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  1. The  Blue ship at the + is the getaway at the moment.  But the getaway is going to Kopenhagen and then doing the last 9 day Baltic cruise. If the ta start tomorrow they would cross their way. But the ta starts 20 October. We will see what encore is doing these days. 

    Nclh Carrera wrote at Facebook that know 1700 crew members arriving in Bremerhaven with some pics. 

    Little sad that I didn’t booked the ta and didn’t won the 2 day cruise. 

    Maybe book the first Leonardo cruise 🙂


  2. is one of the perks a 3rd person sail free available at your cruise ( think has only pay taxes, not sure how it works, only read about )? do you pay for the kids full? maybe this is a option and you could compare prices.

  3. what cruise has you booked? the one from Rome or from Southampton? i booked the 14 days out of Southampton.


    never been at bliss so i can´t compare and image how you feel.

    i was at getaway, breakaway and escape, they are more the same then escape and bliss. i found it interesting to see what is the same and what is different. And what i like more at what ship. But sure, the layout is the same but it was not boring.  And if you enjoyed the Bliss the chances are good that you enjoy the Escape too.

    And the Escape has howl at the moon.

  4. 2 minutes ago, stevendom57 said:

    I'm on the phone right now with NCL. They really want to give this cruise! But I can't fly from Texas to Germany for a two day cruise. I have never had this type of "dilemma".

    Did I they told you who is Robert?

  5. Some are more interested and others not, that is ok. Compare it if you support a basketball, ice hockey or football team. Then maybe you talk about the manager/ coach too. What is the best way to play the game and that you see a great game?

    It is here the same. For some that seems maybe strange but i’m Interested of the they change ncl Did and will go and way. And like we talked about the new ships, Shows etc. I hope we talk them in the future too. 

  6. It think many decisions in the past was made by del rio, look at encore, the hull art, the race track was a decision by del rio. 


    The only think what is sure, that del rio wants to make more money with Ncl ( that means that we have to pay more). In what way, we will see. I think more nickel and dime. 

    The ncl with Kevin Sheehan was much more Sympathetic then under del rio now. 


  7. 26 minutes ago, js said:

    Thank you for the video.
    I was watching for a while at work yesterday and didn't realize the ship for the full time was being pushed backward.
    Why didn't it turn around or was the area not deep enough to do that and had to stay very on course?

    Thank you.


    the river ems is not so deep and they have to dam water to do the transfer. if they have at one place problems with the depth they can use the Azipods to push water under the ship ( because they are backward ). not sure if it was better to navigate for the tugs too.

  8. The ship yard Meyer weft is not direct at the ocean. They transfer the ships via the river Ems to the ocean. The Ems is not a river for so big ships, they have to stow water that it is possible.  It is a river ride about 55 kilometers, not sure how many miles this are. If they do the transfers with daylight there are some great pictures. 

    That is the way to go:


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