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  1. A 10-year Carnival employee reached out to share their Top 4 sources of profit
  2. I like the Tram to Paradise point, it's within walking distance of the port
  3. For clothing I highly recommend you pack a full-zip fleece
  4. If you're sailing on Carnival the Hotel Maya is excellent but it can be a bit pricey - try to catch a sail. Failing that the Hilton Long Beach is great and has a shuttle to the port. The Hyatt Long Beach is also great with a nice walkable property. Also look into the free Passport shuttle to expand your options location-wise
  5. I have to say Ocean View - all of the views, none of the cold
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecE7lM3Ktc0
  7. Didn't encounter red soil when I was there
  8. 1) The Breeze is big enough that Lido isn't too bad but there's also Guy's burgers 3) Yup, Deck 5 Promenade 4) Here's an insider secret for all Carnival Cruise ships...
  9. It's the middle of the night, you're asleep in your stateroom and you hear an odd noise - check the closet!
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