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  1. Ah, sorry, I didn't read the question properly.
  2. Sadly, this is not the case. In the terms and conditions, the following applies: Le Club Voyage members who stay in Suite Staterooms will receive their Suite amenities, and not their Le Club Voyage benefits for complimentary internet. Laundry: This benefit will be available to Explorer members and above. Those eligible will receive one bag of laundry per stateroom, per 7-night voyage. Le Club Voyage members who stay in Suite Staterooms will receive their Suite amenities, and not their Le Club Voyage benefits for laundry service. I have to say that this does not seem very fair at all. Although in many cases, the suite benefits for laundry and internet are greater than the benefits from Le Club Voyage membership tiers, I would have thought that the suite benefits and the Le Club Voyage benefits would be combined, but this is not the case. It means that Suite passengers get very little benefit from being Le Club Voyage members, since the Suite amenities override any benefits earned from Le Club Voyage. https://www.azamara.com/en-au/le-club-voyage/terms-conditions
  3. Given that Pursuit is a very recent addition to the Azamara family, I would be interested to know what changes are occurring to necessitate an extended dry dock period.
  4. As part of our newly acquired Discoverer LCV membership tier, we are entitled to 90 free wifi minutes. Previously, our Explorer membership tier entitled us to 60 free wifi minutes. On our last two Azamara cruises, we have been told when we enquire on board or at check in that the wifi entitlement only applies when purchasing an unlimited package. Yet the wording on the Azamara website clearly states the following as one of the benefits of Discoverer membership: "90 free WiFi minutes or $100 towards a full voyage unlimited package". Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can actually claim our entitlement, rather than being fobbed off yet again? The wording suggests that the 90 free WiFi minutes is independent of any decision whether to purchase a package or not.
  5. We are doing a 15-night Baltic Highlights cruise in June 2020 and would like to know at which port the ship will be docking. Most cruise ships dock at the main cruise ship terminal which is quite a distance from the centre of St. Petersburg. The Azamara web site talks about 2018 voyages docking in the heart of St. Petersburg (they clearly haven't updated this), but what about voyages in 2019 and 2020? Arrive in the Heart of St. Petersburg Step off your boutique hotel at sea right into the heart of stunning St. Petersburg. Thanks to our smaller ship size, all 2018 voyages to St. Petersburg sail up the Bolshaya Neva River to make port along one of the most fashionable streets in the city—English Embankment. Other cruise lines? They’ve got to travel an hour in by bus.
  6. I really enjoy the Mediterranean. My favourite is the pink-coloured Aromatic - it has a very defined flavour which I love!
  7. Same here - I put the edocs on Dropbox, which means that I can see them on my iMac, iPad and iPhone. I have never booked pre-cruise flights or hotels, so can't help with the OP's issue. I would contact Azamara pronto to ask them what is going on.
  8. + 1. We rarely eat the fruit left in the room, as we are usually too full from all the delicious meals served onboard. The new request system will not deny fruit to those who still want it and will cut down on the food waste significantly.
  9. We are in a similar situation. We are staying two nights (our third trip to Vancouver) so will just walk from the cruise ship to the hotel, deposit our luggage there and go off to explore and then have some lunch in Gastown.
  10. I got the same message ('Survey closed'). That's a shame - I would have liked to complete the survey. I get heaps of Azamara emails but didn't receive the survey.
  11. 2nd May actually refers to the administration no longer waiving a 23-year old provision which gives U.S. citizens the right to sue over property they owned there that was confiscated by the Cuban government without reimbursement by the Cuban government.
  12. Personally, I'd rather have the ship too cold than too warm. But there is a happy medium! 🙂
  13. For our last two Azamara voyages, both on Journey, we have been in the last N2 cabins on both starboard and port sides of the ship (8073 and 8070, right underneath Windows) and have never had a problem with noise.
  14. On our first Azamara cruise in 2013, we skipped the White Night Party because we thought it would be naf, but how wrong we were! On our second cruise the next year, we were all set for the White Night Party, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to weather conditions and the entertainment was moved to the Cabaret, which is just not the same as out on deck. We finally made it to the White Night Party on our New Zealand cruise last year, and what a wonderful experience it was - excellent food, great entertainment and superb ambience, especially as it got dark and the lights were shining. We sat with a fantastic Canadian couple with whom we had formed a bond on the cruise and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
  15. My favourite is the Aromatic. Absolutely fabulous for a G&T. I haven’t tried the Clementine, as it is not available where I live.
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