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  1. Exactly. But if you are willing to pay the price you can do it. Same costs if you fly in. Maybe if you are visiting family for an extended period or a long business trip you might be willing to eat the pain.
  2. The CDC will make changes, imnho, by early summer. I think Cunnard us holding out hope that the UK will lift mandatory quarentines on all non UK citizens if they have a completed vaccinations. The UK should do that but bureaucracies have a unique inertia to change. As of now any American is allowed to take that TA if they are willing to pay the price of mandated self financed UK quarentine.
  3. You are dead wrong. Covid is NEVER going away. Mutations, that we now know occur more rapidly than any viroligist thought, will make covid an ever present danger. Covid is less seasonal than the flu as we discovered last summer with the surge that exceed the initial springtime surge. The current vaccines, as we already know, are less effective against the UK, South African, and the two Brazilian variants. I have not seen data on the Californian or NY variants yet, but the specific mutation sights are inline with the first 3. There is also an Oregon variant that has been this pa
  4. Covid has changed the world for ever. Don't expect crowds to be shoulder to shoulder at any venue. Not at NFL. NBA, MLB. No more large concerts. No crowded Vegas casinos and shows.. You can figure out the rest. Vaccines will only change the pandemic into endemic covid. You may need to get vaccinated more than once a year. Good public health standards will be to always wear masks. Covid test prior to travel will remain. How long? Maybe forever. We don't know what we don't know, but covid and it's variants are now a forever.
  5. When thigs settle down, I may book a float with them. Btw, I canceled the August cruise and rebooted for May 2022. A bit heart breaking since it is our 50th on that cruise.
  6. Covid, the endemic infectious sars-cov-2, is NEVER going away. Vaccines will, imnho based on readings in journals, only provide "immunity level" responces in 70% or fewer vaccinated individuals. At least 25% of vacinated will still catch covid. Of those most will be asymptomatic but potential vectors of community spread. In those vacinated and infected, almost 100% will have mild cases and not need hospital care. This is the real value of these vaccines. But expect mitigation onboard ships to remain in place, perhaps for ever. Masks, Limmited sized gatherings, and
  7. I follow a British "doctor" all though I am not sure of his formal title within your NHS. Dr. John Campbell. Has a YouTube Chanelle with at least daily covid information. Excellent source, and I love his style and the quality of his data. I do not hear UK media. What is the main stream read on these standards which for now see scheduled to end 6/29? I believe the vaccination rates in the UK are between 30% to 40% with their first jabs. [Love that word. It is being taken up in the states.] You perspective has me thinking I need to cancel this cruise befor
  8. After a rocky start, the UK has been a model for controlling the pandemic. I wish the US had established similar mandated and enforced quarentine rules. South Korea also has been a model for covid controls. Had the US followed their lead as many as 500k deaths could have been prevented in my country. I have left the bracketed section as proof of an Americans ignoranc. They seem to have upgrade their fleet with recent builds. Plus a 2022 build. Is the fleet just those 6 ships? [By second tier I meant they build fewer new ships and have purchased ships tha
  9. I did not know P&O was in the Carnival family since they are clearly UK centric 2nd tier line. The factors that apply to them do not automatically transfer to Cunard. Do you think that by July 1st the UK will modify their quarentine regulations based on the vaccination status of travelers? Also for reference, are you a UK citizen?
  10. To be honest I went down this rabbit hole because some individuals wanted to throw cold water on the chances of us taking our bucket list 50th anniversary cruise to see the fjords. I just hated the raspberry tounge tone of , "trust me your screwed". Intellectually, knowing what I know about this disease and imnho that is more that 99% of most, I know that by our cruise date at the end of August all the current safety rules should be revised. OTOH, I think there is a chance that overly cautious bureaucrats might "err on the side of caution". I had not read the CDC Oct
  11. To the best of my search, the UK and US cruise guidelines have not been updated since November 1, 2020. Based on current data and the science of vaccinations impact on community spread, I expect both nations to make modifications this spring.
  12. A few points. Unless there is an official UK statement on cruises, the Princess and P&O decision is based on an internal analysis and their crystal ball. They are marketing to British cruisers for their summer and fall Mediterranean cruises. Carnival is a different corporation and as of now they have not made the same calculations. They may or they may not. I think they are cautiously ready to wait. Rational decision trees look to the data. Why are cruises any place cancelled today? Covid infections and transmission today are are not controlled. However, in 2 t
  13. I'll look up those NY conditions. To enter the US you just need the pre flight test. The 7 day rule is nothing new. Cruises never could leave a US port and return to a US port without a stop in a non US port. This is why the Hawaiian west coast cruise alway have a quick touch and go stop in Mexico. By 21 days, I mean stop in London, fuel, load provisions, but nobody going on the rest of the 21days gets off. I would be fine with that. Frankly that is how I cruise: no shore leave. The pools are empty on Port days. PERFECT! 😏 As to NY, by June 1s
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