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  1. i don´t get it, or see it. what do you mean?
  2. some years ago they made the hall / dock ( not sure, but think too ) some meters longer, i think it was before Bliss, or at they same time. they can float spectrum out without the bow section of encore. they are in the right position for that.
  3. looking here in with every new post, but i think at the moment here is not so much to talk about. In a german musical forum wrote someone they will show kinky boots in a length with 90 Minutes. But i don´t know where the user have the info from.
  4. Two cruises for Star out of Southampton in May 2020 are now online, looks like around Great Britain.
  5. Has the Jade Movies on demand? From my last cruise with Jade 2017 i remember only a channel with movies, one movie after another.
  6. not suprised but can´t wait. wonder why NCL needs so long with the Northern Europe cruises and others are faster. Anthem out of Southampton is a great option. RCL have bookings in leHavre until 2022 https://www.havre-port.com/fr/liste/2077/escales-croisieres but i wait what NCL offers :-))
  7. great pics, will follow, thank you and wish you a fantastic cruise
  8. hope we see tomorrow a new webcam pic, they need one pic more for the inside Encore.
  9. nothing new. why NCL is so late with their northern Europe routes? i think the last cruise line without announcement for their northern europe cruises.
  10. Steff79

    New and Improved CC

    is it possible to send private messages to other members at the new board? if i try to send one i get the message, you are allowed to send 0 messages per day.
  11. not sure if you mean now or ever, but the Getaway did the Baltics 2017, maybe you can find some old daylies
  12. Steff79

    if you could name the next Norwegian ship

    Leonardo class: Leonardo Raphael Donatello Michelangelo April Splinter and i have some great idears for the hull art.🙂
  13. Steff79

    NCL Getaway - planned dry dock/refurbishment?

    After the Transatlantik there is a gap about 14 days, like last year the breakaway the Getaway should go in dry dock in Europe. I think the dry dock is like the breakaway, more technical things like install scrubbers. Hope they make the syd normans at getaway too.
  14. Steff79

    Two newbuilds for AIDA, 180,000GT/6600pax

    ship looks great, wish you a great cruise. Aida Nova Song: and a walk through the ship with two hours from a german youtuber: