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  1. When we got on July 3rd, it was about half full and remained that way for the next two weeks. I don't know what is happening now.
  2. Captain will be unhappy with you for calling his ship a boat. 🙂 🙂
  3. Be vaccinated, carry your vaccine card and the QR code that you'll receive from the Greece PLR form. If your QR code doesn't come in time, definitely carry a copy of the email that you'll receive.
  4. Alejandro in TK's made a really good one!
  5. There weren't many times when you had to wear a mask. It really depended on the port.
  6. After 14 days just got off Ovation and the cruise was great! Enjoy your cruise!
  7. Have to agree with Covepointcruiser that today's quick nasal swab for the antigen test to travel back to the states created no pain or discomfort.
  8. Done rather quickly by a professional.
  9. Just a little tickle but it did feel as if it went up to the brain! 🙂
  10. On board now. Full bottle of champagne. When we first boarded there was no paper Herald, but probably due to a lot of complaints paper dailies are back. Moulton Brown individual toiletries. Other than crew having to be masked, all is as it were pre Covid.
  11. The "included" internet is actually what you pay for it. OK, but....
  12. I hope this will ease some minds re: Covid testing. We are staying on. Photo attached.
  13. Attached is the latest regarding Covid testing.
  14. All crew are to be vaccinated...Greek government requirement.
  15. We didn't go to Santorini on this cruise. Santorini will be on the 15th and I will try to answer your question then.
  16. Just noticed on the back side of "The Herald": "IMPORTANT NOTICE - MANDATORY ANTIGEN TESTING In accordance with the Greece Ministry of Health protocols, you are required to do a mandatory antigen test before disembarkation. Invites of your date and time for your test will be sent to your suites in the coming days."
  17. Not that I've noticed nor is there any announcement in "The Herald". Snorkel gear has been out.
  18. Not on offer the week of July 3rd. This week they did have Caviar by the pool with entertainment that was quite good.
  19. For the first few days it wasn't but now is. I think that there had been many complaints about having to us a smartphone for everything.
  20. From "The Herald" today, "Antigen testing and rt-PCR testing will be communicated with each suite individually." We've been on board since July 3 and will be on board the week of July 10. We'll need the same to go back to the states. If the on board test is anything like the test we had prior to boarding, it will be easy peasy.
  21. There are no unvaccinated on board. We'll be on board for the week of July 10 too.
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