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  1. Norwegian Leonardo - Fincantieri ship yard venice, building process 😀😀😀 thanks for the thread, will follow,
  2. if my informations are correct the Pearl will Sail from Boston starting March 2023 and mostly same like 2022.
  3. information are hard to find, didn´t find a fanpage or blog or smething and no webcam.
  4. at the Rendering it looks like there is a stairway inside at the glass front from the lower deck to the next up. but hard to see how far away it is from the glass front. I hope they don´t use the white railing to the bottom at this place how it looks at the rendering., for a better view inside out.Or the stairway is a little left of the glass front? hard to see. that is the walkway outside at the Aida Nova, i think , it looks like Leonardo becoming the something same.
  5. good joke, at my getaway cruise after dry dock they didn´t told before the bad changes, they changed public space into vibe extra space ( extra pay area ). so the best place to be when you cuise into a fjord was closed to all. it was a bad weather cruise, nobody bought a pass. nobody did know that at the booking, they showed it at the same time as public space at their homepage. i wrote here about->: click at Steff79 replied to a topic
  6. ETA in Venice is now Saturday morning.
  7. someone here from Venice? 😀 Eraclea is offline at Marinetraffic. But Leonardo should be near to Venice or arriving there soon.
  8. The cruise lines can try to start with this rules or can‘t start. There are no choices at the moment.
  9. Waiting for Leonardo 2022 and Europe 2023. Only found Breakaway and Gem at Cadiz port 2023.
  10. interesting, thanks. Dry dock was planned this year for Escape in Oct., original in Brest after the Baltic Season. Then they changed it to Singapore. Escape is now 5 years old and they have to di class work ( all 5 years in dock ).
  11. There were 12 tests positiv of Crew members . They did tests again on board and they were all negativ. Now they are going to The next port and will do a third test there.
  12. Eraclea is waiting the whole day to pass Istanbul ( and driving from left to right and back ).
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