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  1. My wife and I have noticed that same scent as well. Smells like they washed our clothes with their dining linens. Lol If the same washers and dryers are used for linens and guest clothing then that could possibly explain the scent??
  2. Paul, Thank you for another great live blog and recap! My wife and I were on this cruise and it was excellent all around in our opinion. We wanted to stop by and say hello but you and Edward were very popular on the cruise. 😁 We had select dining and went to MDR on the 2nd formal night for the 1st time and asked for a table for 2. We were seated in less than 10 minutes, think it was around 6:45. Lobster was excellent, splurged and had 2 of them. Bar service in MDR was a little slow initially but after some small talk and sharing some laughs with the server, it was
  3. Actually we ate there today on Silhouette and they cooked my wife a made to order burger. She asked for it med-rare, they said give us 10 minutes and it was excellent!
  4. On Silhouette now and my wife played last night. This game was on the other Celebrity ships we sailed as well.
  5. The great news was for us. 😀 Also Im on Silhouette now and guest relations confirmed this as well!
  6. Great news, looks like Celebrity canceled the surcharges. See thread below:
  7. On Silhouette now in a veranda cabin and noticed audio jacks. Right/left on side of tv and in/out on the back. Hope that helps.
  8. We received a 100 OBC just by having our TA call Celebrity before the cruise as did many others. Maybe speak with guest relations on ship about it? Time to enjoy Aruba!
  9. Leaving on the 12/13 cruise, called our travel agent and received a 100 OBC from Celebrity. We already had hotel/parking booked in Ft. Lauderdale and will just Lyft/Uber to Port of Miami. Once he explained that to Celebrity they gave us the 100 credit. Safe travels to all and only 6 days till we set sail!
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