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  1. Just looked at both sites and they seem to be working normally.
  2. I've received a number of emails, links, etc., that indicate at least some Seabourn crews are still aboard (without passengers) and "weathering the storm" fairly well (and, by some reports, using and staying in "passenger spaces"). They seem to say they miss the passengers but are getting a bit tired of drills, training, and cleaning unused spaces over and over. In general, however, the tone is that they're glad to be where they are instead of where they might be. My informaqtion is purely anecdotal - I don't how many ships and crew members are involved and what their status will be when they finally disembark (in terms of time off before taking a new contract). I also have no idea what crew members not currently aboard or "off contract" are told about the future.
  3. Strange. I haven't sailed Regent since January of 2017 but as of about 5 minutes ago my "Past Cruises" are still listed in "My Account" when I sign in to the rssc.com website.
  4. I guess my (admittedly somewhat unclear and snarky in a culturally esoteric sort of way) response did not convey my point. To put it more bluntly, what possible reason other than morbid curiosity could anyone on this thread have for identifying the employee concerned?
  5. I Googled the (7) words that come to my mind when somebody says "X (number of) words" and got tons of links to George Carlin. Guess I used the wrong words to try to find out something I really didn't need to know. Or maybe not. Jus' sayin'...
  6. I don't mess with the "Save or not" features of the website; I just bookmark the specific cruises I want to consider (often from more than one line) and put them in a folder on my Bookmarks bar. Might not be what you're looking for but it works for me.
  7. I just checked the fare history of the canceled trip and realized that its price started at the same higher level and, over the course of the year we were booked, dropped to about half that. Hopefully history will repeat itself in this instance.
  8. The worst part is that the same r/t Reykjavik cruise they just canceled shows on the website for double the price in 2021. We're bummed.
  9. Please read what the email says and not what your friends read into it. It does not cover the proposed travel restrictions/requirements for seniors that have not yet been codified and are not being enforced since nobody is cruising. That's a totally different issue which will be sorted out (again) between now and the time the industry resumes operations It ONLY pertains to cancellations of booked cruises by describing various situations and then adds a "catch-all" health-related Compassion Category that allows you to cancel any currently booked cruise without penalty even though it doesn't fit the other criteria. Cancellations under the Compassion Policy heading are the only thing that require documentation from your health care provider. Easy peasy.
  10. I may be missing something but this paragraph describes a "Compassion Policy" for clients who don't fit any of the other categories listed earlier in the email but still wish to cancel a bookied cruise because of personal health challenges presented by the current pandemic. It does not require a doctor's clearance or otherwise restrict over-70 travelers as several of the posters seem to believe. Jus' sayin'....
  11. Catlover - It's NEVER a good time to discuss anything with Seabourn Seattle unless you have a high tolerance for stupidity and pain or an empowered contact there who owes you or your travel agent more than they can ever repay. Having see the error of my approach (or at least the way I presented that approach) I shall retire from this discussion, return to my state- and city-imposed lockdown, and do what I do best (absolutely nothing, fueled with liberal doses of decent Scotch). Before I go, however, I will contact my excellent TA and instruct her to go into her most fearsome attack mode (which is well past "Shock and Awe") to sort all this out. Aloha all.
  12. Seabourn is hardly "altruistic" but they do tend to realize if you have a legitimate issue and discuss it with them (calmly and logically) that it is their interest to make it a win-win situation as often as they can.
  13. This is sort of a rant and almost TLTR so I won't blame you if you skip it altogether... I find it interesting that what was once a love affair between Seabourn and their customers is now morphing into a seriously adversarial relationship. Seabourn is trying to cope with an unprecedented financial disaster; there's no manual on how to survive the ramifications of this worldwide panic. They're stumbling along and making it up as circumstances and the knee-jerk reactions of mostly clueless politicians across the globe dictate. I'm not saying the governments are wrong, just that the decisions they've forced on all of us haven't been arrived at logically. In any event, Seabourn is probably doing as well as they can to cope in a unique atmosphere of fear, misinformation, and emotional turmoil (not to mention the possibility of financial collapse). Their efforts and decisions may not be what many individual customers would like them to be but they don't have the advantage of being as smart as the average fearful, misinformed, and emotional client (that was sarcasm for those of you who missed it). Give them a break, people. They know you're afraid, angry, and all the rest and they're not trying to make it worse. They're trying their best to keep on keepin' on. Make your concerns known and try to suggest a few actions that consider the needs of both sides. Strident complaints and whining from a relatively affluent customer base on "issues" such as refunds versus FCC, OBC carry forward, and other relatively minor topics ain't helping. Seabourn needs to know and address those concerns but they need some help in the form of our underlying support. Before you yell at me too loudly, consider the fact that Seabourn has made wrong decisions before but has, in every instance of which I'm aware, made it good. That's why we sail with them and what we expect on our next voyage. Don't sink the ship before you board. Jus' sayin'...
  14. Ah, tipping - the never-ending story... Tipping Seabourn employees (concessionaires not included) is a strictly personal choice and is neither expected, recommended, or required. It's more about the tippers than anyone else and generally reflects their desire to - - give an extra reward for exceptional service (tough to judge on Seabourn - it's all pretty exceptional), - comply with their own cultural ethos, or, worst case but too frequently, - show others that they are "all that." In no case should tipping choices be known to anyone other than the tipper and the recipient; anything else is (at best) tacky. If you don't feel comfortable tipping individuals (which may or may not be equitable and is not Seabourn's policy) but still feel you should do "a little extra," Crew fund donations are a good alternative. Again, no need to advertise; it's nobody's business but yours. Jus' sayin'...
  15. You may be able to get some advantages just by calling your TA or PCC or you may have to cancel your original reservation and rebook to receive the reduced rate. A decent TA will advise you whether it's worthwhile (you may lose some amenities included in your original booking or pick up better ones with the newer rate). On our last HAL booking the rate dropped a few dollars and we were able to rebook the same suite at the lower rate and received free gratuities, internet, and Signature Beverage Package while giving up a free Pinnacle dinner . Some days the magic works.
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