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  1. 2 hours ago, david_sobe said:

    I see things a little differently. Yes, the NCL Encore is very fee based.   But the explanation of why all these fees is of course revenue for NCL but the offerings are bait to lure new cruisers with families.  The marketing demo for cruise lines is not us here on cruise critic. They know this crowd already books cruises. They are seeking families who may try cruising and may not care if they ever come back.  Kids don't really want to lay in the sun in spice H20.  They want go carts, laser tag, and 3D games.  The Encore is a floating advertisement.  I remember when Disney added the duck slide around their ships. All the kids on the neighboring ships in port all pointed at that Disney ship and said, I want to go on that ship.

    We are not the demo they are marketing to.


    remember when Breakaway came out, Rope course, minigolf, Basketball Court for kids/teens/grown up and they can play for free ass long es they want. ( open times )

    new managment, new way to make money. it ist not only the activities with fees. remember the big vibe you have to pay for. Parents will be happy when their kids play the hole day for extra money.ha ha.


    truth is, they want to make more money on board the ships. that´s all.

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