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  1. I hope they do sail August 1,2020 but IMO I don't think they will sail but we'll see what happens.
  2. That is the 64 thousand dollar question. I am not until March or May 2021 so hopefully things will back to normal.
  3. Latin( salsa, bachata, samba, merengue and cha cha) not rave music. Music that you have to know how to do single time swing and triple time swing and Hustle.
  4. What is the entertainment like on the Seaside specifically live bands that play dance music are there club venues. Thanks Gary
  5. What is the entertainment like on the Seaside specifically live bands that play dance music. Thanks, Gary
  6. Honestly wearing a mask on an aircraft is not a bad idea because you are breathing recirculated air.If the airlines have HEPA filters installed on their aircraft that is good but that doesn't protect you if someone is sick one or two rows from you and is sneezing or coughing so it up to the person not to fly if they are sick.
  7. Yes , unfortunately most of the 2 million are from nursing homes and many more have underlying health issue that put them in a high risk category. But like I said in my post you have to have a means of transmission , the virus just can't jump from one person to another. Hopefully there will be a reliable vaccine before the years end.
  8. When you think of it why do you need to wear a mask if you're not coughing or sneezing(If you are stay home). The same with social distancing if you're not coughing or sneezing or exchange fluids how are you going to give the COVID-18 virus to others. If I'm standing next to someone that has the virus I can't get it if there is no mode of transmission. So basically it is up to the guests not to sail if they are sick it has to be brought on the ship to cause an outbreak. That is the big question when cruise lines start sailing.
  9. Years ago I bought CCl stock for 18.15 per share I sold it at 48.00 plus but it took me ten years to make 10, 000 dollars. About a month ago(maybe) I bought a bunch of shares at 8.01 dollars per share, now it is 24.18 per share so I doubled my money in that short time plus what put in. I never dreamed it would go up this fast.So we'll what happens in the long term
  10. yes, that is true you can get the flu even if you were inoculated but it does offer protection especially to the people that have health issues in the first place and this is true during the regular flu season .This would probably be true for COVID-19 virus a vaccine would provide protection especially for the people that had health issues. I 've got a flu shot all my life and I've never was sick with the flu. The biggest problem with cruise ship is that people go on the ship when they're sick in the first place.
  11. Once there is a COVID-19 reliable vaccine ,which i think there will before the years end, things will be back to normal.
  12. I'm hoping it continues to go then split that would be for all including the company.
  13. It is a novelty probably to buy candy on a cruise ship besides kids do not need more candy they are wound up enough as it is by just being a vacation. I went in cherry on top once that is because I had a coupon. I don't eat candy very much.
  14. I don't think it will ever go down to 8.00 dollars per share but you never know that is what I bought it at.
  15. It will probably go up and down for a while but don't sell .Once there is a reliable vaccine for COVID-19 ,which could be by years end, and the ships are sailing again things will get back to normal.
  16. If it is a multi purpose room than CCL is too cheap and are trying to save money to use it for profitable areas like pay to eat restaurants. I have to see the reviews but at this point I'll pass on the Mardi Gras.
  17. It will be interesting to see the ship lay out and how it works. According to the deck plans the fitness area seems to have no windows if that is true, why change that from the design of other ships. I'll be looking forward to the reviews. But don't forget bigger is not necessarily better.
  18. I know that May 2021 is a long way off and I hope all this social distancing and mask stuff will be over. The Horizon is a great ship, the entertainment was great specially the band in latin club. The weather is great that time of year.
  19. When my gym opens up in Connecticut(june 20) we may be required to wear masks if we can't maintain 6 feet apart and there may be a member limit this makes sense.
  20. I was originally booked on the Horizon 10/31/2020 but switched to 5/1/2021 on the Horizon. My reasoning was if one person on the ship tests positive for COVID-19 will the ship be prevented from docking in the US until all on board is tested and how long will be at sea ,etc. There are too many unknowns.
  21. I do not think May is too soon I'm going 5/1/2021.
  22. That is probably a good investment for the long run. Now if the ccl market goes crazy, which is good for the company ,it may split but how it is split no one really knows. I sold my shares for 48.00 dollars a share years ago. If it gets back to that price and people bought low and sell high they could make some serious money depending how many shares were bought.
  23. Don't mean to be a wise guy but how old is you daughter, it is probably easier to exercise with a mask when you're younger than when you're older like me. Trust me!!!
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