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  1. I always appreciate any replies! You are correct, google is our friend. I’m glad I have a file I have kept for all the shopping tips that used to be on here. I really was a fabulous thread. Thank you and I hope you have a cruise on the books!
  2. You are SO right! I have an entire folder on my computer that has shopping tips from Cruise Critic and they have been so valuable. Like you, I want authentic goods from the port I am visiting, not Chinese knock-offs or something I can get in the States. It has been a while since I have been on Cruise Critic and the new format is taking me a bit to get used to.
  3. I have been there but was looking for a way to search the ports specifically for shopping. There used to be a link to shopping. I appreciate your reply.
  4. I posted this question on the Tips section.....didn't there used to be a section for shopping in each port? We are doing a Greece and Italy cruise as well as a Baltics cruise.
  5. I thought there used to be a "Shopping" topic on Cruise Critic years ago! I am looking for shopping tips for Greek cruises and Baltic cruises. Can anyone tell me where to find it?
  6. Perfect examples! I am warm natured so I don’t get cold often. Thank you for your great suggestions!
  7. We are looking for some advice on what to pack, in terms of clothing, for our December cruise. We are seasoned cruisers but not for winter River Cruises. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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