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  1. 2 hours ago, sunny aurora said:

    I believe they are expecting a spring 2022 launch for the first Leonardo.  They are expecting booking for that one to start fall 2020.  Now that Encore is launched, more information will start to appear.  




    Leonardo lauches in June 2022, more information to routes in April 2020?, and no LNG ship is planned for Leonardo.

  2. 2 minutes ago, smplybcause said:


    Not sure what virtual laser tag is. I'm assuming it's the same setup as Bliss where the targets are on the gun that you're shooting - so no cumbersome vest to put on and no one can hide but stick their gun out to shoot. If you die you have to go to a respawn site for your team and refresh your gun before heading back out. 

    at the preview for encore laser tag they told that you see virtual things at the laser tag, i think you play it with glasses. But now i never read or heard soething about.

  3. yes, and the last Meyer Werft ship for NCL 😢, wish they had orderd 2-3 more away ship.


    Quote this post, thanks Doug, thanks to all who posted here. I liked to read dayli here the new posts and hope we will have a same everything...Leonardo......


    On 10/30/2019 at 8:36 PM, FreestyleNovice said:

    A small thank you for Doug! As a real Jedi, a young Skywalker he mastered the fine essence of the Everything threads again with Encore and this thread would not be the same without his continuous effort and endless enthusiasm; this one is for you Doug, cheers!


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