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  1. 16 minutes ago, FreestyleNovice said:

    So.. I need to rename myself to BloggerNovice for the next ship? :classic_tongue:

    hehe, you have 2 years time to get enough follower :-))

     but maybe, after the Bliss deck plan gate, you are at a red list :-))



    marinetraffic shows ETA Nov, 1st. 6:15 pm for arrive in Southampton ( that is normal the time the pilot meets the ship )

  2. 8 hours ago, Punnymaker said:

    Yesterday I noticed the Latitudes 20% off offer appear on all of the cruises available to book.  However, none of the prices actually changed.  I assume the offer appearing on all of the cruises is a mistake.  Does anyone have any further info?  Thanks.


    if i rember correct the 20% discount was not at the beginning of the booking, after the room choose i think you saw the price with discount. but not 100% sure.

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