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  1. hehe, if you find someone i´m not in Papenburg anymore. i´m out for that
  2. we need better pics from above, but drones are forbidden at Meyer Werft. at the renderings there are a white wall only to see.
  3. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2665520-getaway-after-dry-dock/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-57558501 at post 75 are some pics oh H2O after dry dock. made them in May this year. other pics of the Getaway you find from post 1
  4. remember when Breakaway came out, Rope course, minigolf, Basketball Court for kids/teens/grown up and they can play for free ass long es they want. ( open times ) new managment, new way to make money. it ist not only the activities with fees. remember the big vibe you have to pay for. Parents will be happy when their kids play the hole day for extra money.ha ha. truth is, they want to make more money on board the ships. that´s all.
  5. How handle Ncl vibe in Alaska? Encore is there 2021. Will the half deck space be empty ? no one would buy a vibe pass in the Baltics. They only ruined the front view for all.
  6. At Facebook wrothe someone that tomorrow they are doing some tests and Encore becomes the lifeboats. We will see.
  7. What I don‘t like about the hull art. It has nothing to do with ncl, the ship itself and the destinations the ship is going. The ship has only the hull art because Mr. Del rio like as a person himself the artist. But nothing with ncl or the ship.
  8. Can‘t say why but I can endless watch at a cruise ship
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