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  1. We were on a similar 2019 cruise which was r/t Hong Kong (on Ovation) with most of the same stops. It was my first return to some of the places I'd spent a lot of time in back in the day (late 60s thru 90s) and was super interesting from that perspective. I could well have done without much of the Philippines and Sihanoukville (unless you take a side trip to Angkor Wat) but the rest was all pretty cool, largely depending on how much history you have with those places. Highlights were Hong Kong (just before the recent political upheaval), Vietnam, Singapore, and Bangkok and worth the effort of
  2. Sorry, I should have qualified the tide comment. We had that experience on the Douro (Portugal) and at least one other river cruise. It obviously made an impression. As well as I remember we've always cruised rivers only during the day but I'm guessing different rivers/countries have different customs/rules.
  3. Shouldn't be too much of a problem since river boats don't typically go anywhere at night. The bigger issue is being near the gangway which may be raised/lowered (noisily) one or more times per night to accommodate tides. Jus' sayin'...
  4. What she said! (Although I seem to remember a "big box" internet agency used to do that but I didn't do any business with them so can't say for sure).
  5. What she said (except that Tauck is probably deserving of 6 stars)!
  6. We're mostly ocean cruisers but we took our first Tauck cruise a few years ago from Budapest to Amsterdam in September. It was absolutely amazing and worth every bit of the premium price. With COVID shredding 2020 and 2021 travel plans we've only been on one more of their tours since (land trip to Ireland) but are scheduled for their Switzerland land tour next June followed by their Paris to Lyon TGV trip and river cruise As noted, September is a school month and the weather is pretty much okay so that's a good thing for river cruisers. As to the lower water level, we were stopped
  7. Thought the OP might be interested in a sample St. Petersburg itinerary so went back and looked up the 3-day tour we took in 2018 from ALLA. Each van was limited to 16 people which was pretty manageable but I'm sure you could go for a smaller or larger group if you prefer. Cost was US$370pp. Optional evening programs (ballet, traditional dinner, etc.) were extra. Day 1 09:30 Meet at the ship 09:30 - 10:30 City orientation drive tour with the panoramic views on the bridges, squares,
  8. If the restrictions mentioned by GICNJC are not in force, several large tour companies (such as SPB) give excellent multi-day comprehensive tours of St. Petersburg with well-qualified, English-speaking guides, hitting all the high points with a minimum of waiting in line, etc. They generally use small, comfortable coaches so you may have to do without the double-decker bus. Several of them also service other Baltic ports and give discounts for "bundled" itineraries. If you go that route make sure you get a company that handles visa requirements and be sure to wear sunglasses to av
  9. Just looked at both sites and they seem to be working normally.
  10. I've received a number of emails, links, etc., that indicate at least some Seabourn crews are still aboard (without passengers) and "weathering the storm" fairly well (and, by some reports, using and staying in "passenger spaces"). They seem to say they miss the passengers but are getting a bit tired of drills, training, and cleaning unused spaces over and over. In general, however, the tone is that they're glad to be where they are instead of where they might be. My informaqtion is purely anecdotal - I don't how many ships and crew members are involved and what their status will b
  11. Strange. I haven't sailed Regent since January of 2017 but as of about 5 minutes ago my "Past Cruises" are still listed in "My Account" when I sign in to the rssc.com website.
  12. I guess my (admittedly somewhat unclear and snarky in a culturally esoteric sort of way) response did not convey my point. To put it more bluntly, what possible reason other than morbid curiosity could anyone on this thread have for identifying the employee concerned?
  13. I Googled the (7) words that come to my mind when somebody says "X (number of) words" and got tons of links to George Carlin. Guess I used the wrong words to try to find out something I really didn't need to know. Or maybe not. Jus' sayin'...
  14. I don't mess with the "Save or not" features of the website; I just bookmark the specific cruises I want to consider (often from more than one line) and put them in a folder on my Bookmarks bar. Might not be what you're looking for but it works for me.
  15. I just checked the fare history of the canceled trip and realized that its price started at the same higher level and, over the course of the year we were booked, dropped to about half that. Hopefully history will repeat itself in this instance.
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