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  1. Which is exactly why we loved them......they were 'ships' as opposed to 'floating malls'.
  2. À chacun son goût........we chose/loved the ships because they were still SHIPS and not floating malls. 🙂 Plus, the aficionados, comprised of a wide variety of nationalities/ethnicities, were more often than not of the same mindset were are - we met more people, (some of whom we remain in contact with), that we 'clicked' with than on any other line. Happy sailing!
  3. Perhaps a little late to the party, but we received refunds for three Pullmantur cruises on March 18/21....thanks Jean-Luc at VTG.
  4. Undoubtedly our favorite line, (we started with them when they were CDF)......by miles!
  5. Haven't read all the posts, but is it feasible to get from the ship in Haifa to the Haifa/Akko ferry, do some sightseeing in Akko, (Crusader Fort, et al), and back to the ship in one day? (Perhaps ferry one way and public transport the other?) Thanks..much appreciated.
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