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  1. I got a cruise compliant power cube about 6 months ago, I don't know how I got by without it before
  2. Ooooh, yea that could work. Be practical for more than just the cruise too
  3. How do you personalize a straw? If you're open to practical things that aren't personalized each cabin would probably really benefit from a multi plug power cube...runs about $16...
  4. Carnival cruisers, do you prefer Early, Late, or Your Time?
  5. Just Cabo. Here's what it's like taking it back to the ship
  6. Did he provide any additional details when you spoke to him?
  7. They really shouldn't be collected by the ship unless you're headed somewhere with some very specific visa requirements like some ports in Asia. Thanks 🙂
  8. For Cabo I recommend a Land's End boat tour
  9. Kalapaki Beach is free and lovely, it's next to Nawiliwili Park by Harbor Mall which has a free shuttle to the port
  10. My kid loved the tram to Paradise point
  11. I always bring my passport but I also have a picture of it on my phone
  12. I've heard similar reports from other people recently Glitches don't often make sense
  13. I strongly recommend doing research before you go. There are some great options for Roatan and Mazatlan but I wouldn't do third party for Freeport as they have a real problem with gypsy cabs, just as a few examples
  14. It was smooth sailing through calm seas when I did that cruise
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