillas
  2. If you're looking for something a little different in Cozumel that showcases the Mayan culture you should check out an excursion that includes a Pok Ta Pok game...it's very different kind of sport
  3. CoW mAn

    First time to St Thomas - Advice?

    There's a lovely tram that's within walking distance of the ship that gives you a great view of the area and doesn't take too long so you can still do other things after
  4. CoW mAn

    July -Aug Cruise - Must have clothing/essentials

    I recommend everyone have a full zip fleece
  5. CoW mAn

    Rookie cruiser on the Breeze Feb 2020!!

    No curfew At those ages they can stay on the ship by themselves no problem Here's the dress code for elegant night...
  6. CoW mAn

    Excursion or Not

    I think it was like an hour before having to be back on board, also I didn't really speak to anyone about it - they might have let me off if I had asked but I would have been swimming upstream against the current of substantial crowds coming back on board
  7. CoW mAn

    left or right when i get off the ship

    I've always gone left and always had a good time
  8. CoW mAn

    Grand Turks

    That was not my experience at the free beach just to the left of the pier...
  9. CoW mAn

    Seasick ????

    Yea, I think you'll be fine - cruise ships are super stable - I once balanced a penny on it's side while going at speed
  10. CoW mAn

    Beach Escape Cosra Maya

    I enjoyed it a lot
  11. If you want to eat with strangers I recommend Your Time Dining - that way you could get a mix of different people each time. Given your concerns about shows this would also provide you more flexibility there. You can order as many of anything as you like. Someone in my group almost always ends up getting like 4 appetizers and no one blinks an eye. Sea Day Brunch is in the dining room yes but it might not be in the exact same spot.
  12. CoW mAn

    bahama excursions

    There's nothing to do on your own in Freeport so I do strongly recommend booking an excursion there but for Grand Turk you can have a lovely day at the free beach right next to the port, just bring $5 to rent a floatie...
  13. CoW mAn

    Yet another seasickness question

    Fair enough. It makes a huge difference to my friend, the only person I know who gets seasickness. In calm waters on a cruise he's totally fine but in rough seas or on a tender he's done.
  14. CoW mAn

    Cuba or Alaska cruise suggestions

    There's a lot I could say on the subject of a cruise to Alaska but with regards to booking my biggest piece of advice would be to get an ocean view cabin. All of the views, none of the cold. On a cruise to Alaska everyone clusters around the inside windows so it can be hard to see stuff without going outside but if you have your own window, this is some of what you could see...
  15. You CAN fly in the day of but I wouldn't recommend it, especially if it's in a winter month where there could be snow delays at YVR Long Beach is lovely, very walkable, and has some nice sit down restaurants but staying near LAX would be cheaper and will have more fast food options - depends on what you're looking for.