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  1. Hello,


    Quantum is currently still in Bremerhaven:




    If it does move to Hamburg then we will see it. Hamburg has q a few Webcams but am not sure if you can see the the Blohm & Voss dry dock but certainly there's a live stream approach to the port so we should be able to goggle at Quantum if she passes.




    I wish it was 1 December already. *sigh*






    if she arrives this will give you a good view. the dry dock is left after the swimming docks, you cant see it.




    here you can see the swimming docks too. when qots will go in the dock she need the complete elbe to go in. this is why they need a high water stand. actually its raining in hamburg :)

  2. C'mon! How could you not like that sweet face!!








    Photo by Royal Caribbean International.






    On the subject, some people on the Facebook Quantum group are wondering if where we see this Magenta coloured 30' foot, 8 ton polar bear called "From Afar" in the video is the spot where the bear will be located permanently. What do you think?




    I posted on FB:


    Bear with me here: The arm is raised at jus the right height to touch the top of the SeaPlex so that the bear is chillaxing before his/her turn in a bumper car. The bear doesn't look like it will be in a busy spot, out of the way next to one of the SeaPlex pods.








    Screen grab from Royal Caribbean International video 'Polar Bear Sighting: Royal Caribbean's Art Piece is Larger Than Life'







    Gesendet von meinem iPhone mit Forums

  3. i have a question about the spa pass too. do someone know how many spa passes they sell? have everyone who wants a spa ticket the chance to buy one or is it possible they are fast sold out? Are there differents between epic and getaway/breakaway?

  4. It will remain docked outside Hall 6 until August 3. On that date, after the Quantum of the Seas & the second Anthem section are floated out, both sections will be floated back in, joined, and have the bow section and the aft section (which includes the Two70 venue) attached.

    I don't think that they will be moving the Quantum. Does anyone now know for sure. Any updates? I know we've posted about this before.



    seems correct, they wrote they same in the articel.





    Am Sonntag verlässt das erste Schwimmteil der „Anthem of the seas“ die Halle. Das zweite Element folgt mit dem Ausdocken der „Quantum of the seas“ im August. Nach dem Ausdocken des Kreuzfahrtschiffes werden beide Schwimmteile wieder in das Baudock manövriert und dort verbunden. Anschließend werden die Blöcke für den Bug und das Heck aufgestellt und das Kreuzfahrtschiff ist komplett.

  5. The Silver stuff is an Insulation / Firestop / Noise product used throughout the ship.


    In my new house I am going to use something similar to isolate roof space area's to slow a fire down .


    Surely all the cabins are pushed in further down the river when she / he / it is moved from Papenburg ??




    The silver stuff you are right. They build the cabins in a box at a factory near Meyer ( 800 meters ) . Then they put the complete box in the ship. They said, the cabins with the doors ( you can see at the pics ) are ready.


    Here a box with a cabin from a NCL ship:



    P1040582 von steff79hn auf Flickr

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