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  1. I saw a post that the YC get their Premium Plus.
  2. I am booked in YC (11 day cruise to Canada) on Meraviglia thru one of their cruise consultants. He explained to me about status match and to apply for it as NCL Platinum for DH and Platinum + for myself. Once I got the approval of status match to Black I was to contact him about discount. I not only got the 5% Black discount retroactive, but also the 15% select voyage discount bringing my cost from 6000+ to less than 4800. Included mini bar and drinks with no added gratuity. As a frequent Haven cruiser, I was thrilled with this. Now after this new beverage package that NCL has started, all I have to say is ‘Goodbye, NCL’. Apparently Platinum + loyalty has no no meaning to you anymore.
  3. Absolutely. Had him on our first NCL cruise the Dawn 2010 to Canada and NE. Loved how he would sing ’Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah’ over the PA around 7:30 am. He is the main reason I stayed with NCL.
  4. Who did you book it with? I would check that they have the correct information. Sometimes when you add an address of someone else included in cruise, they use the newest one and they change your info to theirs. If you have a PCC, you could have always taken it up with them ahead of time. I book all my cruises and I always get the luggage tags sent to me because I check the confirmations. When I added my son to our cruise, they automatically changed my address to his, but my PCC caught it. Always good to double check with whoever booked it.
  5. Another reason to dislike this new CC. I don’t want to see anyone’s photos unless in a forum I’m following.
  6. Yes, you can enter on both floors. On deck 17 there is the courtyard, pool, hottub, lounge and bar. On deck 18 it’s the Haven restaurant and rooms. I prefer deck 17 myself.
  7. It’s not a problem unless you are right at the end of the balcony. They can’t see anything.
  8. Go for deck 17, it is definetly bigger. We had it on the Bliss in September.
  9. I just read on Encore forum that maybe Footloose is scheduled for the Joy. I’m not sure if it right though.
  10. When I was booking the Panama Canal on the Joy, I asked the PCC what is so different about Consierge Class. He said there is no Haven Courtyard access or a butler and I think he said you have your breakfast and lunch in Cagney’s. I didn’t ask about the DSC.
  11. I personally love the Courtyard area. My last 5 or 6 cruises were in an H5 and that’s the only one I would book. On our Escape last month, I was lucky to get the H4 2 bedroom upgrade which worked out for our son to have his own room. But depending on your destination, mine were Alaska and Canada/NE, I didn’t have much of a chance to use the balcony because of the weather. I like being near the lounge and of course, the bar. Hate to think of that long walk just to get a drink from a familiar face and quickly at that (even though you can partake anywhere) or to enjoy the restaurant, especially for breakfast. The bartenders are the best because they know you and your favorite drinks and being right there all the time, they’re super attentive to you and very personable. This is JMHO.
  12. I changed my settings to one email per day with new posts/forums that I follow. So far, zero email notifications not even weekly. And yes I hit the save changes button. I think an app is the way to go for us that don’t sit in front of a computer all day and night. I could sit on my couch and read or post easily on either IPhone or iPad. I really don’t like the bookmarking of every forum to find it faster. JMHO
  13. I Kirsty, I’m with you. Sorry I missed you on the Escape. My son Trevor, said he met you at the solo lounge.
  14. On Escape 9/23-30 we skipped Bar Harbor which is also a tender port and we were all refunded 27.00 each Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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