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  1. Does anyone ever post Fun Times after they get off the ship? Specifically looking for the Elation 5 day cruise out of Jacksonville to HMC and Nassau and Circle C.
  2. How many times does Carnival typically have the Hasbro game show on a 5 day cruise? We will specifically be on the Elation. I am wondering if they have it available whether you have early or late dining or if you miss it depending on your dining time and if they do it more than once.
  3. Thanks. Were you able to walk over to Comfort Suites or did you take a taxi to Comfort Suites then walk to Atlantis?
  4. First I researched prices for Atlantis-Carnival Excursion vs. booking rooms at Comfort Suites vs. taking a taxi to Atlantis and buying our tickets there. Because of the number we have, 5, we would have to rent 2 rooms. Because of the time of year (peak), there is not a big price difference regardless of which way we go. (Of course, they are all expensive). So, I was thinking I would just book through Carnival. Now that I have gotten past the cost, it is more about maximizing our time in Atlantis. I am getting concerned because some reviews sound like it can take a long time for the group on the Carnival Excursion to meet, fill out paperwork, get wristbands and the biggest complaint seemed to be waiting for the bus to go over to Atlantis. For those who have done the ship excursion, what was your experience? And for those who took a taxi over what was your experience? I don't see it being likely that Atlantis will sell out of tickets, but it does concern me that they say that can happen, and we booked this cruise and itinerary for the purpose of going to Atlantis, so it would be a big deal to us if that happened. By the way, we are the only ship in port that day and our ship is there from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
  5. This is what I was thinking too and would be my preference to do the first one, then relax the rest of the day. The problem I think is lots of other people think that way too so now I have heard the first one of the day is much more crowded. Then the other 2 I think interfere with lunch, and the last one might be good as you might not be as rushed, but the stingrays may not be hungry. Did you like the excursion? Would you recommend doing it?
  6. If you book 2 1/2 months out but are waitlisted for Early Dining, what are the chances we will actually get changed to Early Dining?
  7. We are booked for Late Dining, Early Dining is full. Thinking about switching to Your Time Dining so my son can go to Circle C activities that seem to open back up around the time of Late Dining. My concern at this point before switching is if we would have a longer wait for Your Time Dining because of being a party of 5 (as opposed to being a smaller party of 2-3. Not sure I want to switch from late if this would be a problem.)
  8. Thinking about booking the Stingray Adventure excursion at Half Moon Cay. For those of you who have done this what did you think? The available times are 11, 12:30, 1:30 and 2:30. Does anyone know if there is any advantage to booking one time over another?
  9. We have never done Anytime Dining before. We are currently signed up for Late Dining, and we are waitlisted for Early Dining which is what we want, mainly because I think it is better for my son to be able to attend Circle C activities starting back around 8. For Anytime Dining: Is the dining room just as nice? Is the service just as good? I assume the food is the same. I know the advantage is being able to pick your own time with everything else going on, but what are the disadvantages? For those of you who have done Anytime Dining did you like it and for those who have done both, which did you like best? One reason I like a set time is that with 3 teens, it gives a set time that everyone has to be ready to meet up, but I do see advantages to Anytime Dining also.
  10. My daughter still won't be of age to drink and we won't be paying for alcohol for them and they won't have the money to pay for it, LOL, so any other suggestions other than the bars? I guess they could still go in the bars and mingle.
  11. Advantages/Disadvantages to Early Dining vs Late Dining? Does it affect shows, comedy club, etc. depending on which one you choose?
  12. Last time we cruised my oldest kids were teens and they really enjoyed all the activities in the teen club. Now they are in college and too old for this. Is there something on Carnival where college kids or that age group meet up to get to know each other and get together to do stuff on sea days?
  13. Last time we cruised we had early dining, but we are waitlisted for early dining right now. Early dining seemed to work better for Circle C, if I remember right, there wasn't much going on around 6, but things started back up around 8 (which is the time for late dining). Just wanted to know from others if you have done Late Dining with a kid involved in Circle C and how much that affected their activities. I would really like for all of us to be able to come together for dinner.
  14. Thinking about doing the Stingray Excursion at HMC. What time do you recommend to do this excursion?
  15. Are the lounge chairs free to use or do they have to be rented? Are there plenty of lounge chairs?
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