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  1. Careful. At least one person here appears to take exception to the simple fact that a spouse did not serve in the military. I am not much on the "stolen valor" thing...but anybody that claims veteran status by association without ever actually being enlisted/commissioned in the military is "stealing" the military Veterans "valor"...in a very small but real way.
  2. A spouse did not serve in the military...full stop. Someone either took the oath that included your life if necessary, or they didn't...simple as that.
  3. Princess pizza is the best we have had on a ship, followed by Carnival. Never been on MSC, scared away by the reviews.
  4. We found the same on our two week RCL cruise for the buffet...just really did not do it for us. The MDR was ok to good but the buffet was below average to us. We are Elite and the happy hour was perfect for me..the wife does not drink at all. And the all inclusive pricing at the levels of NCL and Celebrity are a no go for us as well.
  5. Obviously you get a wide range of opinion on this type of question. I have sailed most with Celebrity, followed by NCL, then three on Carnival, two on Princess, and one each on RCCL and HAL. In order it is: 1. Celebrity - by a fair amount...but they are currently priced out of their value range IMO 2. Princess/HAL - about equal for different reasons - HAL has bigger staterooms and better food. Princess has better entertainment and livelier. 3. Carnival - we are not late night owls or pool hounds so the party hearty type don't bother us much and the food is actually pretty darn g
  6. That is really hard to say. What I can say is that NCL was our first cruise line and it was our favorite for years. We sailed the Crown, Norway, Sky, Sun, Epic, and Getaway twice...once in the Haven. BUT at this point we are a hard no on NCL, even to the point of letting $500 of CruiseNext deposits expire rather than cruising them again. IMO it is nothing like it was when you last sailed them. We found the non upcharge food quality to now be the least desirable of any cruise line we have sailed. That list includes Carnival and RCCL by the way. We feel that NCL is the biggest offender of the "n
  7. Went to the Sycamore Partners website...not encouraging for Azamara. Sycamore has left a trail of ruined businesses and uhappy creditors in the businesses they have "exited"...up to and including trying to force liquidation of assets of Aeropostale. They look like a "rip and strip" gang to me....maybe it will be different here.
  8. We were a rebooking with a paid in full fare that they applied a 10% discount off our paid price. So in our case there was no FCC involved. I would NOT recommend a FCC at this point for anybody. There are no real pluses, especially when the "10%" extra credit may be illusory give the current rack rates for cruises. I think the rates EVENTUALLY will have to go down quite a bit in order to reestablish the business...I have a hard time believing that an industry can charge a premium for a damaged product/brand...makes no sense.
  9. Good points. Now in our case, we took a rebooking after the first cancellation because it was an exceptional price for an Antarctic cruise and SS honored the price PLUS a 10% discount. To us that was more than fair for the inconvenience of rescheduling our life. Given that, we took the shot and left our money tied up with SS. On THIS go around of cancellations, they are no longer honoring the price; our only reason to leave our money with them is gone so refund for us. I fully agree that a FCC is a bad play almost all the time and especially in this environment.
  10. Nope, not gonna do it until sanity returns. On a cruise 1. NOT wearing a mask 2. NOT social distancing 3. NOT going to viewed as a pariah in a port 4. NOT going to be bothered by Covid Karen as I try to relax on vacation. Just not down with a vacation plan that has those elements. Staycations as it turns out are very underrated.
  11. Good to know. I am intrigued by the Yacht Club but am really not confident that the overall MSC product would meet my expectations. Reviews are WAY too inconsistent.
  12. Well to me there is no comparison. I have been in a RCL Owner Suite on the Explorer and a Celebrity Suite on Constellation. Other than a slight preference for the suite itself on RCCL; everything else on Celebrity is better. The dedicated restaurant where you can order from ANY of the three dining room menus, to Michael's Club, Butler, Concierge all better. The ONLY thing we got on the RCCL cruise was an invite to the Captain's table for a formal night but not on Celebrity. That is not a thing to me but maybe to others. Also the product on Celebrity is better than RCCL. A better comparison is
  13. FYI, Our Silversea Antarctica cruise was cancelled (itself a rebooked cruise from 11/20). Not a huge surprise but, unlike our first cancellation/rebooking, Silversea will NOT rebook us on a like cruise later in 2021/2022 at the same price. Even with the "15%" discount, the price was about 20% MORE than our current cruise. Cancelled instead. I happen to think they should honor a price for the same itinerary/month but that is obviously not what Silversea is going to do. Others may think this makes sense and that is fine but we are unlikely to ever look to Silversea unless it is a EXCEPTIONA
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